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  1. I just wanted to move my electricty meter a few meters to an external wall and I'm having all sorts of problems. I've been on the phone to them for hours over a number of days and I'm not getting anywhere. I've paid online to have it moved but I've got to cordinate the move between Scottish power , YEDL and some contractor called Freedom. I've waited over too months, It was supposed to be happening tomorrow but for some reason someone turned up today to say "where's the hole we can't do this" and now I've had to cancel everything including the electrician I had coming round. I don't know what to do now. I sorted the gas with National Gas in one call but this has just been one big nightmare. As soon as this is sorted I'm leaving Scottish Power. Please does anyone have any advice.
  2. How do you use a forum when your internet is down? Mine went down last night. Found outage page posted earlier useful which did confirm there was an issue on the 20th in yorkshire . Again how to get to this page when the internet is down http://broadband.talktalk.co.uk/outages?NODE_ID=11344 When starting with talktalk I had nothing but problems for two months, but four years on I haven't had one problem since ..
  3. Would this bird be a bird of prey i.e. attack another. If so I seen a bird attack and eat a crow at the bottom of broomspring lane that leads onto Upper hanover street. It was very strange to watch a bird eat another. this was at 2 oclock today. its along way from warncliffe wood but worth a shot. I couldn't tell if it was male or female
  4. sorry didn't mean to label anyone, was more of a description. with the dark nights coming in I think I just wanted people to look out a bit more for cyclists. No one was hurt in the incident so thought better of reporting it,everybody makes mistakes I thought. It could have been a lot worse. I had just that day fitted new very expensive high vis lights to the bike too from halfords. think ill be taking them back with my other two leds and high vis jacket and whatever else I thought I was going to blind someone Im not starting off a debate about how bad cyclists are or how bad motorists are. I've seen my fair share. 98% of people using the roads are great, I let plenty of cars in from side roads and I've been let in by many more motorists. I get plenty of space and when I'm driving the car it gives me a better appreciation of the dangers. I understand we are hard to spot with the late nights drawing in but please take a second look in the mirror before moving in. Much appreciated.
  5. 5.30pm tonight before the lights at the archer road juntion on abbeydale going out of town. White van man in front decides to indicate into the bus lane. I thought he was going round the car in front who was turning right but he had stopped right in front of me causing me to brake hard. I thought, "thank you for that" but waited patently behind for an opening to move out but to my horror he started reversing dragging me under. I managed to quickly get my bike and leg out from under the rear of his vehicle before too much damage was done and get onto the pavement. A little shaken I went to his window to see him on the mobile and I got the two thumbs up and a smile. Fantastic, cheers for that.
  6. Went to Remo yesterday and service was awful. Waited 15 minutes for a smoothie and further 20 minutes for a panini. Food was good but not worth the wait. They really need to get themselves sorted as there were only a maximum of 10 people in there. Shame, but will never go back or recommend the cafe.
  7. bizarrely I had the same incident on the shalemoor roundabout when it was getting built at the end of Penistone Road. I got clipped by a car, bounced off the barrier and rebounded off his car. Luckily I didn't come off but the bus behind me stopped in time and made sure I was ok. I got straight back on my bike and caught the idiot at the lights before its hits the hill and gave him an evil stare through the window which he wound down and apologised for running into me. I hope your ok hotphil and this doesn't put you off cycling.
  8. Sorry to hear about this. had my car keyed too. Lived quite close i.e. Donovan Road so sounds like too much of a coincidence. I say lived as I've moved out of the area. After getting the wing mirror knocked off twice and the windscreen smashed I'm very glad to get out of the area. I don't know if you thought about this but would there be any way to set you a neighbourhood watch, maybe speak to the police about it see if they'll petition the area or something. I don't know too much about it but its a shame to hear all the bad stories and it just sounds like if everybody kept an eye out for each other we'd put a lot of this scum behind bars. I pity the police and how much demand they get put under and how they are getting let down by the justice system putting these scum back on the streets.
  9. thats good news. I'll take a look out for it. I turned back towards herries road. I can't believe the flood was strong enough to wash a bridge away. Thanks for the info though. Also someones fixed the lights so they don't work anymore. Doesn't look so weird now http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/images/smilies/hihi.gif
  10. the bridge behind owlerton stadium. I do some walks that start at the bottom of herries road just by the bridge which lead around the river and bring you out the back of Owlerton stadium. the end of the walk is the scrap yard with the wierd traffic lights stopping the non-existent traffic. When I did that walk again this weekend for the first time in a while I discovered the bridge was gone. I'm sure I was in the right place and I hadn't gone mad. Any ideas what happened. I can only think the recent floods have something to do with it.
  11. I spent days contacting plumbers. I checked the corgi site and contacted loads leaving messages and none got back. I tried Google maps and phoned loads of them off that and none got back. Checked Sheffield forum and got this number for Ged (D&G Plumbing) 07748907382. I was pleased he even returned my call, but he turned up, fixed the problem without replacing any parts and didn't even charge the full call out charge. He was very friendly, I will definitely be recommending him to friends and would use him again without hesitation. Thanks Ged. I'm part of the Ged club now.
  12. update: just had reeds rains on to confirm they were coming round to do valuation which I had confirmed with them one hour ago. doesn't exactly inspire confidence.
  13. thanks for all your comments. They've been taken on board. Winkworths(hillsborough) are not looking too good at the moment and I've not even had them round yet. I'm on there mailing list and they've asked me three times now what my maximum price is. They've also phoned to ask how many bedrooms I have. Not a good start is it. irenewilde The company I was with started with L and ended in ancasters. Although your comment really made me laugh. I was taken in by a £500 fee for everything as they were just starting up. Just goes to show. you get what you pay for and I got taken for a ride. They agreed to waive the get out fee after I sent a complaint letter. however the directors reply made me laugh when he said the office suggested I lower the price. I didn't even complain about this and it was my suggestion to lower the price therefore annoying me more. kdo01 I think your absolutely correct. I think I just have to choose the lesser of two evils and really hound them. I'm going to be the biggest pain in the rear for whoever takes me on, I'm putting every thing in writing and make them sign it in blood.
  14. I've decided, after getting very poor service from an Estate Agent with whom I was trying to sell my house with, to get out of the contract. I need to select a new one to go with. I'm down to Reeds Rains and Winkworths. I have no idea why I choose these really as I'm beginning to think there all pretty much the same and I'd be better choosing one out of a hat. Anyway, does anybody have any good comments about these agents in particular do they do what you ask of them.
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