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  1. We were advised not to wear them at the time because there was a global shortage due to ever country buying them up and most of them being manufactured in China who were, at that time, shut down as they fought to stop the virus spreading within their own populations. The advice of that time not to wear them wasn't medical advice, it was about the best use of resources at the time. The supplies we could get at that point were needed for front-line NHS workers and other key workers. Over time the problem of shortages eased as more manufacturing turned towards producing them. Our first lockdown succeeded in reducing the spread of the virus to low levels and at that point it became a better use of resources, not to mention a necessity if we were to reopen from lockdown, to get people reduce the risk of infection spreading again by wearing masks so that more of the virus-laden water droplets we breath out would get trapped in the mask. It's not something you need to believe in, it's been proven science for well over a century. Had people actually done this rather than throwing a hissy fit then there would have been a good chance that we wouldn't have almost 5000 new confirmed infections today, 10x the number we had in July.
  2. The Devil All The Time - 9/10 Great cast for this very dark gothic noir Netflix film about murder and religious fervour set in poverty-stricken middle of nowhere Ohio in the 1950s and 1960s.
  3. The Night Of and True Detective are 8 episodes but still very good series. If Brooker11 doesn't mind some older series, I'd recommend: Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (Alec Guinness version) Smiley's People (same) Edge Of Darkness State Of Play Ultraviolet
  4. It is a bit like that initially in Season 1 but it changes about midway through the season from the X-Files 'monster of the week' format and instead brings in what turns into a great multi-season arc story with a huge amount of character development for almost all of the main cast.
  5. Not really unusual to advertise a tour 12-18 months in advance.
  6. Catching up on something I missed when it was shown a few months ago, 'Staged' with Michael Sheen & David Tennent pretending to been Zoom calling each other about a play they were supposed to be rehearsing before lockdown started. Really loving it, especially Michael Sheen's slightly mad and angry version of himself. Fingers crossed now we're heading into Lockdown 2: Electric Boogaloo that they'll record another series of it.
  7. Kolchak: The Night Stalker & Kolchak: The Night Strangler - 7/10 each TV movies from 1972 and 1973 that were the inspiration for The X-Files about an intrepid reporter called Kolchak who is assigned to investigate a series of murders, annoying politicians, the police, his bosses and anyone else he speaks to with his crusade for truth and justice as he becomes convinced that the perpetrators of the crimes have supernatural origins; firstly a vampire and secondly a man who kills people every 20 years in order to live forever (I think X-Files stole that storyline for their Eugene Victor Tooms character). Definitely TV movie of the week in quality but the actor playing Kolchak is brilliant and he narrates his own adventures as in the likes of Dragnet, Police Squad or Fletch with humour. Silly but fun.
  8. First Blood is a great film. It's got a lot more going on than any of the sequels given that it deals with the issues of returning Vietnam vets struggling with PTSD as well as returning to an America that no longer wants them and treats them poorly. The sequels are just OTT action films with increasingly dodgy politics.
  9. The Rhythm Section - 8/10 A woman who lost her entire family in a plane crash embarks on a journey of revenge after being told by a journalist that it was terrorism and that he knows the identity of the bomb-maker.
  10. It's weird that we had two very different shows, Penny Dreadful: City Of Angels and Perry Mason, that both had a prominent character inspired by the real life figure of Sister Aimee and what must have be the proto-mass media evangelical 'put a dollar in the box!' kind of church. You're absolutely right about not confusing PDCOA with the original Penny Dreadful. The idea seems to be that they've used the name to draw in fans of the original for something that's barely the same genre. I thought there were too many storylines going on at the same time and they didn't really know what they wanted. If I'm being honest I thought that Natalie Dormer's characters were all a distraction from what might have been the seeds of an mildly interesting but absolutely non-supernatural story. The same goes for Thomas Kretschmann's storyline to a lesser extent.
  11. Greyhound - 8/10 Adapted from the C.S. Forester book 'The Good Shepherd' by Tom Hanks. The story of a WW2 merchant convoy led and protected by the USS Greyhound sailing across the part of the Atlantic where there was no air cover and coming under attack from a German U-boat Wolf Pack. Tense and action-packed, enjoyed this one a lot.
  12. In The Line Of Duty - 7/10 The Aaron Eckhart/Netflix film, not the Clint Eastwood/John Malkovich one. Beat cop races against time to find a kidnapped girl whilst being live streamed by some millennial wannabe Youtuber (or Twitch or whatever). Silly concept, swings between being a comedy and a surprising violent action film without a pause and I lost a lot of sympathy for the live streamer when her friend turned out to be a anti-vaxxer but overall an entertaining bit of nonsense.
  13. Bad Boys - 5/10 and two hours of my life I won't get back.
  14. That'll be the one I saw repeatedly over S9 during the lockdown. Couldn't tell from where I am if it was a real plane or someone flying a fancy drone.
  15. Smashing Pumpkins - Soma (live in Brixton 1994) Joe Cocker - With A Little Help From My Friends MixedUpEverything - Shine (cover of Collective Soul)
  16. An endless stream of early 90s grunge and alternative rock on some German radio station I've found online. Getting me through my working day nicely.
  17. The last season of Fringe was definitely better when watched as part of a binge. I've gone off Penny Dreadful (not in the mood for gothic horror) and Spiral so now instead I'm going to binge Hannibal again (Mads Mikkelsen is just brilliant) and Spartacus for the first time in years. Both great series to watch at 3:30am when my messed up sleep pattern wakes me up as per usual.
  18. Fringe seasons 1-5 Finally finished rewatching this brilliant series. Trying to decide what to watch next... down to a choice of Penny Dreadful or Spiral. Also, not really binge watching as it's a weekly series but quite enjoying the Snowpiercer TV series on Netflix.
  19. The Gangster, The Cop, The Devil - 7/10 Korean thriller in which a cop who believes there is a serial killer on the loose, staging minor accidents in order to get his victims out of their cars, and a crime gang boss who is attacked by the serial killer but survives join forces to track down the killer. The only condition to this cooperation is that whoever finds him first gets to deal with him their way. Entertaining, violent, bloody and just the right side of silly.
  20. 'Code 8' (Netflix) - 7/10 Scifi set in a future where super-powered people are the social underclass that is forced to live in poverty and subjected to bigotry from the normal people. That setting is then bolted on to a fairly standard story about a man, desperate to save his mother from her illness, who falls into the criminal underworld to raise money. Actually quite enjoyable. Decent cast of recognisable C-list actors, the fantastical elements of the story aren't overdone and the special effects used sparsely but are good.
  21. Partly that but I think also that any time a public sector organisation tries to modernise the IT setup they get subjected to FOIs and accusations of wasting taxpayers money and declarations of how useless they are from all and sundry with an axe to grind or a political/financial motive for wanting to see less money going to those services, especially over the last decade. The concept of investment in infrastructure rarely gets a look in, it takes major events like this or big companies like Microsoft refusing to provide any more support for older tech and therefore forcing a change to happen or risk breaching laws.
  22. A bit unfair. He's got by far the greatest range of any of the kids from the Harry Potter film and he's been in some great films like Escape From Pretoria or Swiss Army Man where he's definitely not been trying to do just the same old thing.
  23. The Last Kingdom season 4 You can really see where those Netflix dollars have been spent to increase the scale of this series from it's BBC origins. I enjoyed it a lot. Star Trek: Enterprise S1 to S4 The only Star Trek series that I'd previously not bothered to watch throughout. Grew on me as it went on but mainly just a way to mark time during my time in the Iso-cube. Fringe (S1 and S2) Great scifi series from the late 2000s. Starts out as a slightly more light-hearted version of The X-Files (mainly thanks to the brilliant comic/dramatic performance by John Noble (aka Denethor from LOTR) with a monster of the week format and then late into S1 transforms into something so much better when they really introduce the overarching storyline that will run for several seasons. Just started on S3. I thought he did ok, better than Chris Pine did at least. And I have a soft spot for any TV series that also stars The Bunk.
  24. I'm neither Psycho nor a Dad, honest! It's actually a line from the US sitcom 'Married With Children' about a fictional TV show within the sitcom that the main character loves. As for the book, no I haven't read it but it's on my list of those to read at some point.
  25. Le Mans 66 (aka Ford v Ferrari) - 9/10 Great performance by Christian Bale in this as the opinionated and not afraid of letting anyone else know it but somehow still likeable Ken Miles. Have zero interest in motor sports but the racing scenes were fantastic.
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