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  1. Sounds a bit over priced to me. Theres regular shows in wigan priced a £10 a ticket. Would'nt pay more than that. Good luck anyway
  2. Best thing to do if your hungry in Meadowhall is to call into Marks &Spencer. The food in the Oasis is over priced and mainly junk food. Its typical of most shopping centers.
  3. Got stuck in some bad traffic on Saturday morning due to event at arena. All of junction 34 was grid locked. Sheffield is fast becoming a no go area for car drivers due to mainly bad traffic planning. Just look at all the sets of traffic lights that are totally unnessesery in sheffield.
  4. Loved to have been there to see that. Gives other bike riders a bad name.
  5. I agree with you Lee. The amount of punishment these guys take is extreem!! Plus the moves in the air. Take some doing
  6. I beleve antartica has no war or thret of tortute... send all assilum seekers there. Problem sorted
  7. A good way to get rid of mink is to let some wild tigers into the wild and let them eat the mink. Just becarefull not to let the tigers go near the cannon pub in town. Dont want the tigers to get intimidated
  8. Must have been break time for the coppers.... Or urgently called away as there was a motorist going slightly faster than the speed limit. Get your mace out and show em whos boss!!!
  9. had to call in a hellicopter to lift it out..... lol
  10. Dont be silly....The ony thing the police would do is ask if the driver was speeding. The police dont catch criminals anymore just motorists how are a fraction over the speed limit
  11. Next time just smash the drivers window place the car out of gear and let the hand brake off and push.... Iv done this on a number of occations.
  12. This is like sheffield councils world record attempt to see how many sets of traffic lights you can fit on pennistone road. Apparantly its one of only two man mad objects you can see from space!!!!
  13. The road traffic agancy in this counrty is a joke!!! why not shut the woodhead between midnight and 5am so the workmen can have a good go at doing the job and not be in danger form traffic? Most of the time you pass road works on the motorway with miles of road coned off and no workmen!!!! just do the job in the night when theres not alot of traffic..... its not rocket science ffs
  14. With the exeption of Toby foster, Radio sheffield is just pants. When my kids are badly behaved I make them listen to the deep voiced boring tart on the breakfast show. Im fed up of of them ringing child line so i dont do it anymore... lol
  15. Having 12 years experience of martial arts and fighting i can say dronfield bjj (and graves on wed) is a friendly clubwhere you'll learn loads. If you do BJJ or have ever wanted to try it you MUST go to this club.
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