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  1. Thanks mate. I think I might drive as I don't fancy getting stuck on the bus not knowing where I am when I will already be rushing to get back for the match ---------- Post added 05-07-2018 at 23:48 ---------- Do you know if there are any NCP car parks or alternatives nearby?
  2. No we are still going strong mate Just rediscovered SF after a while away, but we have been together for 20 years and just celebrated 11 years married. We went to Worksop in the end and didn't get to Florida until 2012!
  3. I am taking my son for a Uni visit to University of Sheffield on Saturday and was after a bit of advice on using the tram. I have never used it before. We live at Clowne so was going to do the park and ride from Halfway. Is there a certain tram/number we have to get on and would it go all the way without having to change anywhere? Cheers
  4. Thanks for the replies guys. The appointment is at 08:50 so she won't be able to park where she usually does then. Are there plenty of other places she could go? I think you can pay to park up the side streets can't you?
  5. Does anyone know what times you can park in the designated areas on Ecclesall Rd before they become bus lanes? I nearly got a ticket just after 4pm the other week because I didn't realise they became bus lanes after this time, but my wife needs to park in a similar place just before 9am this Friday. I parked just opposite the Orthodontic Centre for an appointment there for my lad.
  6. I would mate but not sure they would let us in. Lol. Cheers Jemson. I think we are gonna start in Vodka Rev and work our way down towards Viper Rooms. If its no good in there we will probably end up in Plug.
  7. Cheers guys. We will have a good night no matter what
  8. I am off out in Sheffield on Saturday night with 6 or 7 lads and was after a bit of advice on the best places to go. We usually go to Chesterfield as one of my mates is set in his ways and will go nowhere else, but he can't make it so we thought we would try somewhere different. We are all early 30’s, some of us single, some married with kids. We like a laugh and a bit of "dad dancing". the music we like is dance or trance. We will be getting a taxi home at about 4 in the morning. My missus had made some suggestions but she is into the wine bars and stuff and I'm not sure that would be for us. I don't want to end up somewhere with loads of students and kids under 20 and look like a proper plum. Cheers
  9. Thanks Bruno. We are already planning on going to Y.W.P. £22 for a family of 4 to go after 1 and watch a firework display just before it closes? I think its on living social website.
  10. Thanks guys. I think we are going to give it a whirl
  11. Yeah I didn't think it sounded bad. 2 games with refreshments for a family of 4 for a tenner. It's just that we are about 20 miles away so I wanted to make sure it was worth the trip. Do you know if there is any parking Bruno?
  12. Hi all, My wife has seen a deal on the internet for Quasar on Bank Street in the city centre, but I wanted to check with you guys if it was any good first. It would be myself, the missus and my 2 lads going (12 and 9). Thanks.
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