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  1. From the Sheffield Star...


    Rescue plan to save 800 call centre jobs


    A DRAMATIC rescue package to save 800 Sheffield jobs is being put together by a leading city firm.


    Ant Marketing, the largest privately-owned telemarketing company in the UK, is bidding to take over cable communication firm Telewest's national customer care centre in Chippingham Street, Atter-cliffe.


    Telewest merged with rivals NTL earlier this year and last week the group announced plans to axe 6,000 jobs.


    NTL says it has yet to make a decision about what will happen to the 800 people working in Attercliffe who won a top award in the Call Centre Association Excellence Awards last year.


    But, it added that it wants to avoid compulsory redundancies and is considering outsourcing some operations – as it is doing with its national faults management operations, which are being taken over by IBM. Ant Marketing, which emp-loys 250 full-time and 550 part-time staff at call centres in Sheffield, Rotherham and Chesterfield, says it is making urgent efforts to contact NTL and start negotiations.


    Managing director Anthony Hinchliffe, who founded Ant in 1989, said the firm had tried to speak to NTL before the weekend without success about its proposals, which would involve taking over the lease of the Chippingham Street building, retaining all 800 staff and respecting their terms of employment. "We want to re-assure the workforce there that their jobs will be safe under the plans we have in mind.

    "We know many of the personnel there and there is no doubt that it is a first-class team," said Mr Hinchliffe.


    Ant Marketing has expanded rapidly since its formation and lists the London Stock Exch-ange, Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, the BBC, First National Bank and The Economist among its customers.


    One of Ant's reasons for wanting to acquire the Attercliffe centre is the need to handle increasing volumes of work, including a substantial contract it recently secured with a major insurance company.


    Mr Hinchliffe added: "The skill and expertise of the Telewest staff would help augment our own highly-skilled and committed workforce, equipping us with the strength and vitality to meet all the exciting challenges that lie ahead."

  2. Does anyone know of a central-Sheffield bar/club-type place that has a free function room for about 50 people - preferably where we can have a live band playing?


    I know there have been similar threads in the past, but I need an up-to-date and definative choice.


    Thanks in advance.




    (apologies in advance if in the wrong section, admin feel free to move if so).

  3. Originally posted by fattybear

    Why should my post be deleted ?


    Is this some kind of fascist regime where censorship rules ?


    I was quite simply stating an opinion and it wasn't directed at anyone in particular (angel b - sorry if I offended you but I really DIDN'T aim it at you..)


    I stand by my statement - there are far too many people working for companies in jobs they hate.


    There's nothing worse than turning up for work ready to put in a hard days graft, 'up for it', motivated and ready to give it 100% only to be sat next to some moaner who goes on and on about how they were turned down for promotion 'just because' they have had 3 months off in the last 4 months etc..


    Also - angel b - I find it a bit ironic that you suffer severe migraines and extreme vertigo yet you are on the top floor of a contact centre in front of a pc monitor all day !?!?


    I say SACK THE MOANERS - and see if they enjoy sitting on the DOLE instead.


    If you ARE one of these whinging moaning people who believe that your company isn't worthy of your attendance or efforts then CLEAR OFF SOMEWHERE ELSE and get a job elsewhere as surely this would be better for all concerned !?


    Again- I direct this at no one individual but all these layabout losers who feel that this earth owes them something..




    I had this same conversation at work today...


    Why, oh why do people go to work as miserable as sin...???

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