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  1. From Grenoside right now there are dozens of really bright red lights flashing on the hillside towards Shirecliffe. Anyone any ideas what it is?
  2. What about the people who already work for Ch4?
  3. Shush or it will get upped to 100 posts.......
  4. Go to H Harrold and sons Shalesmoor and look at the CCTV kit they have in stock. Don't bother with any Maplin or Costco kits.
  5. It was a prop plane on its way to Norwich. Came over at 13,000 feet. Can't remember much else about it, just looked for it on flightradar24 when I heard it come over. :)
  6. It's the caravan storage yard behind what was Hattersleys DIY store. Not the fairground people's winter site.
  7. Looks like they are working on the railway bridge. The roads been shut for 2 weeks now. No indication of when it will open again. No signs up with dates etc and nothing on Google. Pathetic.
  8. Another one tonight at 00:20 lost count now - could be something like at least 28 cars done in the last 12 months.
  9. In on about the sneaky ones attached to the main support posts not the overhead ones.
  10. Either side of M1 Junction 40 and 45 so far.......
  11. If you find a machine is not working, make an effort to find an adjacent one working. If that's not working, they are numbered, make a note of its number and ring parking services on the phone number on the machine. Give them your registration number and they will give you a reference number. Then park with impunity.
  12. another shooting at the old Harrow at Grenoside. The word on the street is someone has died.
  13. http://www.syfire.gov.uk/incidents/firefighters-tackle-house-blaze/
  14. House on fire after explosion on Crosshouse road at Grenoside. Road currently sealed off.
  15. So will we get 4 working lanes across the Tinsley viaduct? .
  16. Coppers should turn up and ask them to turn it down and tell them they will be arrested if they turn it back up. 5 minutes later when it's turned back up, they arrest the DJ and remove equipment. Simple.
  17. Cars 18 & 19 torched overnight on Foxhill Crescent. .
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