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  1. Seattle has now closed down, it seems if you have a flight booked the same day, it is considered more of an emergency, As he did not have a return flight booked it becomes less of emergency, but i agree all this seems very strange, tonight we been told if we had paid more money up front it could have been processed quicker!
  2. Thanks for that, he has actually presented himself at Chicago 2 weeks ago after taking forms in and buying ticket to go home, after waiting several hours they refused to process papers because his first name was slightly different on his birth certificate compared to his Driving License, they could not go any further, he actually lost plane ticket as was not transferable.
  3. Just to let you know i had electrician fix shower wiring seperate fuse box etc, cost £240 thought it a lot really, but not being electrician i had no choice and needed it doing.
  4. he is in Seattle and dealing with Washington Dc Embassy
  5. Anyone any experience of getting a emergency passport issued in Usa, i have friend who has had passport stolen. He contacted British Consulate and sent off appropriate paperwork, but time is moving on, and his funds are running short, nobody seems that interested in helping him. His Visa runs out on Jan 3rd and they are suggesting it is almost better to wait then he might be dealt with quicker. I have read much information to suggest emergency papers can be drawn up pretty quick, but this does not seem to be happening. He has to check out of hotel tomorrow and Consulate suggest he goes to Red Cross or sheltered housing. Is it really that difficult to get some papers to let him leave the country? He has birth certificate and International Driving License as proof of id. Any advice would be helpful, He had hoped to be home for Christmas, but this does not look likely.
  6. I would be interested in reading this charter that states you are obliged to be seen within 2 days. Can you tell me where I might access this?
  7. I have a touchscreen monitor that we use at work for checking clients in. This has been involved in an accident and although works fine with a mouse the usb port which allows the touchscreen bit to work has broke.It probably needs replacing. Anybody know anywhere that may have a go at repairing this for me? I took it to one place but they said the part would be difficult to find?
  8. invites anyone if its not to late thanks, Badseed@blueyonder.co.uk
  9. I think Black and white is £10.99 and colour £14.99, if there is a fault with a cartridge they swap it for a replacement.
  10. Bottom of London Road "Ink Express". I have used them for a couple of years,good service.
  11. I need to make a basic website (no experience) this package looks very easy anybody used it or better still can anyone give a website that has been made with this product?
  12. Thanks managed to get everything working, I had to re install the modem with the ethernet cable and change the settings the rest worked pretty much straight forward. Suprised that it does not say anywhere what to do if you have USB connection, still all done now. Cheers.
  13. I have just bought Belkin G+ router which was advised would be okay for Broadband telewest. I have a motorola surfboard calbe modem. After following easy install disk! I am stuck at the point where I am asked to locate the cable connected between your modem and the networking point on your computer...."unplug and plug into blue port on new router." As my motorola is linked via usb I am stuck! I do have spare networking cables and there is a port on the Motorola but I am not really sure if it is possible or should I take it back? I am no expert But this seems to be a pretty basic part of the set up procedure, any help would be grateful I am happy to persist but if I have bought the wrong equipment then I will take it back?
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