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  1. Does anybody know what's gone off up wise wood roads taped off and police . Must have happened overnight
  2. for the last few weeks my t mobile reception has been very poor about one bar or less. before then it was fine about five bars i live in s6 near the hillsborough library . it not my phone because my girlfriends phone is the same anybody got any information please:help:
  3. because people just use it as a rat run thats why they shut it
  4. its the continuing war muslims against christians simple
  5. i dont know if they work but my next door neighbour has one and it drives me nuts i can hear the buzzing all around the house and she seems to spend ages on it :rant:
  6. all the friggin time when i get my order i get it all out on the counter and check it cos i'm fed up getting home and finding some part off my order is wrong
  7. why do you assume if there was an emergency that the esculator would stop
  8. they aren't magnetic when the trolleys are pushed onto the esculators the wheels wont turn
  9. or this Sands of time (running out) - time (passing) An allusion to the hourglass, an old device for measuring the passage of time. It consisted of two glass vessels linked by a narrow neck, and contained a quantity of sand that took exactly an hour to pass from the upper to the lower chamber.
  10. does this help http://www.usingenglish.com/reference/idioms/the+sands+of+time.html
  11. this one of my pet hates i'm glad that i'm not the only one that screams at the radio when this happens rant over with
  12. now that i know that it has reopened i shall call in i used to go in before it shut down before you could do with placard at the end of the road so people know that it's there i walked past the other night and theres no indication that its open
  13. i can't use aluminium cos fitting to next doors wooden guttering and don't think next door would do that
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