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  1. If any team would like a friendly match this sunday, please let me know. Next seasons u10s (Y5) Unfortunately we cannot offer our home pitch due to prior arrangements. Our team is Beighton Magpies
  2. Afternoon all. Looking to go camping this weekend. 2 adults and 2 kids for the first time. Looked at Golden Valley but it has a music festival on. Ideally we would like a pub, something for kids to do etc. Electric hook up. Anyone kind enough to lend their opinion would be much appreciated..... Thanks
  3. Good afternoon, Just wondered if any referee wanted to do a game this sunday if it's on??? 1pm and Beighton Miners Welfare. If you can, then maybe we can keep a relationship going for future fixtures. Also, the next under sevens too. Please advise. Mick Beighton Magpies
  4. Hi I am in the process of purchasing a bathroom suite and wondered if anyone was interested in quoting for fitting it / tiling. Please pm me if you are qualified and interested in quoting. Work will commence in approx 2 weeks time subject to availability etc.
  5. i went for a drive round just to reflect on what i could remember as i left when i was 7, but it does seem a lot more run down than i remember. There is an age factor to it. I remember the chippie and dells shop. I assume they have gone.
  6. i lived there in the 70's in a masonette which has since been knocked down. I have little memory of it. There was i library there. Still got the book. I must owe a fortune on it !!!
  7. When the temperature drops to 4 degree C, grass stops growing........
  8. Hi Csn anyone recommend anywhere South Sheffield where my boys aged 4 and 5 can go football training with a team or something like? I would be interested to find out. Thanks in advance for any help given.
  9. They have cash my cheque but had nothing as yet.
  10. I went to Marmaris in 96 and it was the pits. Hope its better now tho
  11. We are going to Looe, too. I have been before but just for a few hours as it was peeing it down
  12. Hi all. Just booked a week down Cornwall in the summer. Does anyone have any suggestions for places to visit? Got two young boys to entertain and can't always rely on the sites entertainment. Thanks in advance for your suggestions
  13. Does your child have albinism?, we found out yeterday, and just wondered if anyone else was experiencing the same with their children???? I'm obviously interested to learn more and discuss it with anyone. My son is 6 months old. He's sooooo soooooo cute.
  14. I last had a fag 2nd July 2006 after smoking 20 a day. I think about it occasionally
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