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  1. When I was in my late 50's I made a girl aged around 14-15 take my seat on the tram. Her friends were sat down around me and she was the only one standing. She didn't seem to have any sense of balance, which I put down to her age, so to me it seemed to be the right thing to do.
  2. I had a renewal quote of around 3 times what I had paid the previous year from the same company - but the insurance agents had found one from another company for only double! Naturally, I went elsewhere (One Call) and it was just over half of what I had been paying. (Under £25 a month) The following year, when the quote came in, it was near enough the same price again.
  3. Although I've just finished having my 6 rounds of R-chop chemo, it's not really made me have any nausea at all. In the week following each chemo, I was given anti-nausea pills which I took every morning and evening. I think it depends on each individual and type of chemo they have had as to how anyone feels. Incidentally, the hair on my head didn't fall out, just stopped growing. my nasal and ear hair (and some other places) however, did fall out!
  4. I remember watching a series called "It's Murder But Is It Art " in 1972 (I only know the year from looking at IMDB). Frustratingly, I can't remember what it was about, and nobody that I know has heard of it.
  5. I wouldn't want her repairing anything of mine. Of course she will hear a beep. You will get a short beep as the capacitors charge with the voltage from the meter. then whilst she is checking the other end of the capacitor, the charge leaks away, so by the time she checks the next cap the charge has either gone or nearly gone, in time to take a recharge from the next test. You can only properly check a capacitor by removing it from circuit. Whilst nitpicking her technique, let's mention that depending what range she has the meter on, she could be applying 9V to devices designed for less. I also like how she knows better than the designers whether or not components in the circuit are needed, and just removes them with no replacement. She talks of using parts out of 'donor' phones - which could be damaged or aged. Why not just buy spare caps?
  6. I also started going to Bardwells in the mid 60's. I'd be about 11 at the time, our telly blew up, and my dad asked someone at work what could be wrong, and he pointed me to the main smoothing capacitor and told me where to find Bardwells. One new cap later (soldered in with a soldering iron heated up in the coal fire) and we had a working TV again! I still remember the sign which went something like "Please do not ask for credit as a smack in the nose often offends" at the counter. If I remember correctly the lad in the chair was the only non relative working there, and had them done for constructive dismissal - good old Reg was always a joker.
  7. The only special tool I've needed to use was when the tap was too far down to reach by hand. It was simply a U shaped piece welded to a T bar - the U piece simply slotted over the T handle on the tap.
  8. I never get any of these calls, though it's probably because I don't have a phone plugged in the landline.... I never answer any number that's not in my mobile, just look the number up to see if it's an official number (i.e.hospital or some such), and then block it if it's not. If I have to give a phone number I just give them the number for my wife's mobile phone. I can justify this because we're not allowed to use our mobiles whilst at work. I may get one every 5-6 weeks on the mobile.
  9. Unless it's changed since the 80's there was a minimum speed capability of (I believe) 35mph. You didn't have to do this speed, but you had to be able to if necessary. If I remember correctly, around this time someone was prosecuted for taking an electric milk float on the motorway, and it couldn't get up to the minimum speed.
  10. I had the spray about 15-20 years ago. I found the procedure uncomfortable due to the air they pumped in causing retching type noises & feelings, but nothing came up. Whist eating my lunch at work a couple of hours later, my throat was slightly sore but not excessively so. I do remember reading my newspaper as I was eating, and reading about a woman who had to have three weeks off work after the same procedure. I found it worse when I had a camera up my nose as the spray removed the lining from my nostril, which left me with a burning feeling for hours after.
  11. If I'm sat in traffic my car uses so little fuel it changes to a figure of gallons per hour. if I'm moving slowly, i.e. 5-9 mph in first gear, foot off the accelerator so it's on tickover, the mpg drops to around 10-12 mpg.
  12. It's down to the fact that most people believe in waiting their turn to get to the road ahead, but some drivers seem to believe that they are too important to have to wait their turn, and so they shouldn't have to queue to get there.
  13. The bend after the woods where the first advisory sign is, used to have an adverse camber (sloping down to the right as you leave the woods), making it unsafe to go too fast round it. Since the road was improved and dropped from 60 to 50mph, and the camber altered to the correct way, it is quite safe to take it at 50mph in dry conditions. Funnily enough, I often find the stream of traffic I'm in will go along quite happily at 40-ish on the straight stretch will speed up to 50mph to go round the bad bends before the garage.... ---------- Post added 12-11-2016 at 12:02 ---------- The dual carriageway finishes at the lights. You then have a stretch of road that is wide. then narrows down. I very much doubt that the situation of having a police car in the outside without lights/siren will ever arise because they have to be seen to be driving in a safe manner.
  14. So are you saying that it's alright to force your way in (without indicating) because you've gone alongside someone on a wide lane that narrows? Would you do it if the car on the inside was a marked Police car?
  15. In heavy traffic the cars in the inside lane are not moving due to being held up at the Grenoside traffic lights. If a car comes past a line of traffic to force their way in, it is they who are driving badly by driving alongside a queueing car when it is obvious that there is nowhere for them to go without forcing the other driver to give way. I could be tempted to let them in if they indicated that they wanted to to move into my lane - but in 12 years of travelling on this road I can honestly say that up to now, I have seen a car indicate on one occasion only.
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