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  1. hi i have just reinstalled windows on a windows 10 laptop as my daughter is selling it as i have got to the point nearnly finished it as asked me to enter email address to carry on i dont want to do this as new owner will want there own putting in but i want to update and get all in order
  2. does anyone have john lewis broadband thinking about getting it any comments please
  3. id love one of these t shirts ;none in primark today
  4. hi can you disable login on windows 10 idont want to use pin,password or picture
  5. its time these scumbags were all sent to the virgins waiting for them,ha ha i dont think
  6. makes you wonder how they survive poor things
  7. very good cuttsie im of in chicks tonight
  8. if you dont like it dont go in ,simple ass more room for them that like a few pints
  9. yes great news cheap food and drink in meadow hell
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