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  1. Loxley Mill Dam, which is adjacent to the Residential home car park, is private fishing requiring membership and a permit from SYPAC.
  2. Would love to see the photo, not sure if I will be on it or if my 1st school photo was the following year. I was born at the end of August 1951 so might have missed that one. I lived opposite the school at the bakers shop on Gleadless Road.
  3. Can anyone recommend a car wash in the Hillsborough area please. There are so many to pick from.
  4. Good reply, clear, concise and helpful - thank you
  5. Good luck with your venture. As a (now ex) pub landlord and life long CAMRA guy I'm always interested in new real ale micro breweries. I'm guessing you will be looking for premises to rent and although there are lots of closed pubs which would be a brilliant start for a brewery, they are invariably for sale. Please add me to your club list and keep us informed.
  6. I've adopted The Blake as my new local and I love it. Now go there 3 or 4 early bars a week before it gets busy. Going to the next whiskey tasting (Irish night, so yes it's spelt right) Ever changing guest ales, loads of lagers and 95+ whisky's. No music, jukebox, TV, food or kids.......heaven.
  7. Does anyone have any interesting photographs or pictures of the Walkley area, but in particular the The Walkley Cottage pub or its immediate vicinity please? The pub is due to open soon and I would love to put up copies of interesting pictures together with some new stuff. I know there is commercial stuff out there, but would prefer to find something interesting and different. Drop me a line Tony
  8. To put minds at rest, I'm the Walkley Cottage Inn's Landlord. Yes we are shut after advertising the fact for some weeks. A total refurb is currently in hand with Punch. New and brighter look, but hopefully with the same 'old' feel about it. Disabled access and toilet. New upholstery, curtains, lighting etc. New look bar and a more open plan approach all round. Bigger kitchen and a new, good value, menu is planned together with our famous senior citizens lunch. The pub was in need of sprucing up and in spite of falling trade and rising costs, something had to be done. A tired pub starts to attract the wrong type of customers, which in turn scares off everyone else...... Yes pubs are closing left right and centre, The Hadfield, Noahs Ark, The Burgoyne etc- all local to me, but its not surprising when you consider.... Cheap beer at home, sold at a loss, by most supermarkets. Smoking not allowed inside premises and pushed to doorways and gardens where non smokers used to sit with families and children enjoying the occasional sun and fresh air. Minimum wage increasing each year. Typical rates of £600 - 700 + a month. Electric bills of around £900 a month. Rising costs for beer and lager, as brewers try to keep up with inflation. Big gas and water bills. Sky (for us is a none starter because it's based on the rateable value of the property) costing £700 - £900 a month for the full pack and only bringing in a handful of customers. Brewery managed houses offering cheaps beers at below our cost prices. And a government that refuses to listen to the small businessman, always giving there support to the big boys of business. And to boot - the average man on the street not getting pay rises etc to keep up with inflation and their rising cost of living. I really hope the trade can overcome all its hurdles and get back on track or the community pub may well finish up being a thing of the past very soon, with the Wetherspoons type of bar being the only choice available. GOD FORBID!!!!! Tony
  9. And thats the problem - one or two nights a week cannot keep a pub alive. Try going in Midweek and lunchtimes, it's very different then. Tony
  10. Thanks for the recomendation. Booked for Wednesday morning so will report back.
  11. Can anyone recommend a professional windscreen fitter to work on my old XJS? Need screen removing and refitting with new seal (which I have) and sealant etc. Dont want to use one of the national companies who tend to be bodge it merchants at times. Would prefer it done on site or local to Walkley/Hillsborough. Well have been quoted £150 + VAT for the labour by one garage.
  12. Hi Hitone1 which of the Siddalls & Lockwoods did you know. Remember John & Malcolm & your good self (Just) (It's an age thing LOL). Also all of the Lockwoods Mum & Dad who are Nellie and Sonnie and kids John & Stephen. My Mums still in touch with them - my parents Joyce & Arnie had the bakers shop opposite the school. Lived there with Keith my brother & Anne my sister.
  13. QUOTE=Applegrim;2713248]Hi Davided, just thought I'd fill you in about the reunion Banksia mentioned, I have just received a letter from Lynn Thompson (Jackie), the date is December the 5th at the Waggon & horses Millhouses.as i understand it they used a private room for the last reunion and I'm sure you will be warmly welcomed. Also Jackie's told me there is a school photo going in the Active 8 in December, so don't miss either. Hi guys, can anyone tell me more details of the reunion? Posted well back in the thread, I was born 1951 at Heeley and lived on Foster Road before moving into the bakers shop opposite Annes Road school at 146 Gleadless Road. Friends of friends are running the Waggon & Horses, so would like to be doubly involved...... Mates from that era were amongst others the Siddalls on Foster Rd & the Lockwoods on Tillotson Rd More details please!
  14. Yes its drivable. Doesn't need welding as such. Couple of panels to swap out which I've got & rubbing down, prep etc for respraying. Must be someone out of work with the skills needed. If not will take in somewhere..
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