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  1. hardly surprising this day n age .gun crime is rife due to a lawless society. it won't be long untill you get free guns inside your daily papers instead of cd's.
  2. i have one in our caravan too in ingoldmells and this weekend it has been playing up good style.
  3. im working class. i was born with nothing and i still have lots of it left. don't matter whos in they all wanna fleece yer.
  4. been in a couple of sundays ago, afternoon. great for live music and jamming sessions. oh and their double cheeseburgers were quality and very cheap too.
  5. same here. went off for a minit then came back on ,then been off twice more.
  6. a league game a couple of months ago where a defender tried to bycicle kick away from his own goal . the ball hit him plum in the face and went in the net. fantastic own goal. :hihi:
  7. travelling through firth park when theres 500 fooking taxi drivers all blocking the road side by side chatting through their windows with no regard to other road users.
  8. lets face it. the uk is the worlds biggest bin. everyone dumps their crap on us.week in week out.
  9. don't panic, its just our lass has burnt the tea again. :hihi:
  10. there was a debate today on radio that ivf should be given to dykes but not obese women. what a load of crap. give it to the obese women and **** the dykes off.ps why is one always more macho than the other?
  11. they should have just got him when he did the eminem video. :hihi:
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