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  1. Columbiana - 7/10 I can see how this was originally meant to be a story about Natalie Portman's character from Leon, all the basic elements are the same.
  2. Criminal - 6.5/10 Star-studded thriller about a brain-damaged criminal who has the memories of a dead spy implanted into his head by the CIA in the desperate hope that he'll be able to tell them the location of a hacker who was taken control over all US military systems before an anarchist terrorist group can find him and make him start an nuclear armageddon. Apparently this film got absolutely panned by the critics but it was entertaining enough in a cheap Bourne clone sort of way.
  3. Jolt (an Amazon original movie) - 6/10 Kate Beckinsale plays an ex-bouncer (!) who was born with a brain abnormality that means that she becomes insanely violent towards anything and anyone who annoys her but wears a device that gives her electric shocks to help her control the urges. After something happens that annoys her she goes on rampage against the people that annoyed her. Silly film, silly premise but it actually had me howling with laughter (in a good way) on several occasions.
  4. Master - 6.5/10 2016 Korean action-crime film starring Lee Byung-hun about a financial crimes police unit trying to take down a charismatic corporate con man who has stolen billions from his victims. A bit hard to follow at the beginning but entertaining enough.
  5. Timescape - 5.5/10 A 1992 Jeff Daniels-starring science fiction TV movie (also starring the little girl from Jurassic Park) about a hotel owner who gets a sudden influx of very strange guests that he soon finds out are time travelling tourists who get enjoyment out of witnessing all the greatest disasters in history.
  6. So you're saying you'll not be watching Part 2 then? ...which I'd rate about 5/10
  7. Black Widow - 6/10 Certainly not the worst Marvel film ever but not amongst the best either. Florence Pugh and David Harbour steal every scene they're in.
  8. Fear Street Part 1: 1994 - 7/10 Like a cross between Scream and Stranger Things.
  9. The Spy and The Traitor by Ben Macintyre. The true story of Oleg Gordievsky, the Soviet KGB officer who also became one of the most important spies for MI6 in during the Cold War and influenced some of the major world events of the 1980s. Very good book. Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir. Written by the author of The Martian, this is the story of a scientist who wakes up to find himself as the only survivor of the crew of a space craft sent from Earth on a desperate, last chance mission that he cannot remember. Very entertaining so far. Somewhat similar to The Martian in that it's a first person narrative full of humour in which there's a lot of challenges being overcome by the clever use of science.
  10. If you say so. Personally I've seen little kids bawling their eyes out for 30 minutes because someone was wearing the wrong colour coat...
  11. How is giving the individual the information needed to make your own informed choice the 'nanny state'? It's literally the opposite of what that silly phrase means. And if you have a nervous disposition about anything on Blackadder (like a scene where all the characters are dead for example) then perhaps you're a toddler who gets upset at things that wouldn't upset you or me? When they add the guidance they're not just thinking about us, they're thinking about anyone old enough to be plonked in front of a TV and then they're leaving it up to us to decide for ourselves whether everyone in the room with us should be seeing whatever we're about to watch.
  12. Every TV programme and film on every single streaming service I can think of contains some classification or guidance info that give people a very basic overview of what the content and themes of the programme or film might be. It's not an attack on those programmes by snowflakes or the 'woke'; it's not censorship; it's just a way of allowing people to make an informed decision about whether or not a programme or film may be appropriate for them or maybe for their kids, before they start the programme. The show was broadcast after the watershed for a reason. That specific episode does contain strong language. It does contain scenes that someone, like a small child or someone who takes offence at sexual innuendo, might find upsetting. We don't all have the same tolerances and there's nothing wrong with giving people some idea of what it is they might be about to watch so they can make an informed choice, based on their personal preferences, as to whether or not they or their loved ones see the programme or film. We've done this for decades with film classifications, we do it with broadcast TV with the concept of the watershed. In both those cases whether or not something is appropriate for a certain audience or a certain time of day is decided by Govt legislation and by people whose job it is to interpret that legislation. Streaming services don't have that. We can play the most (BBFC certified) adult themed content at any hour of the day, therefore the streaming services add guidance info so we know what we might be clicking on. This article is just clickbait. They had a short quote from Tony Robinson that wasn't enough for a real article and wouldn't generate much traffic to their website if they'd made it the headline so they bolted it on a nothing story with a tabloidy headline guaranteed to trigger certain people in 2021. Hey presto! Loads of clicks and people reposting the link elsewhere so they'll get even more clicks. And that's how marketing works.
  13. The Good, The Bad, The Weird - 8/10 Korean 'western', loosely homaging Sergio Leone's spaghetti westerns and set just before the start of WW2, about three men in the wilderness of Manchuria who compete with each other to possess a map to the buried treasure of the Qing Dynasty. Haven't watched this one in years, forgot how much fun it is.
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