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  1. you could always park on the pavement near the Samsung shop like people seem to think its acceptable to do. Went past on Thursday and there were 6 cars there.
  2. Id agree with you. Last week I followed an old bloke on a 60mph road and he was doing slightly over 30mph. Got to a 50mph bit and he did 60!
  3. Well put Alex_1. I work for a partnership company of SCC and although i dont deal with the public, there have been numerous times when the public have been kicking off and almost every occasion its happened in Howden House. Noone deserves to go to work and get abused. What makes me laugh is the amount of people slagging off SCC but they live in Sheffield! Move if you dont like and and youll see that all councils are the same and have the same pressures. In fact ive just been reading a Facebook post and about 50% of the comments were about SCC wasting money when in fact its out of their hands.
  4. No restrictions? Last time I checked the restriction was a max speed of 70mph.
  5. I can confirm its not 'half empty'. I know this as I work in the building. There are approximately 4500 staff working for Keir, Capita and SCC - but im not telling you which one I work for. Granted there are some areas still empty but the vast majority is occupied.
  6. What is it with this roundabout and people being in the wrong lane on a fairly regular basis? The lanes are marked as to which goes where and even if you are new to Sheffield, you must have some idea of where you are heading? Again today, ive had a near miss by some idiot in a VW car. I was coming down the parkway and was in the third lane marked 'City and Ponds Forge' the woman was in the lane to the left of me marked 'A61S'. I followed my lane still marked 'City and Ponds Forge' on to the roundabout and the car on my left cut across the back of me and then had the nerve to give me hand signals and sound her horn! I doubt she will be reading this but if by chance you are, maybe you need to go the same route and look at the lane markings and I guarantee, YOU were in the wrong lane, not me. And if youre still not convinced, let me know and ill send you the dashcam footage to prove which lane you were in before entering the roundabout. But back to the subject of the thread - is it really that difficult to get around?
  7. Simply put, the left hand lane is for driving in (unless marked otherwise). The other lanes are for overtaking. So all in all, if you are on a motorway and not overtaking, you should be in the driving lane. Its really not that complicated
  8. Same here. Ive got the common sense to know that the vast majority of stuff on 'sale' is on sale because its either end of line stock or stuff they cant get rid of throughout the year.
  9. And as far as im aware, cabling (and pipework for that matter) that are sunk in to a wall should be vertical or horizontal where they lead. And whats CORGI? Its Gas Safe now.
  10. So theres a 2 and half inch step from the path edge up the kerb?
  11. I will do soon, i want to give the owner a week or so (if hes found). Ive had advice that it cant be used as evidence for dangerous driving as its needs to be proven the dash cam is calibrated. Only thing it could be used for is supporting evidence if the driver of the Audi wants to report it. Unfortunately, the speed of the Audi is too fast to read the registration plate. Heres a still from the video:
  12. Yes it was brilliant, just a shame it wasnt a series.
  13. If by any chance you are reading this, credit to you for avoiding actions to miss the stupid woman in the Astra that turned around on the brow of the hill. However, I caught everything on camera so if youve had damage done to your wheels, tyres, suspension etc, please message me and ill send you the footage in case you want to try and claim for any repairs. Needless to say, with the speed involved, i am confident that would have been a fatality if you hadnt swerved up the pavement - im just glad there was no one walking. And if by any chance the driver of the Astra is reading this, I have your registration and will be contacting 101 for advice as this is dangerous driving. What you were thinking when you turned around on a national speed limit road, ill never know but do me a favour and use public transport in future.
  14. Looks like Vauxhall are being dragged in to it now. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/cars/vauxhall/news/dragged-into-emissions-scandal/ Ill be keeping an eye on this as ive got a diesel 62 plate Astra. No mention of Astra...yet
  15. Yeah, im happy to work a bit for free for the experience. Ive got some practical experience but not the confidence. Im still trying though, not giving up yet and wasting my own money - I paid for the course in the first place.
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