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  1. Try your local Wetherspoons or other busy chain pub. They usually get about 3 deliveries a week from their food supplier and it all comes in boxes which the staff have to flat-pack for recycling. A kind word to the manager and I'm sure that they will happily save you some of these boxes. Just make sure you go to pick them up as in only a few days they will have more boxes than you will ever need and they will become a fire hazard if left lying about. Hope that helps :-)
  2. Tyndale 164 Millhouses La, Sheffield S7 2HE T 0114-236 1660 Lovely couple run this B&B close to where I work. Good parking and good pub food close by.
  3. Do you have a schedule? Unfortunately I work on Sundays but would like to come along & support when I'm free. I know that Sheffield is full of American football fans who would love to get their fix out of season. Maybe even volunteer their help.
  4. Who's idea was it to place the new crossing on Archer Road directly at the point where the steps to Millhouses Park are? It is an absolute nightmare. I'm terrified that a bunch of young kids are going to come charging up the steps straight out into the road. I'm not against the crossing, just where it's been put. Surely it should have been offset against the entrance to the park. Thoughts anyone?
  5. Been to G Casino to register. Just want to say that the place looks fab, reception desk girls were helpful and friendly. Got a short tour of the place. Registration took about 30 seconds and the desk is open 24hrs, not till 8pm as it states on the website. Bar open till 6am so I guess I'll see you there. Go Pack Go!!
  6. Thinking of going to the casino to watch the game. They have a policy of no sports shirts. Do you think they'll make an exception on Sunday. I'm a Cheesehead and there's no way I can support the pack without my shirt.
  7. Hey Guys and Girls I've set up a 'Millhouses Knit & Natter' Group on Facebook. It's an empty vessel at the moment ready for you to fill with posts and pics and news. Thought it might be a good way to get the word out to a wider audience. Not there this Tues so see you all on Sept 8th. sharon
  8. Same here. Hate big gyms and just wanna join a regular class. I'm a complete beginner.
  9. A quick note to all the ladies (and occasional gents) who meet for 'Knit & Natter' at The Robin Hood, Millhouses. Thank you so much for all your fabulous help with our recent charity evening for Comic Relief. Your knitted Red Nosed Teddies and Egg Cosies were raffled off during our Red Nose Quiz and our total donations amounted to £643.78. You are all wonderful! See you next Tuesday...... Sharon (Manager - Robin Hood) Remember everyone is welcome. Arrive early to ensure a good seat!
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