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  1. my grandad mr kitson use to work in the lab at the very top of middlewood hospital he use to do postmorten he retired 1972 or 1973
  2. i grew up at hillsboro went to hillsboro school i lived on bastock rd my maiden name is pryor
  3. yes i was brought up on bastock rd my grandad lived on dutton rd my maiden name is pryor by the way this is my husbands forum
  4. hi bushbaby the name of the lee daughter was ann last i herd of them they all live in nottingham an can you remember bengos trick on sundays he would wate untill the sunday joint was done and left out to rest people in them days would and could leave the back door open and bengo would nip in and nick the joint of beef
  5. yes i did graham now lives up handsworth and brenda is in sheffield i remember the gill bros it was the house next door not 2 up as you look out of the front door next door was a irish man mick orkain
  6. hi harleyman i was born in 406 wordsworth ave in 1951 surname baldwin i remeber the frost and platts david platt and dennis frost were good friends,
  7. horrace ratcliffe can you remember the five by four carpet he had on his head THE WIG
  8. jinks wow! the last time i saw him was in a pub at the top of droppingwell lane with his girlfriend and guess what her father owned the pub , bring back the old cross and the good people that used to live there it will never be the same again like [ sam the tramp ] [tabhunter] [stan @ ron] [oat cake man] bring back the RAG MAN always remember his call of-ric of-ric! of-ric
  9. bushbaby its not a jennel on wordsworth its a 8 FOOT life is very short and there no time for fussing and fighting my friend
  10. i have relatives called kitsons my grandma was called margaret grandad was called arnold they lived in owlerton hillsborogh sheffield
  11. Elizabeth Pryor She Is My Sister She Will Be 40 In January 2007
  12. i worked for newbolds bread 39 years ago as a van lad
  13. yes same class its only about 2 years ago that the train went
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