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  1. I would like to recommend Matt @ MJB Electrical 07795264415, reasonable price for job, quick and efficient service,and a nice bloke.
  2. Sadly I know who this piece of scum is, he is originally from the Page Hall area and all i can say is it doesnt surprise me one bit. Cant say anymore at the moment
  3. The sentence is far too lenient, those two lovely boys parents have a life time of suffering ahead of them, hopefully he will get some hammer in prison and not an easy ride.
  4. Anyone know if this programme is still running I cant seem to find it, think its on virgin 1
  5. How awful for her glad as others have said she wasnt hurt, it beggers belief how low these people will stoop. These people should be put down.
  6. You do know when they put you on hold its to chase a snake round the office and charm it back in the basket
  7. Did you see him when he stood up and did that " well her game plan worked" rubbing his fingers together, tangerine git, just shows you how much he was there for the 100k despite denying it
  8. Glad Racheal has got to the last two its one in the eye for all the housemates who have called her fake. I hope she wins (but think it will be Mikey) she has been a lovely sweet girl throughout.
  9. Bet Eminem is sh*tting his self after the HMs raps :hihi:
  10. Loved the Rex ginger wigs, and him saying he couldnt understand why they were wearing them
  11. You must have read my mind, what the hell is she on about
  12. Oh thank you thats put my mind at rest, I thought it was some sort of scam, feel daft now
  13. Does anyone know when register of electors forms for 2008/09 are sent out. I recieved one this morning and it says to register online or by phone I have always filled it in and sent it back by post is this a new method, and I thought they came around February. Wondering if its genuine, any help would be appriciated.Thanks
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