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  1. A list of Wednesdayite achievements in the last couple of years:


    § Reduced membership fee from £20 p.a. to £10 p.a. and introduced Junior membership


    § Introduced a new style innovative membership pack and personalised membership cards


    § Gave each member their personalised share certificate in the Society


    § Offer car park facility to members and non-members


    § Introduced a match day lounge facility which offers free food and has proved to be very popular


    § Introduced a cheap away coach facility for those wishing to travel to away matches


    § Increased membership from 387 almost 3 fold in just 2 years


    § Offered 100% cashback on memberships to local football clubs to assist their kit purchase


    § Introduced a bi-annual programme of member surveys to ensure members can have their say


    § Acted upon the democratic wishes of the membership through the surveys and ballot (shares)


    § Published our Board Minutes to give access to the Board room to all members


    § Introduced bi-monthly newsletters for members and subsequently distributed to non-member fans


    § Instigated a match day presence through our Wednesdayite portakabin facility


    § Introduced a fundraising structure with our 4 good cause funds which give freedom of choice to members


    § Introduced a number of innovative fundraising initiatives such as tin cans, recycling, e-lottery and our shopping site


    § Increased our direct shareholding in SWFC plc from 9.46% to the important milestone of 10.07%


    § Proposed resolutions on behalf of the membership at the SWFC plc AGM


    § Represented the Society’s shareholding at all SWFC plc AGM’s and EGM’s in terms of questions to try to gain information for members and to express our point of view


    § Reduced fixed costs and made sure all staff are voluntary so that more more funds can be directed to community and club needs


    § Turned a £14000 loss into a £1000 profit in Wednesdayite’s first year of operation.


    § Turned a £1000 profit into a £38000 profit last year


    § Offered £2500 to be SWFC Academy Patrons


    § Offered £10,000 for a loan striker to help the club


    § Offered £500 towards the KOP Toilet development with the prospect of more funding


    § Proposed a number of commercial ideas to SWFC


    § Promoted SWFC’s Foundation Scheme to members through a free membership incentive


    § Donated £1000 to the SWFC Academy


    § Offered £630.42 to the SWFC Academy


    § Donated £300 to SWFC plc towards the additional costs for our AGM resolutions


    § Donated £250 to the Sheffield Children’s Hospital


    § Donated £250 to SWFC Ladies Football team


    § Donated £50 to Owls Against Racism


    § Offered £50 to SODA


    § Donated £50 to Wise Old Owls


    § Donated £50 to Chapeltown Junior Football team


    § Donated £181.29 to Hospital Radio


    § Donated £750 to the Owls Trust Allstars


    § Donated £50 to Community Spirit (Meynell School)


    § Donated £525 to the Owls Trust Allstars junior teams to cover cost of coaching courses


    § Donated £774 to Macmillan Cancer Care


    § Donated £298 to Smile Tickets


    § Donated t-shirts for a children’s AIDS centre in Kenya


    § Organised for 58 children to attend a Kids for a Quid match


    § Launched the Smile Tickets initiative which has treated dozens of adults and youngsters to matches whilst purchasing tickets at full retail price to generate funds for SWFC


    § Smile has now been adopted by other trusts and Supporters Direct have asked us to package it for all trusts to adopt nationwide


    § Launched our Primary Schools Coaching Scheme to provide free curriculum time coaching to local primary and special needs schools


    § To the end of the 2006/7 season, Malin Bridge, High Green, Bradfield Dungworth, Ecclesfield, Grenoside and Rivelin have benefited from our Coaching Scheme and Nook Lane and Loxley will conclude the current school year


    § Altogether, by the end of the current school year, some 1600 children will have received Wednesdayite coaching and some 4800 individual coaching sessions will have been delivered to promote the Wednesday brand where it might not otherwise have been proliferated


    § Successfully applied for grant funding from the United Co-operative Society to double our activity in our Primary Schools Coaching Scheme to enable over 5000 local children to receive our coaching (and over 15000 individual coaching sessions) in the next school year


    § Offered the replace the £5 SWFC superstore merchandise voucher to all U18 season ticket holders as part of a Junior Membership initiative (June 07)

  2. Wednesdayite media release on 25th July (following the Shareholders Association release):


    We welcome the proposals by the Shareholders Association for SWFC shareholders to contact them in order to obtain 'sales pledges' representing 19% of the shares in SWFC plc. Added to the Board's 32% holding, this might well provide a solution to Mr Allen's claim that any investor will only conclude a takeover if a majority of the shares can be acquired.


    If pledges of 19% are achieved, we look forward to Mr Allen promptly delivering on his promise to find a suitable purchaser of the 51% majority stake given that this constraint will no longer be an issue.


    This solution shows that the wider fan and shareholder base have much to offer the club and such people (who really are the club) can provide the ideas, commitment, resource and skills that should be called upon by the SWFC Board to help the club prosper.


    As part of this solution we are very happy that the fans' shares, held in Wednesdayite, can be retained for the benefit of Sheffield Wednesday supporters now and in the future.


    We have had time to reflect on Mr Allen's comments last week and it is disappointing to say the least that he is the only Chairman in our 140 year history to have labelled the club's fans and shareholders in such a despicable way and continues to spurn every effort of reconciliation and dialogue. We are surprised that his fellow Board members have not publicly denounced his comments and call for nothing less than a public retraction and apology from Mr Allen - it is what these committed fans and shareholders of our great club deserve for being labelled in this astonishing way.


    Moreover, Mr Allen's call to action for the 'majority to sort out the minority' has led to Wednesdayite property being damaged and one of our female Directors being abused and such comments are irresponsible from the Chairman of any club and a gross dereliction of duty.


    Over the last few days our membership has seen the biggest growth rate since Wednesdayite was formed and Mr Allen is clearly becoming more isolated and desperate in his views. We ask his fellow Board members whether they wish to be associated with Mr Allen's latest outburst and demonstrably act accordingly. Dialogue CAN take place if enough of you in the Boardroom vote for it, irrespective of Mr Allen's opposition.

  3. A statement from the Shareholders Association regarding the situation:

    Sheffield Wednesday Shareholders Association Press Statement


    24th July 2007


    We recognise Mr Allens commitment to relinquish his own shareholding in our club, as well as that of the other Board members who currently control our club with a 30% minority stake.


    We also recognise the reluctance of the Wednesdayite Supporters Group to give up their 10.1% shareholding and respect their right as shareholders to do that without being labelled as ‘Cretins’ or ‘Scum’ by the Chairman of our club.


    The Shareholders Association would like to make two statements today.


    We would like to call on the Sheffield Wednesday Chairman to apologise for the statements he issued to the Press last week, labelling shareholders and customers of our club ‘Scum’, ‘Cretins’, and ‘Venomous Bitches’. We don’t think that this language befits the position that the Chairman holds and hope that he will recognise and regret those statements.


    In order to assist the club and its directors to facilitate a takeover of our club, and to overcome the barriers to this referred to by Mr Allen last week, we would like to assist in the following way. We will be approaching ALL shareholders of SWFC and not just our members (who hold 16%) to ask them to register with us their intention to sell up to 95% of their own shareholding at whatever price the SWFC Board have negotiated for their own shares. We believe that given the commitment of just 1 in 5 shareholders to this action we can confidently register with the club an additional 20% shares to add to their own 31%, meaning that a takeover could progress. Every shareholder will still be able to attend AGM’s, receive copies of the club accounts and all the other small benefits associated with being a club shareholder. We are firmly of the belief that every genuine shareholder who has the love of our club at heart would carefully consider this as a viable way forward.


    We find it strange that the current Board should be negotiating to sell a business that they only own 30% of, without referral to the 70% of shareholders who all have a stake in our club. We are also puzzled at a prospective buyer undertaking due diligence when it is clear (and publicly available knowledge) that only 30% of shares are available. Would the Chairman agree with us that an EGM called by the club would be appropriate at this point to enlighten ALL shareholders as to the reasons for the failure of the 4 potential investors he referred to earlier in the year choosing not to invest in the club?


    Any shareholders who would like to register their interest in selling some or all of their shareholding at the price negotiated by the Board for their own shares should call us on (01909) 568686.


    All questions relating to this statement should be addressed to the Shareholders Association Chairman, Mr David Coupe on 01909 568686.

  4. Wednesdayite Media Release on the day of the press conference:

    The suggestion that inward investment has not been possible because of Wednesdayite's shareholding, is very sad.


    Whatever the pros and cons of any deal which was on the table, there is absolutely no reason for the share holding to have been an obstacle. If any of the participants believed there to be a problem, they have had plenty of time to take us up on our offer of dialogue.


    We have repeated over and over, that if a deal would ensure that the club’s debts were reduced, that investment in the football squad could be made and a proper dialogue process established with what is the second largest shareholder and a loyal fans’ group, then our members have indicated that they would re-consider their opposition to parting with the shares.


    Surely, if the issue of the Wednesdayite shares was a deal-breaker, someone would have thought that it was important enough to talk directly to Wednesdayite about it.


    We at Wednesdayite have become used to being portrayed in a negative way by those who look backwards instead of forwards. Are we really the stumbling block to progress? Progress requires movement. We have moved – some would say a long way already - and we are willing to discuss further movement. We are not preventing progress.


    It is those who will not move from their entrenched positions who are the real stumbling block. Constant repetition of “It’s Wednesdayite’s fault” may be easy and may even convince some, but at the end of the day, it is not a way to achieve progress.

  5. What I'd like is for a spokes-person from the Wednesdayites group to come on here and put their point of view forward. I'm a little unsure of their intentions, and given the amount of flack they're now taking, it would be sensible for them to reply. So if anybody knows someone from that group of fans can you give them a nudge onto SF.

    We promise not to bite, but we may ask a few searching questions.


    Wednesdayite's responses on the day:

  6. Didn't see THIS coming:


    Catherine Tate is new 'Doctor Who' companion


    Catherine Tate has been confirmed as David Tennant's new companion in the next series of Doctor Who.


    The comedian will reprise her role as Donna, who featured in the most recent Christmas special, 'The Runaway Bride', for the full thirteen-episode run of series four. As previously reported, Freema Agyeman will return to the show mid-way through the series, which begins filming this month for broadcast from next Easter.


    "Catherine was an absolute star in The Runaway Bride and we are delighted that one of Britain's greatest talents has agreed to join us for the fourth series," said exec producer Russell T Davies. "Viewers can expect more ambitious storylines and a whole host of guest stars in 2008."


    Tate added: "I am delighted to be returning to Doctor Who. I had a blast last Christmas and look forward to travelling again through time and space with that nice man from Gallifrey."


    The news follows confirmation that Kylie Minogue will guest star in this year's Christmas special, 'Voyage of the Damned'.

  7. My video has gotten to the top 20 videos on YouTube today:


    Hillsborough / Penistone Road at the height of the floods: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=dbkizUtNSqA


    I'm a bit cheesed off with some of the comments on there though, such a serious subject with many people losing their homes and some even losing their lives - and people are on there bantering about football. Has the community spirit of the last few days totally dissipated?


    Wow - the video just got in the top 10 videos on YouTube! Keeping us in the news!

  8. My video has gotten to the top 20 videos on YouTube today:


    Hillsborough / Penistone Road at the height of the floods: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=dbkizUtNSqA


    I'm a bit cheesed off with some of the comments on there though, such a serious subject with many people losing their homes and some even losing their lives - and people are on there bantering about football. Has the community spirit of the last few days totally dissipated?

  9. I'm sure that with every job, there are positives and negatives.


    The call centre industry, particularly sales, does get a rough ride and to be fair a lot of that is from the people who simply don't like the idea of it. That's fine, it's an opinion, albeit an uneducated one.


    It seems that ANT has had lots of problems in the past and that is something they need to recognise and address to move forward and it is up to them to do that. Some people in this thread say they have changed, some people say they haven't, but if people like the managers posting tonight are reading the forum and the comments made - and if they are so passionate about it like the way they have posted, then I would like to think that they will do what they can to change they way things are for the better. I am sure that most businesses have 'horror stories'. I think I have heard one for almost every large employer in Sheffield.


    On the same token, not everyone is suited to every job, so what might suit an accountant might not suit a bricklayer. It's horses for courses. I am sure that there are plenty of people who go to somewhere like ANT and do walk out of the door because it's not for them, but I am sure that this is the same in a lot of companies.


    What stands out for me in this thread tonight is that there is obviously passion and enthusiasm within ANT and if things are as bad as some would make out then it's up to those people to make it better (it's encouraging to see that the managers do read these forums). Likewise, there has been a lot of uneducated posts of people that 'know someone who know someone who worked there', or have an obvious agenda. Again, opinions are fine, but if I was someone reading this thread and looking for work who wanted an honest opinion of how the place is, then I would read the posts from the people who work there rather than the speculative ones - and by my reckoning, there are a lot of people who work there, want to work there and portray it quite positively.

  10. Some of the people I've spoken to who don't have internet access have asked me to ask you


    Is Chris Mortimer still there ?


    He used to manage the insurance campaign at Sheaf ?


    Or what about his assistant Mark - why did he leave ?




    Maybe you should put away your fishing rod?


    I think you have had a good few bites tonight...

  11. Auth because im not dis-respecting my company or my job!!


    Absolutly not!! I wouldn't say you were!!!


    I just think there is an obvious agenda by certain people in this thread that is probably best not discussing with them as they may spin what you say to their ends, which could end up being negative for your company.


    Your bosses might be unhappy if you allow the agenda to continue, thus inadvertantly disrespecting your workplace.


    I know that if I was a boss, I would have words with someone who, albeit inadvertantly, encouraged the other posters' agenda to continue.


    I do admire your spirit and your openness, honesty and obvious passion for your job though.

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