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  1. anyone know of a jeet kune do class in sheffield? cheers
  2. If you knew what i meant there's no need to be all arsey and sarcastic And i meant using class a drugs such as heroin and crack
  3. yeah i'm afraid it really is a boring study
  4. does anyone know of any areas or specific places in sheffield notorious for drug use? doing an article about drugs in Sheffield Thanks
  5. HI i'm doing a journalism course and i am producing a series of articles on drug use and victims of drug abuse both illegal and of legal ones like Thalidomide. Does anyone know anyone who would like to talk about their experiences if they have had any drug problems. Sheffield Forum has come to my rescue before, fingers crossed you can do it again cheers
  6. i am filming a study of graffiti in sheffield and need some good shots of graffiti in the city. does anyone know of any particularly bad areas thanks
  7. I am looking for people to interview about anti social behaviour from young people in Sheffield. I am in the final year of my degree and need to produce a short television piece about the problems residents have in Sheffield with things like graffiti, theft and groups of young kids hanging around. If you have had any experience with these kind of problems and would like to talk on camera about them for ten minutes or so please e-mail me at joa01smg@shef.ac.uk. Plus if anyone knows the Totley woman who had a letter published in last Fridays Star about recruiting problem youths into the army I would really like to talk to her Cheers stuart
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