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  1. DJs fight for unpaid festival fees Published Date: 14 November 2008 By David Walsh THIRTY DJs, artists and crew are still waiting to be paid more than three months after the Music in the Sun festival in Sheffield. DJ Jamie Ferguson, aged 25, contacted Action Desk after a cheque for half his fee bounced and he was unable to contact organisers NonStop Events, despite numerous calls and emails. Jamie, who is a resident at Club Vibe in Sheffield, said he knew of three other DJs - Jamie Duggen, EJ and Apostle - who were also waiting for cash. He said: "It's not so much the money but the principle. If they don't pay us for this year they're going to struggle to get people to work for them next." Music in the Sun is billed as one of the most important multi-cultural events in the North. ACTION DEE Warburton, MD of NonStop Events, said the festival was hit by a rumour it would be the scene of gang warfare. Sheffield teenager Tarek Chaiboub was gunned down and killed outside a barber's shop on Spital Hill only two weeks before and rumours circulated gangs would settle scores at Music in the Sun - and hundreds stayed away, he claimed. Dee, who confirmed there were 30 outstanding creditors, said: "We made a loss and since then we've been trying to raise funds to pay people. I'm sorry, we appreciate the support we've had. There's a pretty good chance of people being paid soon."
  2. I think this could potentionally be thread of the year!
  3. The former owner was an insult to horses so hope the info wasn't from him classic rock?
  4. Too right. She's a Leg-End !! Boom Boom.
  5. "Plug is the only venue that plays bassline house past 4 oclock in sheffield without needing a special license." Eh?
  6. I've already made that offer in the past which DD kindly declined. Goes back to the debate of knocking things before you've tried I think.
  7. Ha ha! Strong words for a mod. This thread's class.
  8. Although fair play for the rest of the post.
  9. Once again another post without any substance. Club Vibe uses no glasswear, all our products come in plastic bottles.
  10. Old old thread.....Anyone who comes to the venue regularly knows we run the tightest door in the city with full body search and metal detectors. Every club has incidents and due to the tight security nothing to that scale has happened since the club opened opened almost a year ago.
  11. As the "Manager" of a nightclub that incidently is nothing like DNR, Nelson, Dove etc... I am aware exactly how much hard work goes into maintaining a venue, up to and above the standards that are needed to keep in line with licencing conditions. I also know from first hand experiecnce what the knock on effect can be from underage drinking and that it's vital to work with the authorities to wipe it out. For these reasons, yes I think it's funny that a venue, that has been blatently been flaunting these rules has been closed down.
  12. The fact that anyone's surprised that this dump has been closed down is the funniest thing ever.
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