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  1. Funky_Gibbon

    Time to quit Eurovision?

    And some people think that British people are paranoid, suspicious of others and insular... Honestly, turning a kitsch song contest full of tone-deaf people murdering all that is good about music into an example of why the world is against Britain and so therefore we should take our ball home might just be a new low for us. Or if you want to believe this cobblers is some grand conspiracy then maybe a moment of reflection might lead you to the understanding that if you pee off and insult all your friends for no reason then you probably deserve the cold shoulder treatment. Or maybe not, because we're British and blaming others for our own problems is what we do.
  2. Funky_Gibbon

    Rate the last film that you've seen - part two

    John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum - 9/10 I wasn't really a fan of John Wick 2 so was a bit hesitant about seeing a third outing given the law of diminishing returns... but I'm happy to say I couldn't have been more wrong. This delivers the action of the first film and then some and has some fantastic martial arts scenes (as it should since they seem to have drafted in half the cast of The Raid and The Raid 2 for the fight scenes). And then there are those dogs... Woah.
  3. Funky_Gibbon

    Saving organs after death

    The reason that organs cannot currently be frozen and held in storage until needed is that because our bodies are made of so much water it forms ice crystals when frozen which damage the tissues and disrupts cells and we haven't evolved the kinds of biological anti-freeze that certain animal species have to cope with such freezing. There are currently people working on ways of supercooling organs without freezing but we're talking about extending their useful transplant lifespan by hours or a few days at most.
  4. Funky_Gibbon

    Rate the last film that you've seen - part two

    Acorn Antiques? Tilda Swinton's hair? Great film. You could also have said crossed with Hunger Games.
  5. Funky_Gibbon


    Except you're forgetting that almost all the people going to the game are season ticket holders and don't pay on the gate.
  6. Funky_Gibbon

    Rate the last film that you've seen - part two

    Triple Threat - 6.5/10 Martial arts action film in which Iko Uwais and Tony Jaa team up to take revenge on a group of professional assassins by thwarting their attempts to kill a Chinese billionaine who has vowed to crush a crime syndicate. Mostly English language with the occasional subtitles. Not bad but both of them have made much better films. Avengers Endgame - 8.5/10 Pretty satisfying ending to the franchise but by no means perfect. Star Lord got the best line.
  7. Funky_Gibbon

    Game of Thrones series 8.

    I keep hearing people say this and I have to wonder what you expected? Everything last season pointed to the factions putting aside their differences to face the common enemy, coming together to face them in a colossal battle. They were never going to jump straight into battle, they're almost certainly using the calm before the storm to close off some character arcs before a lot of them die in the next few eps. Personally I think the first two episodes contained some great scenes, especially any scene containing Tormund
  8. Funky_Gibbon

    Rate the last film that you've seen - part two

    The Highwaymen (now on Netflix) - 8/10 The story of the two former Texas Rangers who were hired to hunt down and kill Bonnie & Clyde. Good performances from Kevin Costner and Woody Harrelson, even if the roles they were playing weren't a million miles from other roles they've played before, Enjoyable if perhaps slightly longer than it needed to be.
  9. Funky_Gibbon

    Electoral reform

    We've certainly seen how an 'unwritten' constitution, relying on all parties acting with good faith and within established norms of decorum, has been destroyed by politicians willing to do anything to win. Oh, and a third thing that needs to happen is the Electoral Commission needs to be given serious teeth, up to and including being able to put people in prison for the most serious criminal attacks on democracy. At present even their maximum fine won't put off the people who have been flooding dark money in to try and change results. If they're spending sums of the same amount or more just on buying Facebook adverts then they're just going to consider any pitiful fine they receive as a cost of business.
  10. Funky_Gibbon

    Stoke v Owls.

    Just hope they haven't gone back to sleep during the international break as they so often do. They need to play to their best, there's no margin for having an off-day.
  11. Funky_Gibbon

    Electoral reform

    After the dust settles on this mess two things need to happen. We need a judicial inquiry into everything behind the referendum, the electoral fraud and the actions of the Government over the past three years and we need to start the process, involving every political party, independent experts and the public, of writing a formal written constitution with binding rules on how the Executive are allowed to act and with oversight etc. Brexit has killed the credibility of our political system stone dead. No single party should ever be allowed to decide the future of everyone on things of this magnitude. They should be required to carry the support of a clear majority of all eligible voters in order to force them to compromise rather than use us all as party political playthings. It's time to leave behind the ancient traditions and nonsense and join the rest of the democratic world in the 21st century.
  12. You should know by now that anything and everything, no matter how petty and irrelevant, is reflective of the city council's inadequacy according to Sheffieldforum. It's almost as if some people have personal axes to grind and won't pass up the opportunity to grind them.
  13. Funky_Gibbon

    Box set and binge viewing megathread.

    Bingeing my way through the new Netflix animated sci-fi shorts anthology 'Love, Death & Robots', which is kind of like Black Mirror but darker and more twisted. Also brilliantly funny from what I've seen so far. And extremely graphic. The episodes is about 15 minutes in length and the stories are based on short stories by well-known science fiction authors such as Peter F. Hamilton, Alastair Reynolds and John Scalzi. I'm in sci-fi geek heaven. 😀
  14. It wasn't very big inside if I recall correctly, not really much of a choice of goods. They decided to move to the top of the Moor so they could have a larger shop floor to display stuff. And even all these years later I still miss that Virgin Megastore. Must have spent a fortune in there on DVDs.
  15. Funky_Gibbon

    Grand Tour - RV special

    It was definitely their outfit for The American. Wouldn't have realised that without this thread though I don't think they were referencing a specific movie as such (although my knowledge of horror movies is rubbish so could be wrong) but more that they were playing on the horror theme of people on road/camping trips through a remote wilderness being followed by psychos like in Duel or The Hitcher.

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