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  1. Hello Nigel nice to see your contribtions What you don't knowabout Ecclelsfield is'ntworth knowing Hope you are keeping well Kind Regards Ted O'B
  2. I lived on Rhodes St and South St before the war. I used to go to a shop up Lords St in about 1935 I used to buy an ice cream cornet You could pay either a penny , or you could have a smaller one,but that one had a lovely yellow ice ceam,half the size. I have never tasted ice cream like it since Beautiful Boy, that brings back some memories Happy days,
  3. apolgies duffem you were right, I was not reading it properly
  4. duffems Beg to differ We never looked for signpost, when you were by my side the road was never long dear when you were there to guide
  5. A bit more about Solly St It runs of Broad Lane ,Near Tenter St Hope this Helps \Cheers
  6. I remember the duke of darnall I used to see him out side the pub at the at the bottom of Prince of wales rd at darnall 1948 Long time ago now
  7. My most vivid memory of blitz night comming out of the shelter when the all clear was sounded at about ten past 4 and standingat the moorhead and seeing it on fire from end to end as far as I could see I had sheltered under Redgates but when it started burning we moved to a shelter in Charles St A real night to remember
  8. We used to go to speedway at Bell View back in 1939 every saturday night onthe motor bikes. great days
  9. hello poppins Did carnell coaches garage on glencoe rd,sheff 2 ?
  10. I remember shelteringdown the cellar during the sheffield Blitz, til it caught fire. We were then led down Charles St to a shelter in Union Lane The All Clear went at 4am I stood at the Moorhead and looked down the Moor. It was on fire ,both sides as far as you could see A sight I shall never forget Yes, I remember Redgates ?
  11. Hello Cleegirl, Nice to hear from you. Sorry,the name doesn'tring any bells with me It was a long time ago you know We have probably gone down the shaft together. Who knows ? Kind regards to you. Milted.
  12. I worked down Handsworth Nunnery when I came out of the Royal Navy in 1947 I worked on the long wall,and in a Siscol heading I also worked on Packin and drawing off The pits had just been Nationised My wage was 4 pound a week If I missed a shift,I only got 3 pound ten shillings. The other Handsworth colliery was down on Cricketin Rd It was possible to go down Hansworth,and walk through and come up on cricketin Rd I know I did two or three times It took about an hour Handsworth was not a drift mine I wish I had pound for ever time I had ridden the cage I used to work with a collier called Tommy Potnell The shotfirer was Robinson The Pit Manager was Mr Heslopp I am 87 now, long time ago
  13. The nice thing about Bungay St,is the bit of landscaping carried out. If you Stand on the intechange bus station,look over the raiway staion to where Granville St lay and you can see two rows of trees picking out where Bungay st used to be Nice touch ?? I too remember Doctor Wilson , All my family were under him I can also remember,when we used to live down South St that he used to call every Sat night and my mother used to pay him sixpence That was before National Health was "invented" And does anyone remember the name of the other doctor who lived on the other side of Norfolk Rd,on the corner of Talbot St We as kids used to call him the black doctor We did'nt know any better in those days
  14. Hello Eight Legger If you are talking about log books in 1953, I think you mean log SHEETS.. If you remember,log books were single sheets If you worked over your twelve hours ,you tore it up and filled another one I got checked at Scotch Corner comming down from Glasgow Lies all lies I usd to go to school with Ralph Riley Happy Days
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