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  1. It is indeed fantastic. Regarding the private land... such land can cost a lot to maintain. Plus I understand they've had problems with vandalism and attempted thefts, etc. Watch the video and see how Andrew the artist comes across... he is exactly like he comes across on the camera, and is totally genuine. Its for others to make up their mind after watching (and preferably after visiting/meeting the guys there) as to how elitist or not they are. The woodland is open to the public for regular open days, with lots of activities laid on too; I've been when there has been blacksmiths crafting and doing demonstrations, when there's been Iron Man/superhero statues brought in and placed around, at Halloween they have pumpkin carving and let kids place their efforts in the woodland, etc. They do treasure hunts for kids. I believe Joe Scarborough is due to do art/talks on an upcoming open day (I imagine that will be delayed due to the current situation!). And of course, the War Memorial/Flood Tribute are accessible from the road and open to the public all the time too. Anyway, I highly recommend the place on an open day - it very quickly became one of my very favourite places in the city when I discovered it.
  2. It is private property to be fair. They do have open days though, with plenty of activities and stuff. I'd recommend a trip when it is accessible, well worth it!
  3. Who knew this brilliant place existed right here in Sheffield? Somewhere lovely to visit once the current situation is over with... 😀
  4. Glad Patrick is on the mend and still doing his stuff - his videos are great (the wild camping is amazing... I'd never dare to do any of that!).
  5. Highly recommended... except for that initial 'stooping' bit. 😂 Indeed. And remember, just because it seems OK here now it only takes a bit of rain upstream for it to start filling up quickly (you don't want to get stuck down there!). If you go, make sure you go with the Sheaf & Porter Rivers Trust tours as and when they get them up and running again - they are really experienced and great guides (plus it helps support the Trust's aims).
  6. New video here - very interesting what is beneath our feet and great tours of below the station, etc!
  7. A tram conductor told us the other day that there had been 'some delays' and works now aren't likely to end until mid-late September. Not sure how true it is (they blamed the 'rainy weather'?!).
  8. Notices of forfeiting their lease appeared on the doors this week. More info here: https://www.deejayone.co.uk/music/feature/item/117-sheffield-nightclub-music-venue-the-plug-forfeits-lease-closes-for-good.html
  9. I'd say it is a really mixed crowd across the area! There's something for everyone. The traditionalists will go in the likes of Fat Cat and Kelham Island Tavern and 'trendy' people edge towards Church and Cutlery Works, etc. Of course there'll be some mixture of people - especially those on a crawl around the area and especially at weekends. Peddler weekend in particular brings a lively crowd down. I think Gardeners has been affected a little by Cutlery Works as people drift between the two and they have a different kind of clientele generally, but the extra custom can only be a good thing, can it not?
  10. Ironically the one place I haven't tried yet! Will give it a go soon, heard lots of good things.
  11. Nice one! What did you think? Which was your favourite?
  12. Thank you! Shhhh... Don't tell the other venues, but Piña is my favourite bar around Kelham currently. You HAVE to try the Tacos... incredible. The suggestion is great too, thanks. Those places (and more) were going to feature in this video, but it was just getting too long so had to be cut and focussed mainly on food and drink. I'm looking at putting together a video of 'different' things to do in Sheffield soon and they certainly fit in to that theme though... there's also Battleaxe (axe throwing!) off Rutland Road that I want to give a try for it too.
  13. You'll be amazed at the difference. Very gentrified and lots of development. Certainly one of the best areas of the city to head to for food and drink - particularly great in the summer sunshine. Peddler Night Market is a destination event too, so if you can make it on a Peddler weekend (first Friday/Saturday of each month) the place really comes alive (get down early - it gets busy!).
  14. No freebies! 😯 I did consider maybe looking for some sponsorship from some of the venues or something for it (it cost me quite a it of time and money to make!) but didn't go for it because I want the series to be as impartial as possible. That said, I'm working on a fuller series of these videos (with better quality production) right now so if any local businesses would like to sponsor them we could discuss how we could make it work with that proviso of retaining editorial independence (we could work out some spots or something). Also - if anyone has any ideas of things to feature in the videos let me know. There's no limit to what topics or things can be featured; whether it be historical stuff, events, people and places, etc, etc. I obviously have a few ideas I'm working on, but the more ideas the better!
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