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  1. Quite unique was that at the time, four pubs all within 100 yards of each other. Sadly only The Stocks and Black Bull left now.
  2. That would be the White Bear or The Tankard (now The Stocks) both opposite The Griffin. Happy days...............
  3. Hi there, don't think there was ever a pub across road from greyhound. Used to be Ball inn next door or Regency Restaurant across road
  4. I knew Dominic Wragg and Stagg from Ecclesfield. I think Dom emigrated to Australia last i heard. Seem to think Lou Marriott had something to do with the folk club?
  5. For any coeliacs who are missing not being able to have a good pint of beer, great news. The Devonshire Cat on Wellington st now keep a dedicated gluten free line in there. Give it a try, nice place, nice GF food options and nice beer or lager.
  6. Does anyone out there have voip cloud phones with BT. We signed up with them over a year ago, and had nothing but problems. BT customer service is appalling., and I wonder if anybody else has a similar experience?
  7. I can provide you with information about Rex Fire Prevention. Worked there from 75 to 89
  8. Slightly off topic, but I knew Barry Dennison, and a lad called Roland worked for LEP, probably around 1980 ish
  9. Anyone any idea which pubs may have Blades match on tomorrow around Ecclesfield, Grenoside or chapeltown.
  10. Planning a few days away in London, and wondered if anyone could recommend any decent hotels that don't charge a fortune around the West End/theatre land.
  11. Where abouts on Brailsford ?? Top, middle or bottom? I grew up on Brailsford Rd
  12. Poor excuse from Cloughie to blame Flinny's injury for a truly woefull performance. On a different note, it was refreshing to see a ref who just let the game flow. Hardly noticed him all night, just how a ref should be.
  13. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/30860516 Watch Higdon struggle to contain his excitement when we equalise!! Oooops , sorry, thought I was on todays match thread.
  14. I don't have a clue, but I'll be interested in the answers. I'm guessing the last two must be teams that have gained promotion to the football league in the last twenty years or so?
  15. Interesting Graps, do you really think he should start ahead of Scougs, and does he play a similar role, or is he more of a striker. Not seen the lad myself, so it would be good to get a look at him.
  16. Just a heads up for those interested, match is live on SKY Sports 2 @19:45
  17. How about Higdon and Mcnulty up front together, Murphy and JRC wide, and Baxter behind the front two? Lets start taking teams on, and what about going in at halftime with a lead! That would make a change.
  18. Far from impressed today. Why do we always have to wait till the second half before we see any urgency? Why did McNulty and JCR not start? I also agree with an earlier post, that we are not as good as we were last season. I don't think any of the new signings are an improvement on last years side. Great crowd again though, well done to the fans at least!
  19. Hang on......should we really be blaming McCabe and his commitment for a truly awful display against Swindon?? How many players has Cloughie bought in closed season, and how many of these players are better than what we had last year. OK, were gonna miss Harry and the beard. They were different class, but what about his other purchases? McCabe and the board have allowed Cloughie to bring in nearly a full side, personally, I don't think any of them would have got in last seasons side! I only go to home games so cant comment on away matches, but from the games I've seen so far, we've taken a huge step Backwards. All our victories have been by the odd goal, we don't look capable of putting anybody to the sword like a promotion favourite should do.
  20. Nope! Not as far as I know. We must both simply have good taste :)
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