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  1. Best you can do with Netflix is either set up 5 different profiles and only watch certain types of programmes in each in the hope that their algorithm will offer you a wider variety or google Netflix codes and look at each one. Still, it's easier to find what you want than Amazon Prime I find. Their search options are rubbish.
  2. No longer. Just had an email from them that they're increasing the monthly prices. They have a standard option where you can play Netflix on two devices for £8.99 or premium option for 4 device from £11.99. Amazon Prime is £7.99 a month or £79 if you pay for a full year.
  3. Shaft (2019) - 8/10 The first Samuel L. Jackson 'Shaft' movie took itself a little too seriously. The Netflix sequel is a lot more fun and all the better for it.
  4. It was ok but I found it somewhat disappointing because it's so different from the novel and mostly not in a good way. Unless you have a time machine I think you meant series 2 And it's not surprising you got a bit lost because as far as I could tell they mostly abandoned the story from the book and just did their own thing to give some backstory to the characters. Still enjoyed it though.
  5. Stranger Things 3 - Brilliant. Lots of fun, some great scenes and funny lines. Probably enjoyed the Steve and Robin double-act the most, especially in the later episodes. Justified season 1 - Haven't watched this since it was first broadcast but enjoyed the series a lot at the time. Started watching and had forgotten that the series didn't find its feet until halfway through. Once there though I remembered why I liked Raylan and Boyd so much.
  6. In terms of car journeys and plane miles I suspect it doesn't have as significant an effect as you presume it does. Those 200,000 people would mostly have been travelling in their cars or on buses anyway as part of their normal daily lives. And since most people don't go to Glastonbury alone they'll almost certainly have shared a car or whatever. While they're at Glastonbury they're not at home using electricity or gas so you can offset some more of the environmental cost. As for the acts, very few of them will have travelled from outside the UK and those that did were likely touring anyway. And even if they did only the biggest acts would have done so via flights that weren't already scheduled to fly anyway therefore most of the carbon emissions would have existed regardless of the festival. Anyway, all you're basically doing to being critical of something making an effort to have less of an environmental impact that they would have had if they didn't make the effort which doesn't sound much like someone who actually care about the environment.
  7. There used to be a Jonathon Charles store at the bottom of the Moor but they've shut down in the past year. So has the Jacamo shop in Meadowhall. Burtons in Meadowhall do some larger sizes than 38 inches (up to 48 inches I think). Debenhams apparently do larger sizes too but I don't know if that's just online or not. Badrhino appear to have a larger selection than most online shops I've seen.
  8. It is resurfacing. They did the bottom part of the road over the space of about 24 hours so it shouldn't take them that long.
  9. Thanks for reminding me of this. I knew a series was coming out and it was getting great reviews but I'd forgotten the name.
  10. Deadwood : The Movie - 8/10 A belated movie finale for the great, ended-too-soon TV show Deadwood, tying up some lose ends and giving some satisfying send-offs to old favourite characters. It's ridiculous how much it feels like no time at all has passed between the end of the third season and this movie.
  11. Ah yes... sorry I didn't spot the 'best' breakfast part of the thread title... 🤣
  12. Oh yes Sharp Objects... what were they thinking by putting out a major twist to the story like that?! Dexter already mentioned although the last few season of that were fairly poor. I've always thought that the ending of The Shield wasn't that good. Pretty unsatisfying. The West Wing. The whole Toby storyline was disrespectful of such a great character. Also they really should have ended it with the electoral victory but they decided to carry on a few episodes to show Josh having a nervous breakdown as Chief of Staff. Best endings? The Wire. The 5th season wasn't great but the way they ended it had me grinning from ear to ear, especially Jimmy's 'wake' and the redemption of Bubbles. Babylon 5. Season 5 was almost entirely bad but the very last episode (filmed during Season 4 and it showed) was superb. MASH had a great ending too. Super poignant to watch Hawkeye saying goodbye to his best friend, knowing they'd probably never see each other again, and BJ refusing to say it, saying that they might meet up back in the States. Then the chopper takes off and you see BJ has spelt out GOODBYE in rocks on the ground...
  13. There will be lot of nonsense written and said about what the results mean, and why it means that whatever that person wants to be true is true, over the next 24 hours but the only meaningful result of this election is that yesterday the UK was represented in the EU Parliament by a right-wing majority of MEPs and this morning it's represented by a left-wing majority of MEPs. Everything else said about the results today is just spin by political parties and activists vying for your attention.
  14. I hate the fact that there is an assumption that everything has to be steel just because of the history of our city.
  15. Given that it's a Sunday your options are going to be limited. I don't know if the cafe within the Northern General grounds (Herries Road entrance) opens on Sunday. Maybe the Costa Coffee at Sheffield Lane Top? Or, assuming you are driving, the cafe at the Morrisons in Ecclefield will be open from 10am I think...
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