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  1. Thank you nicholls5 for pics there great. Thank you rain. I do hope more people would consider a rescue they do deserve a chance. Thank you all for post. Teeko been here a month now and settling in well. He full of character and constantly makes use chuckle with is antics. He got a bin lid stuck on his head the other day lol just one of daft things he gets up too. We just been down to Somerset camping. Teeko loved it was amazing traveling and camping. It was quite a surprise I thought we may have some issued but no he was brill. Teeko and Mishka had great fun running on the beach and going for walks. Tomorrow Teeko going to be neutered bless him. It going to be horrible taking too vets and leaving him there. I be counting down hours till I can go and collect him. I just hope he forgives me lol.
  2. Chesterfield have one tomorrow. Not been for while but used to be good
  3. Thank you all. Teeko is doing really well and settling in well. Teeko and Mishka are becoming a pack I caught them snuggling the other day so cute. Mish is teaching him lots including how to talk husky. He has not got a howl yet it was a squeak but he trying to howl. He does woof a lot more that Mish but I think that be Gsd in him. T been very busy meeting my friends dogs he gets on great with them all. He very chilled dog and seem to like every dog or human he meets. We getting there we cat slowly. But not worried Mish was 1 and 1/2 when we got cat and for couple of weeks she was so inquisitive then they cuddle up and when sleep together. T doing really well with toilet training he ask to go out and starting to hold it bit longer. T knows basic commands so we working on them with him. T good on lead and does not like sitting not sure if that to do with his leg but if we say down he either sit or lay which is cool. His recall is brill he come back better than M he has a invisible leads. He sleeping through and doing well in crate. Yea is training easier that expected cause he got basics and learning off mish. 3 legs does not hold him back in the slightest. Teeko is a beautiful dog full of spirit and we glad he come to join our family. (As I was writing this hubby comes in and Teeko def finding that husky voice so we now how both of them talking , it comical and cute) Here some pics password: teekoandmish http://s290.photobucket.com/albums/ll264/smilezoe/Teeko%20and%20Mishka/
  4. Hi thank you BuBu for your post it very encouraging. We walk Mish for miles and was worried he would not cope. Yes Mr nameless has a name Teeko it means great spirit.
  5. Here a couple of picture i will try and get some better of Mish and nameless when can get them to sit still long enough http://i290.photobucket.com/albums/ll264/smilezoe/DSCN0851.jpg http://i290.photobucket.com/albums/ll264/smilezoe/DSCN0852.jpg
  6. Hi We want to intrudce the 3 legged husky from pound. I not sure if we mad But have a lot of thinking we know wanted another dog for Mish our husky x mal. We was going to mate her and her pup but with so many unwanted dogs i was not happy to this. Then we seen him in pound we went down they both got on great. It only been a day so we no it early day and there going to be teething problems but we prepared. He settling in well so far and get use to Sox (cat). He needs work with house training and training. He lovely. They said on add he was a husky but he defentially got German Shepard in there. He young. He currently nameless why keep referring to him. Fingers crossed all will go well cause he a sweetie . I will post pics as soon as have them. Any advice on a 3 legged dog would be helpful I done some research. We looking a harness as been told it may help him. He lost back leg do you think this will help ? Thank you for reading
  7. Hi I met the owner last year. I told her about her dogs antics. The owner said he a prize stud If this is case why would you let it rome the streets ??? The owner then said it escape from cat flat and there no way they can keep it in when a female dog in season. It makes me so mad. I quite confused how it gets out cat flap it not that small. I was hoping that someone had spoke to them as last year it was a right scruffy mess. This year had a hair cut but sounds like he back to being a mess . We had no more issues with it harassing our dog. But I do see it roaming all the time. When it was with it owner I manged to stroke it and they say it friendly. But when I try to get near it on it own I call his name and he does respond but I scared of it. I think sadly the wake up call will be when it gets killed. I hope some catches first and takes to dog warden. To the previous poster I know it name and it response it if you want I can P.M it if you want to try and catch it.
  8. Hi hope he home soon walk through park earlier and did not see him. I be out in and about in a bit I will keep eyes open and let hubby know too.
  9. Hi has anyone used Mr personality on woodseats ? Or scorpion chesterfield road now raven. What your opinions please
  10. Hi I really enjoy reading you post I seen a lot of characteristics in this in ours and very informative. She did turn into nightmare when hitting teenager this is something husky welfare said too. She can be stubborn and have selective deafness. It been hard in away for us cause she mal x husky and there very little information on these. So i have read lots on husky and mal. I took worst bit from both and hope for best. She been a nightmare at time but talking to other mal and husky owners I think we got good mix cause she can go off lead and is quiet chilled till we leave her. She only shorted haired and seem to be suffering with heat this year we just make sure walk near water. I have so many people say they love husky or mal and I always say they not for faint hearted. We did a lot of research first but still was not prepared. But we not been put off and hopefully have another one next year. Hopefully we learn for mistakes I not deluded though that it be easy cause I know it wont. I would not have another type of dog now. She can be a pain but she so rewarding and loving.
  11. Hi I have a husky x mal. They hard work but very rewarding. I met a few mals and husky owners. Mal are meant to be more chilled out then husky. Our dog is pretty chilled but we had major issue with separation anxiety. Which I believe is quite common in these breeds. You need work on this from day one. They pull as well. Our is only 22kg and she got some right strength she got husky size. Mal are a lot heavy I have no tips for lead training we still try to get our madam to heel. Some days she really good on lead and some times she a nightmare. Any tips welcome. As above very high energy need lots of walks. I been told by mals, husky and husky x mals owners they have no recall. We have managed to train ours to recall and she can go off lead not sure if it cause she not pure breed. I glad we can cause she wear herself out. Good luck with puppy feel free to ask me question and try help. I want to see pics x
  12. BB's from me too. I just add my birthday there and they made it really special. Food really nice and good price.
  13. Hi have you looked at this website http://www.mssociety.org.uk/ There are local groups. Also try CAB. The Royal hallamshire neuro have loads of info too.
  14. There a user on here that as African pigmey hedgehogs. I know there different types but still hedgehogs they maybe able to offer advice. http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=806439 Here the thread.
  15. foodmummy it ok , so pleased you been reunited with your phone. Happy ending to a good day xx
  16. There was lot children there. Not sure if there was activities for kids but loads stuff for them to get involved in. Junior handler in dog show , cuddles with huskies and lots of other dogs on the stands.
  17. I went to dog unleashed was amazing. I had lots of fun and so did Mishka. She loved seeing all huskies , Inuit and other snow dogs. I was amazed how many different types of dogs there it was a great day out for dogs and owners. I will defiantly be back there next year. I found a phone in black case and handed to info.
  18. So happy Molly home I seen poster in Lidal earlier.
  19. Hi Is it revolution or Vodka revolution. They have a separate room for private parties. I know few people who had parties there and been happy. Red dear have a small function room. A lots of pub your going to struggle with due to tramlines. The Nelson has a function room and outside space it not much of pub to look at but good for functions. It nr fire station. The red lion has lovely garden across for roebuk not sure if they do private parties. The cutlers pub , scholer all have function rooms. Other than that I am stuck sorry. Hope you get something sorted.
  20. The husky gorgeous I am biased. I showed my husky x the pic she thinks he very cute too. Hope he the home works out poor lad. I hope they all gets home very soon cause they all deserve it . x
  21. This is worrying I walk through park a lot and hope your friends ok. I am quite shocked cause is a good area and quiet. No you do not see heroin addicts shooting up round there. There as rarely been any trouble round there.
  22. Hi I got it just been up and some kind person put on fence can you pm your number please or empty your inbox and I pm you mine
  23. Hi I am sure we seen one in the road on Chesterfield road nr retail park or lidal. I was going try rescue it but traffic was to bad. I will keep my eyes open for you.
  24. Hi we looking at going camping in next couple of weeks. Near Matlock , bakewell or surrounding area. We need to be able to get there by pubic transport and not to far to walk form pubic transport. Also reasonable priced and need to take well behaved dog. Any suggestions ? Thank you for help
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