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  1. That's right I am no-body and I know nothing......I should bow at your feet......oh knowledgeable one...... I can't be bothered with u to be honest.........u r way too disrespectful and single minded for me, so u just run along now and carry on dreaming and thinking that u r something special...... I'd hate to think what u r like out on the beat with your attitude......I bet Professional Standards love u! Bye x
  2. I'll quite openly admit Daniel that I've got the smallest......I've got no problem with that
  3. You've obviously not seen me at the kickboxing shows then pal. As I don't think you'd be calling me a joker if u did! IFYI I HAVE fought/sparred full contact at Thai Boxing way back in the day in the early 90's and I don't have to prove owt to you or anyone else.......especially someone sat there behind a computer being rude. Anyway I was talking to Carcass, and wasn't arguing with anyone thank you...... so I don't need idiots like u piping up calling what I and others do gay (to which u can't even spell right) cos standing up in what I do I'd probably make u look a joke matey......bit old for it now mind You r another one who has no respect for anyone else's style but your own.....SAD!!! PS....I don't and haven't claimed to know everybody and everything in and about MA/MMA.......so yeah let's all have a laugh at me cause I don't know your particular sport/hobby......sorry we all can't be a 'PRO' like u my friend!!!
  4. Eh What r u mean exactly please mate, cos you've lost me??? All I'm trying to say is that saying semi-contact is' playing at it' when guys r competing at National and Olympic level for their country is very disrespectful and why knock another guy's MA?!.....that's all Carcass pal
  5. I'm very very disappointed with you on this thread Farhad buddy I would like to know why you have been totally disrespectful (as other members have so rightly noticed too) towards Master J??? I can't believe that you can call him a bully when he was graceful enough to shake your hand when u 2 last met, even after you said that his son was too young and didn't deserve to be a 3rd Dan black belt, pulling the lad down without even knowing or seeing him in action........ What about the bit about bulling someone disabled??? I haven't got a clue where u have got that one from..... as it's a family run club with classes of 30 juniors at a time..........therefore surely if he was a bully he wouldn't have so many kids coming to the classes?! Paul is... yes a big and imposing guy who is however great with kids (mine included) and makes the classes fun and enjoyable to learn in for all.........to which I've NEVER seen him bully another member, as he always does his best to be kind and understanding when teaching. I say the last thing you should do my friend is to call Master J out.........as I can assure u that there will be no competition......u know that yourself that Farhad when you met face face.... Sorry but it's true Finally u know I like and respect u Chefkicker but this time u have well and truly over stepped the mark I'm afraid! BTW I don't owe Paul anything.......I just said it how I see it PS....Semi-contact is 'playing at it'??? Tell that to the Olympic squad then!!! -Yorkie-
  6. Many thanks for your support Chef (sorry 4 the late reply btw) The reason for my response to ya over the phone was because: I’d run out of steam BIG TIME in the final of the 90kg+ any age cat. (1) I was completely knackered due to it being a very long day and the nerves getting the better of me. I didn’t fight until 4.30pm (been there since 8.30am) (2) I hadn’t eaten properly all day due to not knowing when I was on, (3) only having a couple of minutes rest between my semi-final fight & the final. (4) Also I was in the corner for our other fighters- to which I had a high adrenalin rush for them, but by the time I fought it had all gone! Basically, after all the excuses, I need to get a lot fitter & definitely stick to fighter over the 35’s & not 6’ 6” (bearing in mind that I’m 6’3”) 17 year olds who are European champs!!! -Yorkie-
  7. 'Could do with losing a few more BTW!'
  8. Sounds good to me Farhad mate- count me in as per usual!
  9. Great title fights Chef & yet another decent card my friend! Not away this time so I'll definitely be there on the 1st.
  10. Cheers for that Paul, he did seem to take a shine to you which is a good thing & an honour mate, also you did a great job! PS: I haven't forgotten to mention you to Master J
  11. Yep, sorry for the late posting but I strongly agree with everyone's comments that attended, especially 'Hilary Bris'. Even for someone who has no BJJ experience like myself it was an eye opener & a very rewarding day- showing me how damn hard grappling really is!!! (I've still got a bloody stiff neck to prove it! ) Saying that I believe, as we are taught in our academy, that to be a complete Martial Artist that you have to be open minded & embrace other styles, and I've certainly learnt first hand that BJJ is physically demanding using a hell of a lot of energy. (Or is me being pants at it? ) Finally I'd too like wish John all the best for the future & cheers for a an excellent seminar, held in a fantastic place with a great bunch of guys. PS: I just wish I'd put a face to the names IE for 'Carcass' & 'BJJMAN' etc BTW Farhad I asked Micheal if he knew 'Dave Jackson' & he said "he's never heard of him!?" 'Only joking Chef!!!' lol
  12. Come on Chef after everything that's you've said about Master J on here, I feel that it's the least you can do & look after him as a guest at your show! What do think- am I'm being fair or what?
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