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  1. i love how stupid sheffield united fans are, Brilliant
  2. So because YOU dont like it the Tv Channels should no longer be available online, Brilliant
  3. Im quite happy to drive if 2 or more people come, wouldn't go alone mainly for the cost!! So if we are 2, if CORKER comes with us were sorted?
  4. Im half interested in going (i will drive) if a couple of people will come?
  5. Even though you do my head in bladebloke, i missed you!!
  6. I know there is allready a thread on this and without any blunts saying anything silly, Is there any truth in the rumour that there will be a press conference on Wednesday at Hillsborough? :)
  7. You know the VAT cut made things cheaper, why is stuff at poundland still a pound! have they ever addressed this??
  8. Hang on. I thought united were going up? its all you have being going on about! If only your silly manager had kept his cockney mouth shut lol
  9. Great point before we all go mental and jump out we should take a good look at what the pro's and cons of europe are.......
  10. gordon brown said the other day, "if we knew what we know now, we most certanly would't have bid for the olympics" and i was like "if we knew what we knew now, you most certanly wouldnt be in power"
  11. Its a good point, i see the benefit for poorer countries but for us its a loose-loose situation..
  12. I have had alot of the first one but not alot of the second
  13. Even Sheff united can sell 7k if your goin up.
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