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  1. You should know by now that anything and everything, no matter how petty and irrelevant, is reflective of the city council's inadequacy according to Sheffieldforum. It's almost as if some people have personal axes to grind and won't pass up the opportunity to grind them.
  2. Funky_Gibbon

    Box set and binge viewing megathread.

    Bingeing my way through the new Netflix animated sci-fi shorts anthology 'Love, Death & Robots', which is kind of like Black Mirror but darker and more twisted. Also brilliantly funny from what I've seen so far. And extremely graphic. The episodes is about 15 minutes in length and the stories are based on short stories by well-known science fiction authors such as Peter F. Hamilton, Alastair Reynolds and John Scalzi. I'm in sci-fi geek heaven. 😀
  3. It wasn't very big inside if I recall correctly, not really much of a choice of goods. They decided to move to the top of the Moor so they could have a larger shop floor to display stuff. And even all these years later I still miss that Virgin Megastore. Must have spent a fortune in there on DVDs.
  4. Funky_Gibbon

    Grand Tour - RV special

    It was definitely their outfit for The American. Wouldn't have realised that without this thread though I don't think they were referencing a specific movie as such (although my knowledge of horror movies is rubbish so could be wrong) but more that they were playing on the horror theme of people on road/camping trips through a remote wilderness being followed by psychos like in Duel or The Hitcher.
  5. Funky_Gibbon

    Most boring film you’ve ever seen.

    Laurence Of Arabia. I don't think I've ever managed to make it all the way through without nodding off. Great music but so dull.
  6. Funky_Gibbon

    Machete Attack McDonald's Sheffield

    To be honest they're only very basic rough calculations since there are other factors that massively alter the likelihood such as age, social circle, involvement in other criminal activity etc. My point is that however you measure it Sheffield is pretty safe for an urban area but some people hear of incidents like today and start thinking that they're taking their lives into their own hands just going outside when in reality there's a higher chance of being injured or killed every time you get into a car.
  7. Funky_Gibbon

    Machete Attack McDonald's Sheffield

    Edit: comment removed
  8. Funky_Gibbon

    Machete Attack McDonald's Sheffield

    And to put that into context, there were 40,147 offences involving a knife or bladed instrument recorded in the 12 months up to March 2018 in the whole of the UK, most of those will be people arrested for carrying a knife rather than a stabbing, London, with a population of 9million had 1299 stabbings recorded in the 12 months up to April (a 6928 to 1 chance of being a victim) whereas Sheffield, with a population of about 580,000 had 28 stabbings according to that Star report, which means we have a 20714 to 1 chance of being a victim. I wasn't pretending we don't have crime and that it shouldn't be lower, I was just saying that what happened today does not alter the fact that Sheffield is statistically one of the safest cities to live in whether people want to believe it or not.
  9. Funky_Gibbon

    Machete Attack McDonald's Sheffield

    One incident of this kind in living memory doesn't make that untrue.
  10. Funky_Gibbon

    Rate the last film that you've seen - part two

    Rampant - 7/10 Korean historical zombie movie, set during the Joseon Dynasty (somewhere around the 18th Century) in which a prince returns from China to find his homeland has been struck by a plague of 'demons' that threatens to destroy the kingdom. Not quite up to the levels of greatness as Train To Busan but still pretty enjoyable once they get the historical drama bit out of the way and unleashed the zombies.
  11. Funky_Gibbon

    Video evidence

    The decision to overturn the penalty given by the referee was correct but it was hardly a fair outcome. If they're going to use it then there's no reason at all why they couldn't have told the referee that, without his incorrect intervention, the ball was going out for a corner. Because they didn't do that he got to decide to give a drop ball instead because he blew his whistle just before the ball went out of play (but with no chance anyone could have prevented it going out). Effectively Wednesday got robbed of a potential goal scoring opportunity and worse for us it turned out to be doubly cruel since they got their penalty (bloody idiot Hutchinson) directly from that drop ball. I don't think the outcome of the game would have been any different, they were just too good for us and we were playing silly negative tactics, but yesterday did expose a minor flaw in VAR.
  12. Funky_Gibbon

    Rate the last film that you've seen - part two

    Polar - 8/10 The new Mads Mikkelsen starring Netflix film, based on a graphic novel and definitely not trying to pretend otherwise, about one of the world's best assassins who is about to retire to the quiet life in a cabin in snowy Montana only to find that the company he used to kill people for don't want to pay for his pension plan so decide to kill him instead (yes that's really the 'plot'). Super violent and bloody with occasional sexy times thrown in for good measure and very adult comic book in style. I really shouldn't like this as much as I did but it turned out to be quite fun and I just love Mads Mikkelsen. It's like John Wick but taking itself a little less serious.
  13. Funky_Gibbon

    Rate the last film that you've seen - part two

    I have to say I was severely disappointed with this one. I think mostly because the story was just baaaaad. The cinematography and action were adequate and Claire Foy was a pale shadow of Lisbeth compared to Noomi Rapace or even Rooney Mara's portrayal but that could have been overlooked if the story wasn't just rubbish. I guess that's down to whoever it was wrote Lisbeth as if she were some kind of hacker superhero going about righting wrongs against women. Did they even bother to read Stieg Larsson's novels first? So glad I didn't waste any of my time reading the book if this plot was the basis of it. 3/10
  14. Funky_Gibbon

    Swfc v luton

    Hopefully that might motivate our players to show up.
  15. Funky_Gibbon

    A new influx of boat people from france.

    Is this the thread for people who are easily triggered by Javid's little job application to be the next PM?

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