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  1. I've heard they are looking at additional improvements to the A616 so the hamburger roundabout was put on hold until that's decided.
  2. What age group, where is it and what time is ko?
  3. It's getting close to the end of the season now but plenty of clubs are looking for players to cover holidays etc. If you're in greenhill there are a number of local clubs who are always looking for players through the summer. Most finish in September and will then start indoor nets in January/February ready for the season starting in April, some of who will post on here asking for players. Some clubs have midweek practices, if you're passing Graves Park on a Thursday evening, Norton Woodseats CC usually have practice at the ground near the tennis courts, you can just speak to one of the lads up there
  4. KO is 1.15 mate, so plenty of time If you go from S2, you can just go down Queens Road to Park Square and round the inner ring road as you'll be able to from most of southern Sheffield. If you're on the west side you can go through Fulwood up to Stephen Hill and drop down onto Rivelin Road. Hardly a disaster and not beyond the thinking of anyone with half a brain. Or you can jump on a tram as they aren't affected.
  5. Surfacing laid to the wrong levels and with the wrong crossfall can cause flooding but it's usually the gullies being blocked that cause the it and that is Amey's responsibility to keep them clean. Yorkshire Water are responsible for their underwater pipes but you can't see them. If you see a blocked gully, report it to Streets ahead or whatever they're called now, YW will just tell you it's not their responsibility
  6. I think people are over-reacting, a lot of the roads will be open by 11 and there are plenty of available routes to get to hillsborough even with the roads closed, especially as the trams aren't affected. The 10k run doesn't really need any police presence so not sure why that would affect their resources.
  7. There's a sign appeared saying they've moved to Stoneacres on Archer Road
  8. Funnily enough, if there are bats, it's a perfectly valid reason why they can't work on it.
  9. I'm guessing that the bridge decks under the road and footpath will need re-waterproofing. This involves removing the surfacing down to the bridge deck, applying new waterproofing and resurfacing. This all needs carrying out in a continuous operation as you can't have traffic running on the exposed bridge deck or newly applied waterproofing. They might do this at the same time as the rest of Archer Road or they may come back and do it another time but there's no point planing off and resurfacing without doing the waterproofing. My guess is we'll get new surfacing on the road and they'll do the bridges later on as it might need more than an overnight closure to get everything done. If there's any refurbishment required to the parapets this will also need to close the railway line, and the timings for this might not coincide with the rest of the work. Potholes on bridge decks are often a sign of failed waterproofing and the ones on Archer Road are particularly bad, certainly the one nearest Woodseats Road. Resurfacing without fixing the waterproofing is false economy as the new surfacing will fail very quickly.
  10. The strengthening works in 2005 were carried out partly to allow 3 lane running following the EU directive, the decision to reduce it to 2 was more to do with traffic flows because of the volume of traffic exiting and merging at that junction.
  11. Any idea what percentage of the refunds made by SCC are successfully reclaimed from Amey?
  12. It'd be a lot easier if they put it on the website so you could look it up in advance
  13. They're usually pretty good at winning contracts, can't think why but this might be a clue http://www.constructionenquirer.com/2012/11/12/amey-takes-action-after-1p-highways-bids-ruled-too-low/ And have you see this one from another happy client? https://www.newcivilengineer.com/latest/amey-awarded-53m-in-cumbria-roads-dispute/10014932.article
  14. Hi Kev If you fancy giving cricket a go our nets will be starting in February so you can get plenty of practice before the season starts in April. Saturday games might be tough being a family man but we're always struggling for numbers for Wednesday evenings for midweek games Jamie
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