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  1. How do you know that the teacher actually wrote the note? I don't know any self respecting adult that would put 'if destroyed still true' on anything, joke or not. I think you need to be really careful if you go in all guns blazing. You need to be sure because it could've career ending if it escalates out of control and turns out to be a false accusation.
  2. I am female and it is as simple as my body my choice. While that foetus is still just a bunch of cells and feeding off me, like a parasite, then if I choose to evict it then I am with my rights.
  3. My daughters nursery are holding a craft fair on 26th November. Stalls are £10 each. Not sure how big the tables are. Nursery is at Carlton in lindrick near Worksop. If you're interested in a table pm me and I'll give you more details
  4. That's ok. I'm new to all this so just didn't know what to expect, that's all
  5. hiya I filled out the online application. When do I find out if I have been successful? Also, I didn't get any confirmation of applying. Is this normal? Worry, I'm new to all this!
  6. We opted for a nursery. I always prefered this option as my LO is a very lively, active little one who, I think, gets more out of a nursery than she would a child minder. She is very sociable and has lots of other children her age around her. She absolutely loves it there and is always desperate to get in the door. However, we also found a really lovely one we fell in love with and that helped sway our decision. If we felt the same about a childminder we met then we would've put her there. My advice would be visit nurseries, meet child minders and then make a decision on who you would like to look after your child. You may really love a nursery and decide on that, or you may really like one of the childminders and be completely comfortable with that option. You won't really know until you start meeting the people you will be trusting with your child.
  7. I have the Knitters Bible Knitting Accessories book by Claire Compton and there are definitely mittens that are not knit in the round in that book.
  8. There will be people in school tomorrow so you could give them a ring. Alternatively, does your child have any friends there who's parents you could ask?
  9. A level 2 is what is average by the end of KS1. By the end of Y5, it should be around 3a. Now, for it to be an average there are, by default, children who are lower than these grades. I, personally, wouldn't worry about the actual levels if your child is reaching their own, individual potential. Is you child accessing interventions at school? Does a TA / teacher work with on a one to one or small group basis on a regular basis? Do what you keep doing, working with your child with homework, spelling, reading etc. There are many children who are at 2c at the end of Y4. When I was teaching a Y5 class I had many children who were at 2c at the end of Y5 (don't judge me as a teacher - these children progressed whilst I had them. It is fairly common to have low ability children in your class). What you need to be more concerned about is if your child has progressed this year. If he has, then that's fine and you have less to worry about. If he has not progressed at all, then I would be concerned. But, by all means go and speak to the school. Ask if he is on the SEN register (special educational needs register) for his learning and find out what intervention programmes he will be accessing / needing next year. I'd be very surprised if there is no provision in place if he is being seen under Ryegate but try and find out anyway. In my experiences a 2c will not constitute special school. There are many children who end primary school and Y6 on a level 2 so please try not to worry. Easier said than done, I know
  10. When we were testing out buggies, this was one of our main criteria as both hubby and myself are really tall. The tallest we found when we were in John Lewis before Easter was the SilverCross Pop. It seemed taller than the McLarens that were there.
  11. I'm interested in going. However, I would have to take my 10 month old with me. Does anyone know if this would be alright? Would anyone have any objections? Hmmmmmm. Decisions.
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