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  1. Definitely 1960's would guess around 66/67 can name most on the photo.
  2. I have a new printer which prints the allignment page ok and a couple of other documents ok but I tried printing an ordinary letter on normal printing and the result was a blank page on best printing the print was very faint.Black ink level is showing about 80% full any ideas?
  3. I assume you will have known the Green family who lived on Bland Street.
  4. Football can be played in this league, so Barcelona would struggle in this league?
  5. Whitby great place went there yesterday, best resort on that coast and it is in God's own county, some really good fish restaurants.
  6. The last reunion was cancelled because of the weather, with it now being the main holiday season and with all afluent ex and current Grimeys going on holidays,there will probably be one in October.
  7. I have lost the sound icon on bottom right of screen using windows XP
  8. "True Faith" Another misguided individual not supporting the first United club in the country, who stayed at home and did not move an old pig farm. Good job there is one sensible chap in the family.
  9. Where is the microphone? I am using a Dell inspirion 1300 computer 2006 vintage.
  10. I can hear the person at the other end but they cannot hear me any ideas what the problem may be.
  11. If you scroll down the current History and Expats page you will find loads on the Cental Technical School or if you put Cental Technical School in Search Forums on the left and click view as threads. I was there at the same time were you in Building or Engineering?
  12. I cannot remember any mug shots been taken I think Ralph forgot the Brownie.
  13. There are no known pictures of the Victory even in a book of old cinema's in Sheffield, it is the only flea pit without a photo.
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