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  1. Maybe you're right...i guess he felt abit of a goof when the police man told me what was said...i then showed him i had 3 times more than what he was asking for and (whilst biting my tongue) politely paid the driver- as i intended to. the officer then let me go first...which must have irritated the driver.
  2. ah!! although, in this case, that wasn't the situation! the money was there and being offered! i think it was just a man, with a taxi, and a chip on his shoulder!
  3. to be honest, i think in the future I'm gonna avoid the shandy and just drive! it has been quite off putting this experience! Its the first bad one I have had, and am going to make it my last!
  4. but i wasn't! lol its a shame because I'd had a really great evening until then! and it took one stranger to ruin it! I mean I am a bit of a worrier, but I've never had any dealings with the police so wasn't sure how it would be dealt with and if i'd have a mark against my name!
  5. hmmm to be honest, my reason for bringing it here was firstly to sound off lol and secondly to find out what affect it would have on my future as I have to have annual advanced disclosures and didn't want this to show! however, with the sounds of it the police realised that the uy was wrong and not me lol!
  6. to be honest, i didn't get it! However, he was driving a very unique looking cab! I dunno! I think I'm just annoyed at having to go through that when I hadn't broke any laws!
  7. eh? well i'd hope he'd have the sense to drive the correct way! lol as I was saying earlier in the thread, I do not dispute paying, or the amount we came to an agreement on...it was that i had asked for a particular route very clearly, he chose to ignore that, and when i questioned this, referring to our agreement again, he over reacted!
  8. the quickest way is up the new ring road....he took me half way round town then headed for Burngreave/Pittsmoor
  9. Leadmill to Shirecliffe....normally its about£7...I said I was happy under £9
  10. I did say that, showing the officer I had the means and the intention to pay, explaining very clearly that I was only disputing the route the driver had taken and that I felt he had over reacted unneccessarily! It was just the officers "advice without caution" that baffled me.
  11. i was thinking the same Dongle....the worrying thing is the way he just lost it!!! crazy eh?
  12. thanks Ladystar! well the officer let me go first, and even commented on how calm, appropriate and polite I was being! After he got me another taxi he was still talking to the driver! I think i may just drive from now on!
  13. thanks! I figured that, as the driver told the officer I had no money, as I corrected I never said that and showed the officer the £30 in my purse....although the police have advised me to make a complaint with the council about the driver. I think I am more angry than anything, that I have been made to feel a criminal, for askin to go the quickest, safest and cheapest route home and at no point refusing to pay!! clearly a very dodgy taxi driver!
  14. i was a little tipsy at the time....and he was more concerned in seeing me home in another taxi and having a go at the taxi driver!
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