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  1. Can anyone help my apparent memory loss?! Back in about 1999 I did a lot of office temp work for an agency that was based on Townhead Street in Sheffield. They sent me to Yorkshire Cable (god I'm OLD) and HSBC Asset Management, amongst other places. They aren't there now so I have no idea what happened to the company, but I can't even remember what they were CALLED! Help! Thanks x
  2. .... particularly with the ability to do small jet washing. I have a blocked outside drain gulley Yorks Water have been and looked, and he recommended getting someone out to get a teeny jet washer down there. I'm in S35. Thanks x ---------- Post added 26-04-2018 at 10:24 ---------- Nobody?? Is the guy on here notnworking any more, does anyone know?
  3. Do you even know the reasons for the Ofsted grading? I suspect not or you wouldn't be so sweepingly critical. There have been a couple of issues, most of which HAVE been addressed (what can any school do when key staff are ill long term and cannit easily be replaced?) but other issues picked up by Ofsted were spurious and didnt even affect the vast majority of kids there. The head had the full support of staff, parents and students and was very popular and I was so sad when he felt that he had to leave out of frustration. My child is a pupil there, is doing very well, and I am amazed on a daily basis at the efforts of the staff to support the kids. The hundreds of clubs, the trips that take effort and dedication to make happen, the revision clubs in holiday time, and the general atmosphere in the school. None of which is valued by Ofsted apparently.
  4. The one halfway up Rutland Road has some lovely sets displayed at the side....sorry I cant remember the name but its easy to see from the road!
  5. As for the actual report for the school, I went to one of the open meetings last week to hear what the head and the management team had to say. It was really interesting - hearing their take on it, how Ofsted work and base their findings, and hearing about the problems they already knew about (and were already fixing - like the long term staff sickness issues) and the challenges with some pupils. I still have some concerns but I'm more than willing to let them have the time and space to fix the issues, I've never had any problems with the school, my child is doing really well there and the feedback is very good. The staff appeared genuinely upset, and frustrated with the Ofsted process, and deserve our support while they focus on getting the best out of the school that they can. Can't be easy with over 1700 students I guess.
  6. Kids on buses were the same when I was at school! You should take the time to go into the school. Ask for a tour. The vast majority of the kids are well behaved, polite and respectful.
  7. I play my part - the least they could do is actually keep an eye on the basics! I hope the plans are effective and swift - kids only get one chance at their education, it's much harder to repeat things at a later date and try to catch up.
  8. I came here to raise the same issue! We got the report at the weekend too and it makes for grim reading. The teaching is inadequate, the leadership is inadequate - it's shocking. Science is appalling, English and Maths are inadequate. This is BASIC stuff for a school. they seem to spend an awful lot of time and effort on blummin musicals and extra curricular stuff without actually teaching kids the core subjects. And I don't know whether to laugh or cry at the letter from the Head saying that they are "shocked". Should he really be telling us that he had no idea that his own school was so bad?? Does anyone have experience of schools given this sort of report? My child is in Yr 8 there so I'm obviously concerned. Going to a meeting tonight about it and I'm already worried that they aren't taking it seriously. I have no experience of this at all. I'd be in a blind panic if my child were in GCSE year - they must feel so let down. ---------- Post added 14-03-2017 at 11:40 ---------- For anyone who hasn't seen the "highlights": Summary of key findings for parents and pupils This is an inadequate school  Over the last three years, the school’s effectiveness has declined considerably. Senior leaders and governors have been complacent and inaccurate in their assessment of school performance and have not taken effective action to tackle pupils’ underachievement and weak teaching.  Pupils’ achievement is inadequate. In 2016, pupils’ performance in English, mathematics, science and humanities was weak. The most able pupils, those who have special educational needs and/or disabilities, and disadvantaged pupils significantly underperform.  The school’s use of pupil premium funding is ineffective in accelerating the progress of disadvantaged pupils. Their achievement has been consistently low over time.  Leaders do not ensure that pupils’ literacy and numeracy skills are developed well. Consequently, pupils are not well prepared for the next stage in their learning.  The quality of provision in science for all pupils is extremely poor and has resulted in consistently low achievement in this key subject.  Teachers’ expectations of what pupils can achieve are too low, particularly for pupils who arrive at the school with high levels of attainment. The planning of teaching to match pupils’ needs is inconsistent.  The behaviour of pupils requires improvement. Some low-level disruptive behaviour, in lessons where pupils are insufficiently challenged, spoils the learning of others. Around the school site a small minority of pupils are disrespectful in their behaviour. Doesn't inspire confidence, does it??
  9. Sad but true and very well known already is that you don't own the view or have any rights to it, and the loss of your view will not make one iota of difference.
  10. I use both Aubiose and Megazorb for my boys, buy it from the equine place in Penistone, a bale lasts aaaages!
  11. http://www.mattress.co.uk is the official factory clearance site for Silentnight. Got my king size from there and its great, plus they deliver it.
  12. As you may have guessed from the other replies, your experience is normal for Amey. We had signs up for a week in August.....nothing. signs changed to another week in August...nothing. Then a week in September and they finally did the paths. Well, some of them. Badly. But still...they showed up eventually. Seems to be the norm!
  13. Seriously stunning stuff! I feel lucky to have seen that! The pitch black, hail, rain and then the odd flickering and flashing lightning that went on for well over half an hour..beautiful. loved it.
  14. Ive used those kits several times, wonderful for kids and releasing the butterflies is a lovely thing. Always used the caterpillars that you buy though, website is Insect Lore, theyre very good, reliable quality and kids get to see them from being very tiny, only a few mm long. Id have thought that mature caterpillars caught wild might not work?
  15. Because this year due to Easter being so early they ended up with a 4 week term and an insanely long term - not good for the kids or teaching planning, projects etc. I think it's a great idea. All the other holidays are reliably at the same time - makes sense.
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