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  1. It was BNP saying he heard it from a friend of a friend who has a mate who once saw a bus,its clearly a spin off from another thread that stated the facts and people jumped to conclusions.
  2. Ive already stated that there is no strike on numerous occasions. There was a emergency meeting on the 12th regarding recent dismissals,that is what the issue with the ballot is,if there is a ballot however there is a process that must be followed so this does not mean there will be an instant walk out as others have indicated.
  3. If there was to be industrial action there is a correct procedure to follow as a walk out would be illegal so there is a process that must be followed.
  4. Your hubby is right in respect of the unnoficial strike,as I posted previously there isnt one. However there was an emergency meeting on Feb 12th in relation to various issues that have arrisen,this was not connected with pay negotiations but was connected with balloting the members reagarding industrial action for disciplinary issues.
  5. yes its a big pot they all pee into,and the all talk to eachother too.
  6. Have you not been paying attention teacup?
  7. THERE IS NO STRIKE PLANNED FOR MONDAY. This doesnt mean there wont be one in the future.....very soon to be exact.
  8. Im told that drivers even started their own forum and it was forced underground due to managment attempting to identify drivers,its simply because First dont like the truth. The whole management structure is based on bullying,intimidation and lies..FACT
  9. Phone First up and ask them im sure they will oblige,,,ask for Mr Williams
  10. Its possible that some form of industrial action will take place at First soon, Olive grove's driver's union held an emergency meeting ysterday to discuss the dismissal of a shop steward and the huge rise in discipline's and dismissal's. The general feeling from driving staff is something need's to be done and it needs to be done now. It has been reported that the relationship between drivers and management is in steady decline. This meeting has nothing to do with pay claims and is purley in relation to working conditions.
  11. What alarms me is that its very likely that you talk like that in real life Ive taken the time to translate this for you wot vexes mi is dat u is chattin like dat all da time wi ya crew n stuff init
  12. Nothing more than an urban myth created in victorian London,the myth was fueld further by comic publications around the same time featuring the character.
  13. All good stuff.....that is until the mention of Spring Heeled Jack. http://www.internationalhero.co.uk/s/shjack.htm
  14. I take it First have not taken the time to inform themselves of this,according to the trade union the 57 will return to its old running as of the open date.
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