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  1. Hey all fellow greenfingers I've not used the forum in ages (I joined in the early days of it's inception back in 2003!). I'm getting the keys to an allotment in the next few days, I've wanted one for years and am sooooo excited. I've had gardens before so not a complete novice (or stranger to scratches and bruises) but have not grown fruit or veg before. All advice very welcome. Thank you!
  2. Very sad to hear this news. He was a lovely man who I met a number of times and sent me positive messages when I was going through a tough time. He was always kind, inspiring and so very positive and I am sure those who know him and love him will miss his presence. I will always remember his kindness fondly. Rest in peace John. xx
  3. I too recommend Dronfield as opposed to Jordanthorpe. I think Dronfield has a wider choice of housing and is a larger area, being a town as opposed to an area as Jordanthorpe is. Not sure what the results differences are between the two schools - you'd have to check them out. Dronfield is officially in Derbyshire so a taxi home from a night out in Sheffield might be a bit more expensive than say Jordanthorpe. Norton is fairly nice too, near Jordanthorpe. If you haven't got Google Earth and Street View on your computer then do it now. It's invaluable for things like this! Good Luck!
  4. Coooeeeeee! Have found my old log in details and was just wonderin' if anyone fancied a meet up Tuesday 30th November, Woodseats Wetherspoons? The Woodseats Meet is an ancient SF tradition from a time long ago and one that I believe should be rekindled on one of my monthly (or thereabouts) visits back to the icy Tundra. I've been spoiled down here in the Sarf what with the warm sunny days and the laid back, almost-continental lifestyle , but I do have to confess to an occasional hamkering for a good old Sheffield accent now and then. Will be oop North again on this date and if there's enough 'yayys' then let's meet up and catch up.
  5. Hi al Many thanks for all your lovely knitted jumpers for the henny pennys, which I have passed on to Jo at Little Hen Rescue. However, she now has plenty of jumpers and is asking all her knitters to not make any for the time being. She will let me know when they need some again. Big big thanks to all of you for your support. And just think that somewhere in deepest rural Norfolk, a skinny, bald little hen is feeling all cosy and warm in one of your latest ctreations!
  6. Congratulations to you and Pete! Hope you got my text in reply to yoour announcement one. Can you remindme of your address again please so I can send off a card? Will be oop North mid April so would love to pop in and see you all if things have settled down by then! Big hugs x x x Msb
  7. Thanks Foxy!! Not back up in Sheffield until around March but may have a friend visiting this month. If so, will send wool with them. If you PM me your address or contact details I can get them to arrange to meet you to drop it off. Muchos thank yous - Msb PS - Inbox now cleared!
  8. Hi all and just a quick update to say many thanks for continuing to knit the jumpers for the hens and send them on to me. I'm getting some lovely creations! I'm going to take some pics of the ladies 'modelling' this season's new collection so will try and upload them if i can remember how. Big, big thanks to you all x x x
  9. ****UPDATE**** Msb and her plastic mistletoe (previously mentioned in this very same thread) will be in town from Wednesday... form an orderly queue please
  10. Awwww was lovely to meet you too Bridget. I do like a sneaky beer on a Sunday lunchtime To all my knitters, please, please, please do not buy any wool if you can get it from me. I have tons of it in all colours and there really is some lovely stuff. I'm still in Sheffield tomorrow (Monday) then back down south till my next visit (very briefly) on the 16th. If I can meet up with any of you (happy to drive to wherever) and pass on some wool then let me know. I've received some lovely parcels this last week or so and will shortly start sending them on to Little Hen Rescue. Many thanks once again from them, the hens and me. x
  11. I am sitting in the middle of a rather muddle puddle With my bottom full of bubbles and my rubbers full of mud While my jacket and my sweater go on slowly getting wetter As I very slowly settle to the bottom of the mud And I think that what a person with a puddle round his middle Thinks of mostly in the muddle is the muddiness of mud
  12. I've got a large plastic bunch that I have used in the past - when I was feeling more festive and sociable. I think you can still buy it at fruit shops with the holly and wreaths etc. Mine is available for loan if anyone wants it . I;m sure as hell not gonna need it...
  13. GOOD NEWS!!! The pattern on the web site is correct - I've just spoken to Jo. The video is of the older style jumpers which were too long and caught in the hens feet. SO, the pattern with the head hole is the right one (she maintains that it's quite easy to get the hen's head in so I'll bow to her knowledge and just accept the fact that my hens are stroppy bints ) She is well chuffed that you are all doing this - I'm going to send her the jumpers I've got so far as she has recently rescued some last weekend that look oven ready - she will adapt any if needed so no worry if you have done any differently - they will ALL be put to good use. I love it when a plan comes together!
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