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  1. The idea that people walked out because of the violence is silly. It's not even that violent a movie really, 90% of action movies contain more violence than Joker and most of them have ratings that allow kids to watch them. What Joker has is a few brief moments of extreme violence and a fair bit of implied menace. Next bit in spoilers just in case... Anyway, superb film with an amazing climax.
  2. You've not watched Season 1? Go and watch it, it's excellent.
  3. Road closures as of 6:55am (updated) https://sheffieldnewsroom.co.uk/news/floodwarningssheffield/
  4. I'd love to see the Alec Guinness versions of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy and Smiley's People repeated. Wonderful series. They should also repeat State Of Play, Also (and I realise this isn't a repeat so much as a 'bring it back') BBC2 should really recommission Moviedrome, a regular weekly slot on TV for lesser known cult movies with a 5-10 minute mini documentaries about the film, its production, its themes etc before the movie starts.
  5. My favourite scene from Bottom.
  6. This is the current flood alert from the Environment Agency, the level they send out when river flooding is a possibility but not likely. I think our flood defences have done well and have done what we spent money on them for after 2007. We've apparently had almost the equivalent of the entire month of October's average rainfall in the space of about 18 hours and whilst some roads have flooded where the rain has pooled beyond the ability of the drains to cope with the level of the river has been high but not quite high enough to repeat 2007. I think the ultimate proof of that is that this thread hasn't been inundated with posts from people like the equivalent one was back in 2007.
  7. Dolemite Is My Name - 9/10 Really enjoyed this. Eddie Murphy back on top form with this great movie on Netflix. The story of Rudy Ray Moore aka Dolemite, an aging singer whose dream of stardom never happened until he created a foul-mouthed comedy character called Dolemite that after a lot of self-promoting launches him into minor stardom and then onto the dream of making his own Dolemite Blaxspoitation movie.
  8. Giri/Haji episode 6 on iPlayer. Pretty good series so far.
  9. Laundromat - 7/10 Very much in the same style as The Big Short but not quite as funny, this star-studded film, ostensibly about the Mossack Fonseca scandal, explains through a number of vignettes a kind of scams that companies and individuals use to hide money from taxation or from debts they owe to others.
  10. Sorry but the subs weren't the reason we conceded. We'd already been under the cosh in the 2nd half long before Nuhui was brought on.
  11. You do know that Sheffield was split pretty much 50/50 right?. Why are you assuming that her constituents (of whom I am one) would want her to vote any other way? You don't like what she's doing then don't vote for her, that's your choice, but please don't presume that you speak for anyone else. Also, the people who voted for her were Labour voters and two-thirds of Labour voters didn't vote Leave so...
  12. 'Soma' by Smashing Pumpkins. During a period in my life when I was suffering from a pitch black depression that came very close to the edge of what I could live with, this song for some reason resonated with me in a way that helped to keep me from going over that edge. It's a bit counterintuitive because the song is pretty dark and somewhat depressing in tone and lyrics but in my messed-up depression I empathised with the lyrics in the first, quiet half of the song such as "I'm all by myself, as I've always felt" and " One last kiss for me, yeah. One last kiss good night" but then the song erupts into life midway through and has an excellent guitar solo that just stirs the emotions and my mind translated the transition as a refusal to give in to the dark thoughts going through my head, a violent rejection of what they were telling me to do. It helped me keep it together until I recovered my mental health. Also, regardless of all that deep stuff it really is an excellent song with an all-time classic guitar solo. Ok, a happier one. 'Alright' by Supergrass. I don't even particularly like this song but I have a strong memory associated with it of being 17 years old in Berlins, getting drunk on £1 a bottle booze with my mates from college and then this song was played and we all started holding on to each other, laughing, dancing and singing along like the drunken teenage loons we were. I just remember feeling incredibly happy and carefree at that moment.
  13. I just typed 'Gardeners Sheffield S5' into Google and found at least half a dozen who all say they work in S5. In the case of cutting a hedge you might want to look for arborists too, that brings up even more options. And as for traditional window cleaners, I personally know of at least 2 who live within a few houses of my parents' house. It could be that they're fully booked I suppose.
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