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  1. Salvation Lost by Peter F. Hamilton, book 2 of the Salvation Sequence. The first book in this series, Salvation, was a bit experimental by PFH standards in that he cast aside his usual epic scale storytelling from a hundred viewpoints and instead reduced it to a stories of about half a dozen people travelling together in a vehicle to investigate the remains of an crashed alien starship, with each of them having an event from their past told in vignette, almost a collection of only slightly related short stories, as well as one other story that appears almost entirely unrelated to anything else. It was only in the final few chapters that all the threads were drawn together to reveal what the story is about. It was an interesting but not entirely successful change in style IMO. The sequel is more of a return to his roots and is back to the epic scale storytelling and could almost be considered treading over old ground in some ways but he does these kind of stories so wonderfully that I simply don't care. The blood-dimmed tide is well and truly loosed and I can't wait for the final book.
  2. 1917 - 8.5/10 When I heard about the 'single' take filming of 1917 it sounds unnecessary and more like showing off but I must admit it does help pull you into the action and the tension as the story takes you from muddy British trenches, across No Man's Land, into German trenches and the landscape beyond. Great soundtrack too, will have to listen to that one again.
  3. No, it's a load of right-wing BS written about supposed left-wing BS. It's the Daily Telegraph, clickbait pretending to be news.
  4. Jojo Rabbit - 8/10 Taika Waititi's comedy/drama about a young boy in the Hitler Youth during the last months of the Third Reich, and his imaginary friend Adolf, as seen through the naive, brainwashed eyes of Jojo.
  5. In no particular order: Tenet - Looks like another Inception. Underwater Dune - Denis Villeneuve can do no wrong as far as I am concerned. Bill & Ted Face The Music - this could be great or a disaster The King's Man The Last Full Measure Death On The Nile - I don't have guilty pleasures but Kenneth Branagh's Poirot came close to being one. Parasite - Palme d'Or winning film from one of my favourite directors and starring one of my favourite actors. The Rythem Section Ashfall - Korean disaster/action movie, looks great. And probably others that have slipped below my radar for now.
  6. Out of those that I actually saw I'd probably have to go with Joker, with honourable mentions for John Wick 3 and Dolemite Is My Name.
  7. Rise of Skywalker - 7/10 There's so much I want to say about this, where it's good and where it's bad, but won't because I'd have to spoiler-tag whole paragraphs. I'll just leave one comment, entirely joke-free and only slightly spoilerish, that
  8. We started the game in seventh place, with Bristol one place and one point below us. We also started without our main goalscorer or without our best defensive midfielder. Apart from the early scare and one other chance they had cleared off the line Bristol didn't really threaten us. Unfortunately our own losses meant the line-up wasn't as effective as it could have been. Regardless we still played well enough to limit one of the better teams in the division to three shots in almost 100 minutes of play and with a bit of luck we came away with three points. That's the kind of result that teams at the top of the table get all the time. Not every game is pretty to watch or a classic.
  9. The Expanse - Season 4 Cibola Burn, the 4th novel in the Expanse series of novels, is probably my least favourite of those that I've read so I was wondering how it'd translate on screen. The answer is - much better than I'd expected. Now safely ensconced on Amazon Prime and apparently doing very well ratings-wise, Season 4 covers the whole of Cibola Burn and some storylines from the following book Nemesis Games and this is probably why it works better than just covering Cibola Burn alone. The Man In The High Castle - Season 4 The weird thing about this series is that the storylines of the good guys are pretty dull but the storylines of the bad guys, Reichsmarshall Smith and family or the ruthless Japanese internal security head Chief Inspector Kido, are much more interesting and complex. The Witcher - Season 1 Halfway through this and I must say I'm enjoying it a lot more than I thought I would from the dull trailers.
  10. Never read the books, never saw the film, the TV series is OK.
  11. Oh God yes I've been there with them. Ordered a mobile phone, given delivery times of anywhere between 7am and 10pm and for two days in a row they failed to show up and were about 3 hours short of making it three days when the delivery was finally made.
  12. Over The Top - 4/10 Post-Rocky 4 Stallone film with the kid from Flight Of The Navigator about truck driver/absent father/world class arm wrestler Sty bonding with the preppy snob of a son he's not really ever known as they go truckin' across America on mother's dying wish, ending with some world class arm-wrestling. I may have been drunk when I started watching this. By the end I wasn't drunk enough.
  13. I got a card through the door a few days ago saying my postal vote would be delivered within a week.
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