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  1. Does anyone know if the five weir walk cycle route is open all way to Meadowhall. I went a few weeks ago and parts were blocked off.
  2. Does anyone know if the Norton water tower is in use .Does it still contain water.
  3. All connections checked and they seem ok and battery fully charged. I wonder if it’s the control unit on handle bars although it’s a sealed unit
  4. I’ve had an electric bike now for a couple years. Recently after riding about 100 yards or so the electrics cut out. I took it to James Cycles and Halfords to see if they could check it out but they won’t entertain it as I didn’t buy it from them. I contacted the place where I bought it from but they don’t do the model anymore. I am now looking for someone to check out the electric system and if I can’t find anyone my bike will be next to useless. Can anyone help please.
  5. Hi everyone Does anyone know where I can buy a wooden clothes prop. I've tried the metal ones but the plastic screw at the top doesn't last
  6. I have approximately 50 packets of seeds which i have received on the front of gardening magazines. These are a mix of flower and vegitable seeds.i can't use them all and I don't particularly want to bin them. Does any one know what I could do with them. The seeds need to be sown before 2016 and 2017
  7. I've been to to the old dairy on Broadfield Road but cannot find the CAB premises there .There is no signage and no one knows where it is. Also been to London Road but cannot find the CAB premises there either. Can anyone help please
  8. I need someone to install a pull down blind in my kitchen. It requires holes drilling for the brackets. I am useless at DIY and hence this message.
  9. My Karcher pressure Washer k720 has just died on me and apparently is not worth repairing. This pressure washer was powerful and was used for cleaning concrete paths and stone walls. Now I need a replacement but most Karcher washers are not very powerful. Can anyone recommend a model which is powerful?
  10. I am having a new shed delivered in a couple of weeks time and I need a concrete base for it. The shed size is 8ft by 6ft and so the concrete base should be the same size or a couple of inches bigger all round. I have already removed the lawn from the site of the base. I really need somebody to do the concrete base for me.I would be grateful if someone can be reccomended.
  11. Thanks for your prompt and reliable service. A brilliant job.
  12. My old metal clothes line post recently collapsed. The bottom of the post is still left in the concrete. I have a new metal clothes line post which will need to go in concrete. I need someone to get the old post out and replace with the new one. Does anyone know of somebody who could do this. Obviously they will be paid for the work.
  13. I am confused about the stand.Does the stand already have an hook or does it have a loop
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