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  1. It's complete idiocy. The council employed some 'expert' to assess the health and safety of having home and away fans both leaving on to Leppings Lane. The game they assessed was the Sheffield Derby, the largest crowd and most volatile rivally in which there are inevitably a few idiots for the police to deal with. They then made assumptions that this situation happened in *every* game and recommended that home fans shouldn't leave via Leppings Lane like they have without any real problem for decades. Now almost all 24,000+ home fans have to leave via Penistone Road, with the entire North Stand being funnelled through one exit (a disaster waiting to happen), even if like today the away supporters number about 3 coach loads. The sensible thing to do would be to keep the away fans in their seats until the home fans have departed, as happened pretty much everywhere else in England, but apparently this is too difficult for SY Police and Sheffield Council. So having forced another several thousand people to leave in the opposite direction to that which they want to leave (not great if you can't walk far) they forced them all out onto Penistone Road which unsurprisingly wasn't able to cope with the additional traffic and had even more people spilling out into the road. With the cars still moving it was a matter of time before an accident happened so the same geniuses that created the crisis in the first place have now decided to shut down all traffic on that stretch of Penistone Road and instead divert the traffic from the four lanes of a dual carriageway via the two lanes of Herries Road and they wonder why it's causing gridlock.
  2. Sheffield doesn't have any constituencies that the Conservatives feel they might have a chance of winning if the Lib-Dems split Labour's 2017 vote share. That money they've announced is peanuts compared to the amount of money those places are about to lose after Brexit when the European Development Fund money disappears (£5bn since 2014), never mind the amount that has been cut from Local Authorities (£25bn across England since 2010). A little over £1million per selected town isn't going to bring life back into anything but it does generate headlines right before an election.
  3. The Dead Don't Die - 6,5/10 Weird film. Seriously weird. Saved from a lower score by the deadpan acting of Adam Driver and Bill Murray.
  4. Just finished 'Salvation' by Peter F. Hamilton. I'm generally a fan of his work but I have to say that whilst this was entertaining enough it has a weird format that makes it appear almost as if it's actually a collection of linked short stories with a rudimentary overarching short story to tie them together and it took me a large part of the book to become comfortable with the style. Next up - A Legacy Of Spies by John le Carré.
  5. The first part of the postcode tells them which sorting office to send the mail to for local delivery. As for why the numbers don't always match, it's not possible to match up every neighbouring postcode area. Once you're outside the city centre and the immediate surrounding areas those districts will logically always be next to an area with a non-sequential number. I suspect someone just drew up a map, started with the city centre as S1 and worked their way out assigning numbers almost randomly, just making sure that Rotherham, Barnsley and Chesterfield locales were given high enough numbers so that they couldn't be mistaken for Sheffield or each other. Re S35, those were mostly villages surrounding Sheffield for a long time so I guess they all had the same rural sorting office or something.
  6. Fewer people moaning about the council ad infinitum and trying to engineer ways to get around the fact that the minority parties they support don't currently receive enough votes take over power.
  7. Mindhunters S2 - Enjoyed it but really wished they'd just focus on the A plotline and cut out the B plotlines which were contrived, overlong and just there to give the occasional brief scene where one of the detectives feels a connection between what a serial killer says and what is happening in their personal life. So much build-up for so little reward.
  8. There's a decent film in here somewhere fighting to get out but it's buried under some shockingly bad directing, confusing plot and a protagonist who is harder to understand than Bane. And what the hell was Fillion doing in this? Were all his scenes cut out of the film or something? There were extras that had more screen time than him. 5/10 for this confused waste of a decent cast.
  9. Give me a bus service again that runs at the time I need to go to work rather than starting an hour later and I will. It's not like I'm paying a small fortune on taxis for the fun of it. When they cut the early morning bus routes from my area I was left with no other choice.
  10. Where was this? I've just passed through the city centre and wasn't stopped going in or out nor did I see any sign of police doing this.
  11. The Red Sea Diving Resort - 7/10 True story of the Mossad operation running a hotel beach resort on the coast of Sudan as a front via which they smuggled thousands of Sudanese Jews out of the country.
  12. By far my favourite film of his is 'Salute Of The Jugger'. Such an underrated film and he was great in it. RIP.
  13. But that's exactly why these services should be run as a subsidised public services and not as a business. I didn't start getting taxis all the time because I want to, I started because someone decided that the route through the area where I live wasn't profitable enough to run before 7am or after 9pm and that between those times it should go on a route that took it through half of Sheffield and turned a 30 minute journey into an hour long journey from home to workplace. There might be great business reasons for doing that and putting those buses on 'profitable' routes but it causes the very lack of passengers they say justifies cutting back the service. Turning parts of the city into dead zones that lack a public transport option that satisfies the social/work needs of the population of that area just creates more congestion and more pollution as people are forced into cars.
  14. First cinema film for me was Ghostbusters. I was 6 or 7 and Mum took me to see it at the cinema on Barkers Pool using tickets that my older brother had won in a competition but that he couldn't use for some reason I don't remember (he's still bitter about it though). I was quite scared by the librarian ghost but fine after that.
  15. Could it be?... Are they actually going to introduce a route change for Wincobank that actually benefits me? Wait... wait... don't jinx it Funky... they could still route the damn things to only go on the far side of the hill or make the pre 7:20am buses avoid the area for no logical reason whatsoever just like last time.
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