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  1. My mother used to send me to Ada Myers for groceries " on the strap" which meant she would pay on Friday when my dad got his wages.
  2. I lived at 86 St Charles St, maybe you remember the other twins on the street Tony and Joe. Glenys and Wendy were in the year below us at school.
  3. Did you have the corner shop opposite Myers shop on St Charles St ?
  4. Toilet rolls why cant I start a new one without shredding it? I don't buy the cheapest,it drives me crazy.
  5. Does anybody remember when when kids used to wear second world war flying helmets,this was in the early 1950's. We had a choice of leather or canvas depending on how much pocket money we had. Funny thing is old flying helmets go for £100 on ebay.
  6. Can anyone recommend a good brand of shot, I have decided to start fishing again after a 25 years, a mate gave me some but it was really hard , don't they sell soft shot any more ?
  7. I agree surely any cheap food should go to people who are struggling to survive.
  8. I think Pete Stringfellow worked at the Regal as a projectionist.
  9. To imply that people who use a bus are peasants is insulting a lot of Sheffield citizens, maybe you would like them to walk so they could bow while you drive around. Let's not forget a lot of these so called " peasants" are disabled.
  10. I was stood near the Attercliffe one when a lorry with a unsafe load dragged it on it's side, luckily it was empty. There is a police box still standing at the side of the Town Hall.
  11. The Bus is running round Bowdenwood, I saw it this morning. Thanks to everybody who added information to this post.
  12. The only people who howled were those with a car who did not want a bus squeezing past their cars.Who would want to walk to Prince of Wales road when they could have a bus go past their house.
  13. As far as I know there has been no consultation, the first we knew was when a petition was brought to our door on the 24th Oct and we were told the bus was no longer running round Bowdenwood after Sat 27th Oct. The bus is well used. It used to run every 20 minutes then every 30 minutes, If It turned up. Then every hour after 18.00 Not like the magic 52 route.
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