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  1. I'm coming back to Sheffield for my graduation on Wednesday and am trying to work out where the family can go for lunch, so hopefully I can book ASAP. Where is open on a wednesday lunch time? and more importantly.... Where will be nice and civilised and enjoyable for us and not have anything too riksy on the menu that will upset my moaning nan!? Thanks, Vicki
  2. definitely you could really feel the heat off it, i stood outside in just a jumper and ate my tea in the middle of vincent road. ETA having just stuck my head out my sky light you can STILL feel the heat from it, but then we are closer than a lot
  3. Good grief it looks so close to us in those, its frightening, at least from the ground you felt there was some distance.
  4. I do, we are 4 doors up on the vincent road side. I got a phone call when I was around the corner telling me not to come down our road and parked on south view instead. I could see the flame and feared the worst and basically ran home. We had all our essential paperwork gathered togather and everything, its been one hell of an evening
  5. I haven't posted on here for a LONG time, mainly due to a lot of nagativity around the place, although I still loiter and read things, but this really got me compelled to write. I am sitting in the university library and shivers ran down my spine, thankfully I managed to keep the tears held back. This is so powerful, thanks Lotti for posting it. I'd also like to point out the damage this can do to the mother. I have a rescue dog who was bred from at a very early age. She's a mut, nothing special, so certianly not breeding for crufts here. She an emotional wreck. She doesn't undertand how to socialise with other dogs properly becuase her only experiences of them are being bred young and having her pups ripped away from her. She mothers our guinea pigs and cleans them as if they were her own. I only dread to think what would have happened when she was too old to breed.
  6. I'm S7 1 and we were thankfully fine. Maybe it took mercy on us as we have been without lights for 3 days thanks to someone blowing the fuse when she got home drunk
  7. I think that hits the nail on the head. As I said before, I would love not ride on the roads, but wilst ever I have to I manage to obey the rules and beyond that make myself as less of a hinderence as possible. People seem to forget that a little patience can actually save a lot of time, I dare say that man would have been even later getting to where ever he was going had he actually caused an accident.
  8. sadly, no byways are also classed as roads but bridleways are only for cyclists (pedal) walkers and horses, and even then cyclists should give way. Not aiming to have a dig at you, but thought it would fill people who didn't know in. For anyone who's interested in the bridleways situation around sheffield try here. http://www.hallamridersgroup.co.uk/forum/ this is a group set up to try and open and maintain more birdleways and some support, even from non riders who think the road isn't the best place for us probably wouldn't go a miss. That said, its a friendly group and joining just to spout on about how wrong all us horse owners are would be about as much use as a chocolate tea pot.
  9. I do kind of think that may be a slight exaggeration, but how exaclty do you expect its dealt with, I can't help but think me in the middle of the road, with my pony in one hand and a giant poop scoop in the other would probably cause more of a hazard. Its hardly like it covers the whole road. Horses should (and I can only speak for what I and my firends do so I wouldn't say 'do') stay over to the left, so unless you're practically riding on the pavement it shouldn't be a problem. But I too can see this from both sides, there are an incosiderate few motor crosses that razz down the bridlepaths too, but I don't tar all bikers with the same brush. Most like you seem to appreite the vulnerability adn are a whole lot more considerate than other road users
  10. I am only really replying here because so many people have been so supportive and it would be rude not to acknowledge that. For those that can't read, as I said, he was in control. I didn't end up in the bush, he just tried damn hard because he was bloody terrified. And yes, I would much rather ride onyl on bridlepaths, but with his stable and field being only about 400 yards from Rivelin Valley road I have to use that as well, I however manage to obey the rules of the road. And for the record, I'm a driver too.
  11. On Friday (18th) I was lucky enough to have some time off uni after a assgnment hand in and decided to make the most of it and take my pony for a little ride. We were heading down Rivelin Valley Road towards Manchester road. I was wearing a flourescent builders jacket and Milo (the pony) had a flourescent neck band, and 4 flourescent boots on, so we were pretty visable. Just before the old hospital a lorry comes round the corner towards us, followed by two cars. 1st car behind the lorry decides to overtake despite there a) not being enough room and b) seriously not having the power to do so. Needless to say, Milo was not best impressed about this car revving very loudly and heading straight for him and I don't think I have ever been quite so scared. We pulled as far over as we could, stopped and hoped for the best as the car swerved in next to us. Poor little Milo had some sort of hernia about this whole affair and tried to depsoit me in a hedge at the edge of the road, and as a result was like some possessed wild animal for the next 20 minutes. So, to the man that did it, and I'm pretty sure he'd remember, may I suggest that you read the highway code and perhaps open you eyes. ....and to the lady behind him, thanks for your conern and understanding! And just before anyone tells me all the reasons I was wrong. We were top to bottom flourescent. We were riding correctly on the far left Yes, we do have liability insurance just like car owners And idiot drivers apart, Milo is perfectly safe to be on the road
  12. The lady at crookes does them too, infact I've just discovered her shop and she's fab, so personally I think you owuldn't go far wrong with another shop the same. Very helpful and friendly and in small business retail thats worth its weight in gold
  13. Personally I think thre canny collar is the best leader trainer, and impossible to find, but there is a great little pet shop in crookes that I found them in and I wouldn't want to take her business, she's fab! Indestructable toys are a must for us too
  14. Can anyone recommend a chimney sweep. Rough estimate at prices would be good too. Around S7 area;. Thanks
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