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  1. Edge of Darkness. The original 80s BBC drama, remastered for Blu-Ray. I haven't seen this in a few decades and I think the last time I watched it it was on DVD and the picture quality was awful. This time it was beautifully clean. I'd forgotten just how good this series was and because it's been so long since I last saw it it's almost like watching a new series as I remembered so little.
  2. I think that part of the film is based upon what Bobby Seale's said happened to him and from the court transcripts. It was apparently worse than what was shown on screen as the judge had him chained and gagged in the court room for several days.
  3. I didn't really get to see this or the apparent chaos it caused once everyone started going back to work and the roads filled up with cars as I was locked up in my flat for the duration but I think this was a temporary trial encouraged and paid for via the Government's Emergency Active Travel Fund where the aim was to create a safe route to travel into work for key workers that didn't involve getting onto public transport. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/2-billion-package-to-create-new-era-for-cycling-and-walking It was obviously not a good idea once lockdown ended but you can kind of see a point to it prior to that (although I understand that in the eternal war between car drivers and cyclists that this might be contested) and the funding only existed specifically to pay for it's creation so I don't know if you can count it as waste, at least not by the Council themselves.
  4. They asked the Government if they could use that money for other things during the negotiations around Tier 3 and the Government said no and required that it be returned to the Treasury. https://thiis.co.uk/councils-to-return-over-1bn-in-unspent-retail-support-grants-to-the-treasury/ https://labourlist.org/2020/10/labour-slams-government-for-smash-and-grab-raid-on-struggling-businesses/ If that Lib-Dem pamphlet made that claim then I'm afraid that pamphlet omitted a few details in order to generate exactly the reaction you are having now.
  5. I refer you to my previous statement about political arguments rather than monetary/economic ones. Austerity delivered everything the Conservative Party always wanted i.e. a smaller state, lower taxes for corporations, excuses for privatisation and public asset sales etc so they ran with it as hard as they could. It was never necessary, at least to severe extent they forced upon us. Nobody else on Earth followed the route back to growth that we did and most of them recovered far faster than us. Even the Conservative Party publicly disavowed austerity back in 2018 as the best way to reduce debt/deficits when compared to public investment. https://uk.reuters.com/article/uk-britain-economy-hammond/hammond-says-growth-not-budget-surplus-key-to-reduce-debt-idUKKCN1NA2JL It's not a coincidence that the UK economy flatlined for the first few year after 2010 (having already recovered to low growth before the election) as a direct result of the Government imposing austerity and taking an axe to public sector spending. When they announce sometime after this Covid crisis is over that we're going to have to tighten our belts (as Sunak has already hinted) to pay off our 'debt' just remember that not a penny of it is owed to anyone but ourselves and they're making the argument because it suits their ideology to do so.
  6. Something that people need to realise is that not a single penny of what the Government has spent has come from taxpayers. It's money that the Bank of England has created out of thin air to fund Government spending. Since the Government owns the BoE that is effectively owes money to itself and therefore it's not actually debt that needs to be paid off through taxation, ever. In normal times this might not be a sensible approach (although many argue differently) as it can lead to increased inflation rates but we're not in normal times, the UK rate of inflation is already close to 0% and the economists are actually more worried about inflation going negative, not growing. https://positivemoney.org/2020/04/major-breakthrough-on-public-money-creation-the-bank-of-england-will-directly-finance-government-coronavirus-spending/ Basically, any arguments being made that claim we can't afford this or that are political arguments, not monetary.
  7. So after initially trying to get us to accept just £20m the Government increased the offer to £30m which brought it in line with other similarly sized population areas... so why all the talk about formulas and fairness if they're going around individual areas trying to get them to accept less money than others? And now we've accepted it it seems that the Government are refusing to allow the money to be spent in any of the ways that our local governments suggested would be beneficial. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/oct/21/south-yorkshire-agrees-to-go-under-tier-3-covid-restrictions
  8. Less comfort? Unless the trains have improved considerably since I was doing that journey daily I don't think so. I always found the rail replacement services to be much more comfortable. As for why travel an extra half hour... well, the scenery is fantastic.
  9. Agreed and same rating for me too. Great cast and surprisingly funny.
  10. I'll give you the first one but She's Leaving Home is great.
  11. Enola Holmes - 6.5/10 Based on the young adult 'Enola Holmes Mystery' books and borrowing heavily style-wise from both the Robert Downey Jr and Benedict Cumberbatch versions of Sherlock Holmes, this isn't the most original film in the world but it's still pretty entertaining. Millie Bobby Brown is great as the title character and Henry Cavell isn't bad as Sherlock either.
  12. We were advised not to wear them at the time because there was a global shortage due to ever country buying them up and most of them being manufactured in China who were, at that time, shut down as they fought to stop the virus spreading within their own populations. The advice of that time not to wear them wasn't medical advice, it was about the best use of resources at the time. The supplies we could get at that point were needed for front-line NHS workers and other key workers. Over time the problem of shortages eased as more manufacturing turned towards producing them. Our first lockdown succeeded in reducing the spread of the virus to low levels and at that point it became a better use of resources, not to mention a necessity if we were to reopen from lockdown, to get people reduce the risk of infection spreading again by wearing masks so that more of the virus-laden water droplets we breath out would get trapped in the mask. It's not something you need to believe in, it's been proven science for well over a century. Had people actually done this rather than throwing a hissy fit then there would have been a good chance that we wouldn't have almost 5000 new confirmed infections today, 10x the number we had in July.
  13. The Devil All The Time - 9/10 Great cast for this very dark gothic noir Netflix film about murder and religious fervour set in poverty-stricken middle of nowhere Ohio in the 1950s and 1960s.
  14. The Night Of and True Detective are 8 episodes but still very good series. If Brooker11 doesn't mind some older series, I'd recommend: Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (Alec Guinness version) Smiley's People (same) Edge Of Darkness State Of Play Ultraviolet
  15. It is a bit like that initially in Season 1 but it changes about midway through the season from the X-Files 'monster of the week' format and instead brings in what turns into a great multi-season arc story with a huge amount of character development for almost all of the main cast.
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