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  1. Don't know about Asda, but the Esso on Ridgeway rd Gleadless is still open 24/7
  2. I definitely second Q Park. When I have an appointment at Hallamshire Hosp I now use this one as their multi storey can take 20-30 minutes to get a space and is frequently full. I'd rather pay more but know I can get a space, leave a little more time for walking but less time searching. I think they do discounts if you buy a "season ticket" kind of thing but for 2 days induction I'd just swallow the cost and accept the peace of mind.
  3. Oh dear, poor lass. I was up London Rd last night but that was early evening. Roughly what time did this occur?
  4. Species of animal to be rehomed: White, grey and black fancy rats, male and female Rehome or Sale? Sale Reason for Rehome / Sale We've got enough rats Sale Amount £10 each Location Sheffield S12 Has the Pet been in Rescue Previously? No Can the animal be picked up and put into a basket without the risk of scratching or biting? Yes Age & Sex We have 3 females and 4 males, all 10 weeks old Breed/ Mix Mum is a dumbo eared hooded cookie grey rat. Dad is a bareback hooded black straight eared rat. Colour/coat type We have a mixture of hooded, bareback hooded and broken hooded, but all are either a mix of grey and white or black and white. Can the animal be groomed/handled without biting or scratching? Yes Live in / out In Neutered/spayed No Chipped No Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues No Temperament Very tame and friendly Vaccinated & Wormed NA Any special knowledge needed These are all suitable as first rat pets or for experienced rat owners. Please make sure you have suitable bedding, cage and food before enquiring General Information you can share We have 3 girls and 6 boys ready to go at 10 weeks. The babies have been well handled since birth and so they are very friendly and tame to handle. They love coming out the cage to socialise and explore. They will make very loving pets. We want these rats to go to loving homes in single sex pairs or trios. We are currently keeping males and females separated so there is no danger of a surprise pregnancy! Mum is a dumbo eared hooded cookie grey rat. Dad is a broken hooded black straight eared rat. Both mum and dad are young and healthy and are very friendly and sociable too. Mum especially loves exploring and is a real character. You can PM me or for a quick response please call 0114 281 2378. Also happy to send pics via email
  5. Alton Towers is probably closer than Flamingo Land.
  6. Supertram is my favourite! Clean, cheap and quiet and frees up the car traffic immensely. I hear people bitching about traffic in Sheffield... They've obviously never lived in the South East! The area around the station is so attractive now, too.
  7. Ahh, well then the price tag makes sense - walking distance of the city comes at a price tag. Have you looked at areas which are walkable to the tram, maybe? Gleadless, for example?
  8. Hello and welcome to Sheffield I have been stuck in the wilds of Derbyshire for the last few years but am about to move back to the city myself. "Nice" is a very subjective term and means different things to different people. Your decision is going to be based on your own personal feelings and experiences and depends what type of person you are. I might call an area "nice" that another person would feel was horribly downmarket. Areas in Sheffield I personally have lived in are Hackenthorpe, Westfield and Eckington, all of which were fine for me. I also lived in Shiregreen, which was not fine and would never go back there - that said, the area around the top of Bellhouse Road I think was better than down the bottom end. I know a lot of people don't like Westfield but the vast majority of it is fine - there are some pockets which you don't like to walk through at night but I lived on there for 2 years and never had one bit of bother. Never had a problem in Hackenthorpe either. As you are working in Sheffield I'd suggest looking at the different areas and driving over there in the evenings and just get a feel for each place. Look at properties available on Rightmove etc and plug the postcodes into checkmyarea.com to get a rough idea of the type of people living there - I'd say it's pretty accurate. (To get approximate postcodes of properties on rightmove and other sites, use the map to check the road name and approximate number - often they have a Streetview available - and then plug the road name and house number into Royal Mail postcode finder, then drop that into checkmyarea.) Hope this helps
  9. Yeah they closed at midday, and I missed it. Really useful for anyone wanting to pop out at lunchtime, cheers royal mail, LOL. I'll have to go back at 7am tomorrow
  10. Thanks, but I can't make my way through their telephone menus (and I work in a call centre!) I'll just take my chances and go over there now...
  11. Got to pick up a parcel from the LDO at Holbrook (Halfway) but I haven't had a card through and they're not picking up the phone. Does anyone know what time they close on a weekday? I'm coming over from Derby so I don't want to make a wasted journey...
  12. I'm particulary interested in the way that calls are prioritised in terms of better customers (wealthier people) getting better treatment. Not at Capita or any other call centre I've ever worked in (and I've worked in the industry for 15 years.) The only thing remotely like this would be something like the Amex Platinum card where platinum customers have a different number to phone, and their calls are answered more quickly. Effectively, the customer has purchased a higher level of service. Are calls prioritised for you by softwear/post codes ? Not at Capita or Dixons. Inbound sales centres may possibly prioritise customers by propensity scoring, which is an on-the-fly scoring system that assesses a customer's credit score, postcode, history with the company, etc. However the lower propensities are more likely to be directed to the self-serve system (where they will be dealt with far more quickly) whereas higher-scoring customers will be actively sold to. However this is quite new (and very expensive) technology which only a few companies currently use. Like any business, call centres prioritise money-making calls. Hence, the sales lines are always more highly-staffed (and thus answered more quickly) than customer service or cancellation lines. This is true for any business - walk into Sainsburys and count the number of staff members on the till, versus the number of people on the customer service desk!
  13. I worked for them between 2001 and 2006. Started as a team leader and then went into ops support. Until I was made redundant by the short-sighted cost-cutting numpties. There are a lot of things I could say about the way Capita managed that call centre, but suffice it to say that DSG taking the contract back is probably a good thing for their business, their customers, and the employees.
  14. Many years ago I worked for a local newspaper. We participated in the local secondary school's work experience scheme, and one particular batch of pupils (about 15 years old I guess) arrived one week. On the Wednesday they were sent to my department. It was always a challenge finding work for pupils because our department was quite technical, so we would just get them doing filing, shredding, making cups of tea, etc. Office junior stuff, basically. When I got home that evening I was listening to the local radio with my boyfriend, and I heard a young lass come on and request a song, "Because I've been sooo bored all day." The DJ asked her what she'd been doing, and she said "Working at [name of company], oh my god, it's sooooo boring! Thank god I'm only there for another 2 days!" Needless to say, she wasn't there for any more days, and the head teacher was asked to consider who he sent us in future! Sorry, long story short and all that - my point is that this kind of situation is nothing new. Whether you are slagging off your company on the web, by email, at the pub on a Friday night or in a newspaper column or on the radio - if you get found out, the company has every right to terminate your contract, because you have breached the section on "bringing the company name into disrepute" or whatnot. As an employer, leaving aside the contractual clause, I would be hesitant anyway to continue employing anyone who clearly disliked the job for which they were being paid. I do feel for you though, Damo, you should not have to suspect your friends of stabbing you in the back. I hope you find another job soon and hopefully some more reliable friends
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