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  1. Hi Has anyone heard of this shop please. I'm told its in the Gleadless area? Thanks
  2. Hi everyone I work for a local Sheffield Charity and we are looking for a space in which to hold a meeting on a monthly basis. It would be during the daytime and between the hours of 9.30 am and 4.30 pm. It also needs to have facilities to show powerpoint presentations. Can anyone help with anywhere or suggest somewhere that might be able to help. Ideally we are looking for facilities which might be free of charge or at a very low cost. Many thanks in advance for any help
  3. Hello David Firstly, many thanks for taking the time out to reply to my posting. Initially I am only in the research stages of whether this is an area of work I want to go into but your questions have posed me with quite few questions of my own that I need to address. However, in answer to the questions you raised I think I had generalised my expected work as in what would have been expected of me into categories i.e. work I would do in a normal office environment so things like answering calls, taking messages forwarding them on. Answering and dealing with email or website enquiries, general typing. data entry, dealing with post etc. The 20 years plus experience I have in administration, office practice, customer service in relation to customer satisfaction, retention and quality assurance would certainly, I believe, qualify me in those roles. There's also PA element to the role ie admin support, hr related queries, travel arrangements, diary management etc. I suppose in relation to any other areas of the role it would be dependant on what was asked of me, for example I don't know if I would be adverse to picking up someone's dry cleaning or maybe walking their dog but then does that start to change the role into something of a Girl Friday sort of role? There's also the event management side of the role, something which again I have quite a varied history of experience in. Your third question, at the moment this is something I have not decided on as I need to look at the competition to see what they are charging based on what services are available. As I said in my first message this is something that I am looking into and so I am still very much in the research phase. And finally, as to my USP, certainly something I would have to think about as I would image that a lot of people are going to come out with the same kind of answer so I would need to look at what REALLY DOES stand my infront of the others. However after reading this if you are still looking for some admin support maybe you might want to pm me !! ---------- Post added 23-10-2013 at 11:10 ---------- Hello Ismangal Thank you for taking the time out to reply to my message. I have taken a look at both of the services that you use and it has definitely given me food for thought so again many thanks.
  4. I cant comment on the geographical area as at the moment the info I have is very limited, perhaps it might be good to start recording that level of information too. I have previously worked in an office where reception staff took calls, greeted callers to the office and directed them appropriately, offered admin services such as typing, filing, photocopying etc but as I said before this was as part of a rental agreement in a multi-user office building. Judging by your comments regarding an affordable messaging taking service that might be somewhere to start regarding services offered? Thanks once again.
  5. Hello Chez2 Many thanks first of all for taking the time to reply. Before I made a posting I did a search of SF to check for postings in relation to Virtual Assistants and quite a lot of it was a little dated so I wanted to get some more up to date information. From the information I have sourced so far I have found that quite a lot of the places that rent office space to small businesses offer admin support as part of their rental agreement but equally from conversations I've had it has been hard to get a service that is tailored made to your needs at a competitive price. Your comment was a really good example regarding taking adhoc telephone calls. Thanks for your comments they were really useful.
  6. Hello, I'm after a little bit of feedback please if that's ok? Having recently been made redundant I find myself looking for a new job and have considered becoming self employed as a Virtual Assistant. Can I ask the following questions please: 1. Would you use a Virtual Assistant? 2. What kind of work would you want a Virtual Assistant to do? 3. What do you think would be a competitive rate of pay? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks
  7. Hi there I have a photo of the man I believe to be Walter Sellars. Would you allow me to email a copy of it to you for you to take a look to see if it is the same person? Many thanks in advance for your help. ---------- Post added 13-10-2013 at 23:02 ---------- Thanks for your help on this one but I don't think its the same Mr Sellars as the gentleman I am speaking about would have taught I believe in the 1960's and wouldn't have been a student teacher as he was born in the early 1920's ... it's great to reminisce though isn't it !
  8. Hello Jo I am still trying to get in touch with you. I hope you see this message. Thanks
  9. Thanks for that, do you know if Mr Sellars wife was a music teacher also? I was told he might have taught history but I'm not sure?
  10. Thanks for that Isle Hopper! I have sent you a PM ---------- Post added 29-07-2013 at 07:17 ---------- Hi isle hopper - Sorry, I tried to send a PM but I don't seem to be able to??? Could you PM me your email address maybe as I would love to chat some more with you if that's ok? ---------- Post added 29-07-2013 at 07:29 ---------- Hi jstarr I was hoping too that you could get in touch with your email address as I would love to hear some of the stories about Walter junior as I believe now I have the correct Walter Sellars and that he was a teacher at Gleadless Valley. He would have been my great cousin. Please PM me if possible. Many thanks
  11. Wasn't Lance Ellis organising something again? At his pub?
  12. Was Mr Sellars a teacher at Jordanthorpe School? I am looking for a teacher called Walter Sellars, whose wife was a teacher too. I am told he was a little excentric!
  13. Hi there Does anyone remember a teacher by the name of Walter Sellars from Gleadless Valley School please? He may also have taught elsewhere too. I believe he was my great aunts son and he married an Eileen Walsh who was a teacher at Sheffield High School. I am told he was a little excentric so I am hoping people will remember him! Thanks
  14. Hi to anyone following this posting Please feel free to jump in with any information you might have as because of the generous gift of help on here I am a lot further on with my family tree than I thought I would ever get. As I said before I now have the marriage certificate for Eileen Walsh and Walter Sellars and have their addresses at the time of their marriage in 1959 of Hopefield Avenue and Stone Delf. I also now have Winifreds death certificate from 1983 and find that she was living in sheltered accommodation on Ridgeway Road. However I am still not much further with Walter Sellars junior who I am told was a teacher at Gleadless Valley School. I don't seem to have found anything more about him other than he died in Bridlington in 2001 and his wife Eileen was to survive him by another 10 years. I wish I could find out more about his teaching career. Thanks again for everyones help!
  15. Hi Just a quick update since my last posting ... I have been in touch with Sheffield High and been put in touch with a very helpful lady who has helped me to complete some of the blanks! I now have the marriage certificate for Walter Sellars and Eileen Walsh and it does appear that Walters father was also Walter Sellars so it does look as though I am on the right track. Thanks to the links given above I have been able to find out quite a lot of information in regards to Eileen but I am having difficulty finding info on Walter Junior who if the postings above are correct I am led to believe taught at Gleadless Valley School in Sheffield. I have also been told that he worked within the education services after leaving teaching before his retirement. I have also been told that they retired to somewhere near Bridlington so am hoping to follow up the new clues I have. I just wish I could get to the bottom of the David Sellars saga! From the marriage certificate I have it looks like Walter Sellars junior lived on Hopefield Avenue in Frecheville, does anyone have any more clues???? Thanks again for everyones help so far
  16. Thanks for that Froggie, I am so hoping that this is the right family!
  17. Am trying to find info on a teacher who was at Gleadless Valley in the 1960's by the name of Mr Sellars (Walter). His wife was at teacher too I think. Can anyone help please?
  18. Hi there Froggie and jstarr Sound like you might be onto something for me here and so I am going to contact Sheffield High School after half term. Do you know if they had children at all? The reason I ask is that I read with interest too what molly-61 put about going to school with a David Sellars in Frecheville. Its just that my mom has mentioned there being someone called David in the family but I don't know if its the same branch ... thanks everyone!
  19. Does anyone have a friend or relative who has been a resident at Newfield Nursing Home please and could tell me a little more about it?
  20. Thanks for that Glennis, will see if can find the timetable online !
  21. I am trying to get to an NHS Building called Fullwood House which is off Fullwood Road. Can anyone tell me what bus I need to catch please? Thanks
  22. Hi Hillsbro Thanks for the info from the records. Its good when someone else finds the same info as it cements what you've found to be true! What I would love to find now is connections to Walter Junior and Eileens children if they had any? Thanks again for your help
  23. My error and apologies - Walter Sellars Junior married Eileen Walsh not Kathleen Walsh Sorry!
  24. Hi there I am trying to trace my grandmothers sister's family. My grandmother was Glenfinella (Ella) Dewey nee Hinchliffe and she had sisters Gwen and Winifred. I know what happened to Gwen but I am still looking for information on Winifred. Winifred Prudence Hinchliffe was born appx 1895 to Tom and Elizabeth Hinchliffe nee Best. She married a gentleman by the name of Walter Sellars in 1920, had a son also named Walter in 1921 and by 1939 when Walter Senior passed away they were living in the Frecheville area of Sheffield. Winifred sadly passed away in 1983 I believe and although she had sisters in Sheffield, one of which had a daughter, my mother, who is still living we know nothing about Winifred and Walters family and what happened to them and would love to find out and possibly make contact with them. DO you know Walter and Winifred Sellars, or their son Walter who could have married a Kathleen Walsh. If you have any information re this family or you are indeed connected to them then I would love to hear from you. There is no personal gain from this other than to find out about my families history. Many thanks in advance for any and all help given.
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