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  1. Remo Williams: Unarmed and Dangerous - 7/10 I haven't seen this since I was a kid. Very silly plot but the film itself is enjoyable simply for Fred Ward's Remo and the acerbically funny Korean martial arts master Chiun.
  2. In my experience of both DFS sofas and slipped discs I don't think you're going to find one that doesn't give you backache. I remember having to use a lot of cushions/pillows to get a seated position that was remotely comfortable.
  3. Tom Clancy's Without Remorse - 5/10 (Amazon Prime) Firstly, this is Without Remorse (the novel) in the same way that Brad Pitt's World War Z is the same as Max Brook's novel - they share a title, maybe a few character names and a very basic concept but apart from that there is nothing remotely similar about them and the film is all the worse for it because the novel Without Remorse is excellent and I've been waiting 25 years for someone to film it. Instead we get this generic geopolitical action thriller with a silly plot, phoned-in acting and some confusing direction in what they clearly hope will become the start of a Rainbow Six franchise. It's not a terrible film and has some decent action and maybe someone who is less invested in the character and who isn't so disappointed about the waste of a good story will rate it higher but that someone isn't me.
  4. Slap Shot - 9/10 Paul Newman sports comedy about the aging player coach of a failing ice hockey team that's about to go out of business. To encourage more enthusiasm from both his players and the local fans he starts to encourage his teammates to embrace the violent side of the game. Been a fair few years since I last saw this but it had me howling with laughter just like the last time I saw it. The Hanson brothers are just comedy gold.
  5. Night in Paradise - 8.5/10 Korean film on Netflix In an act of vengeance the lieutenant of a crime gang agrees to kill his leader's rival during a war between gangs. Having done the deed he is told to hide out on Jeju Island, a tourist destination, before arrangements are made for him to disappear into Russia to escape reprisal. Broken and damaged by events, he meets a woman with a spiky personality who has her own demons. Entertaining, brutal in parts but I think the quieter moments with just the man and the woman talking together were my favourite parts of the film.
  6. You are considerably more generous to this film than I am. I wouldn't give it more than a 3/10 and most of that is for the VFX guys making the CGI ape a better actor than 90% of the cast.
  7. Skyline - 5.5/10 & Beyond Skyline - 5/10 Skyline was one of a spate of semi-cheap alien invasion movies that came out in the wake of Cloverfield. This one is about a group of people who wake up after a party to find huge spaceships have appeared and are abducting everyone with a hypnotic blue light and anyone who escapes that light is getting grabbed by flying drones. The actors are mostly unknowns and the script is bad but the effects manage to drag the film up to 'so bad it's good' territory. Beyond Skyline is a belated sequel with a slightly higher budget that got spent on hiring a few recognisable faces like Frank Grillo. It starts off in the same city and invasion as the first movie but for no other reason than that they needed an excuse to cast half the cast of The Raid they are suddenly in Laos and the unstoppable aliens of the first movie are now vulnerable to bullets, knives and getting kicked by martial arts experts. There's another one of these movies but it's set in space and we're invading them and I think I need to be drunk before I attempt to watch it.
  8. As Ghozer said, it's highly likely this person was working as a contractor and is moving on to their next contract which just happens to offer them a better reward. The days of councils having in-house workers that do this kind of work pretty much ended 2 or 3 decades ago. I have a friend who is part of a small trades company that puts in bids with various local authories in Yorkshire and Derbyshire for contracted tenders around such trade work and their pay depends on the size of the contract agreed by the owners of the company rather than any salary that SCC or whoever would decide upon.
  9. The Irregulars - Two eps in and it's ok so far but I can't help but feel that it's got something of a split personality; one moment it's almost like watching a Doctor Who episode and the next it's like watching Ripper Street or The Alienist. It's like the writers couldn't quite decide what audience they were aiming for.
  10. Deadly Pursuit (1988) - 6/10 Kidnapper-murderer flees with some stolen diamonds and tries to escape into Canada via some wilderness mountain paths whilst being pursued by Sidney Poitier's FBI agent and Tom Berenger, his local guide. I remember watching this as a kid and liking it so much I made my parents rent it from the video shop again. Now older and wiser (definitely the first one anyway) I can see it for the mostly average action thriller it really is. Good cast through.
  11. Unfortunately this made me cringe more than laugh. For me the four old guys in the barbers shop was the best bit.
  12. Sentinelle - 5/10 A French soldier, traumatised, addicted to painkillers and increasingly unstable after her experiences in Syria, is redeployed into back to her home town of Nice to work as part of the anti-terrorism patrol Sentinel programme. After her sister is hurt she decides to hunt down the person responsible. A reasonably decent but nothing special revenge action thriller that is seriously let down by how little sense the ending made. I would not be at all surprised to learn it'd been tacked on later by someone other than the director or script writer.
  13. Lockdown boredom leads us down some strange paths... 😉
  14. Absentia (season 2 and 3) I watched the first season of Absentia when it first came out, thought it was ok but nothing special and didn't feel any interest in watching the subsequent seasons. That is, until lockdown boredom took hold of me... Boy did this series take an unexpected left turn. It went from a story about an amnesiac FBI agent who has to try to find out who held her captive for 6 years whilst she's also being hunted by the FBI as the prime suspect in several murders to a globe-hopping conspiracy action thriller that gets increasingly silly and Bond-like. That said, I enjoyed it. Some good action scenes and it filled a few empty hours adequately.
  15. It's not really a binge viewing since it was a weekly release but I've just finished watching Season 5 of The Expanse (don't worry, not spoilers) and I must say this show really deserves to be better known than it is. Proper science fiction, not like some of that godawful nonsense that's been spewed out in recent years (looking in your direction Star Trek: Discovery and Picard...) Great characters, really well made and the attention they pay to the actual physics of space travel doesn't get in the way of the story, it's integral to it and enhances it. And they keep that story really close to the novels in a way I can really appreciate after seeing what Netflix did to my beloved Altered Carbon... Anyway... if you haven't seen it all 5 seasons are on Amazon Prime and are worth the time.
  16. The Dig - 7.5/10 Based on the novel by John Preston and starring Ralph Fiennes, Carey Mulligan and Lily James, the story of the discovery and excavation of the Sutton Hoo hoard in the summer months before the start of World War II. A quiet, gentle but surprisingly emotional story with the cast doing a great job of bring the anxieties, losses and joys of their characters to life.
  17. Staged series 2. Brilliant comedy series where Michael Sheen and David Tennant (plus their real-life partners) play hyper-exaggerated versions of themselves speaking to each other over Zoom during the pandemic when they're all unable to work on a fictional theatre play. 2nd series goes meta as they reveal that the 1st series was actually a TV series and now there are plans for it to be remade for American TV but the US producers don't want either Michael or David and are instead going to reshoot it with famous actors... Very short episodes so didn't take long to blast through the whole series but it was great. There was one particular line from Phoebe Waller-Bridge that made me laugh so loud I think I might have woken my neighbours up.
  18. Outside The Wire - 6.5/10 The latest scifi movie released by Netflix about a US military drone pilot who is sent into a warzone in Ukraine, the first warzone in which robot soldiers are being deployed by both sides. He's teamed up with Anthony Mackie to hunt down a local warlord who is trying to get control of old Russian nuclear missiles. In many ways it's the standard Netflix scifi movie, decent enough but nothing particularly ambitious or flashy. However I gave it an extra 0.5 points for the philosophical issues raised about warfare where the human element is increasingly removed and AI makes the decisions.
  19. Damn that's sad news. Enjoyed her posts over the years. RIP.
  20. Too many for specifics so... Reality shows 'Celebrity' shows Dancing shows Amateur kareoke shows Soap operas Documentaries which spend more time following the presenter than on the subject. Cooking shows DIY shows Daytime-TV Almost all sitcoms made after 2005 ITV (everything except the occasional film) Basically I don't really watch much on UK TV before 9pm these days...
  21. Quite the opposite actually. I grew my beard to stop people commenting on how young I looked without it. In my 30s I made the mistake of giving in to curiousity and shaving it off to see what I looked like without it (it'd been a while) and one day of being called Baby Face by every female colleague made sure that I'll never shave it off ever again.
  22. I'd heard about it at the time but the words 'Guy Ritchie' and 'British gangster film' sent up some massive red flags for me given how bad several of his more recent efforts had been, not to mention stuff like his King Arthur movie. I was pleasantly surprised by how good the film is. It must have had enough success though as there is apparently a TV series based on it in the works.
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