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  1. hmmm?, coat colour???. seems like strict criteria to pair up with a "beautiful" bitch. no mention of health, conformation, temperament or KC registrations. sincerely hoping you have suitable homes waiting for the pups, not just 'the bloke down the pub' etc.
  2. Two of our sibes are called nuka and Nova (sisters) Both native american indian names. Nuka: Youngest one Nova: Chases butterflies two newest are called Chaos and Hush, self explanatory really
  3. Good on ya CV!. I make my own vivs too. Just the same as the ones in the shops, but much better, cos made with decent wood and toughened glass. none of this hardboard back and flimsy 4ml glass. does work out a lot cheaper too. just done a 2 stack of 6x2x2 ft vivs, with 6ml toughened glass and cost me about £120. looking at £250+ for sumat similar in the shops.
  4. to my knowledge (having never been 'done' for speeding), the SP30 offence carries a MINIMUM penelty of 3 points + fine. four such offences means you loose you licence, and will therefore be removed from the road. One such offence outside predetermined limits could mean instant disqualification. anyway, of no concern to those of us who prefer to stay within the speed limit.
  5. We had them as kids years ago, and remember two strangers, both girls,being introduced by slowly moving their cages closer. they did eventually live out their days together in the same cage. bit off-topic, but gerbils now seem to come in an amazing array of colours. when we had ours, you either got black or brown.
  6. Knee jerk reaction! also, stupidity on part of the owner (grandad of victim) for owning what has been confirmed as an illegal dog. Many children, mine included, have grown up around dogs and it is recognised pets are good for children. kids brought up around properly cared-for pets grow up with a respect of animals, unlike the pondlife scroat kids who strap fireworks to cats and play football with puppies for fun. Breed is more important than size in choosing what dog to own with your kids. I can personally praise the assets of mine, Siberian Huskies, around kids. sizable, powerful breed, but renowned for their gentleness around children and have an instinctive sense of when to be gentle. My year-old, 32kg male husky is currently stepping very carefully around our 5 week old pups, who are tiny in comparison, thats his natural gentleness being displayed!. the siberian husky was originally used by the Inuits as a furry 'hot water bottle' for their kids and commonly brought into their homes at night. Unlike many domestic breeds, they remain very primative both in looks and behaviour. No-one has messed about with their original genetic makeup (save the idiots crossbreeding them), something that cant be said of some breeds. We own 8 huskies and we have two kids, now 7 and 9, they also mix with our freinds kids. We have NEVER had a dog exhibit any sort of agression towards a person. Terriers and kids???? wouldnt be so confident as i am with our 'large' breed
  7. More frequent collections would be good. We tend to fill our blue bin in a week to 2 weeks, but only emptied once a month. Where my husband is concerned, the rest inevitably ends up in the normal bin. Its not like the council will even take extra bags. god knows where all the domestic rubbish will end up next week if the binmen wont take all the extra bags stacking up around our area because we havn't had a bin collection since 19th December. If they leave the bags, guess some of them will end up left on the street or fly-tipped.
  8. do consider the police or prison service as options. sounds like he would be a possible suitable candidate for them. I have known one 2 year old GSD before taken on by the prison service from owners who could no longer keep him and he led a long and happy working life.
  9. Well said Strix any dog leaving my home is chipped, be he puppy born here or rescue passing through. I think legislation should come down hard on puppy farms and 'fast-buck' backyard breeders, the only ones who make a profit from it!. Leave the breeding to those who care about their dogs offspring forever, not just for 8 weeks they are with them (and some dont even care about them for that period). sort out the unscrupulous and the homeless dog problem would reduce very quickly. too many 'breeders' (I use that word in the loosest possible sense) and owners see dogs as a disposable commodity
  10. the litter size of our breed is fairly predicatable, and yes!, we did have dissapointed people, but thats the way it goes. the 'job' in question is the one the breed evolved to do: Pull!. Only a sled-dog can excel at being a sled-dog
  11. well, alternative would be....er: Poobrador!. Know what you mean though. Right up there with sprockers, huskamutes etc. good luck in your search for the right dog. does he/she need to be a pup?. Manytears rescue have a couple in ATM
  12. sounds like a parasite infection. panacur seems to be the drug of choice, but no idea on dosage for gex. dont know a good herp vet locally, we use the zoovet group in leeds, as I believe expertise is worth travelling for where the specialist requirements of reptiles are concerned. sounds like you ought to try some rehydration therepy too, reptaide or something similar as you seem to be describing a very sick gex
  13. try a buster cube. have proved husky proof so may work for a staffie. apart from distraction therapy or a crate, its more a case of damage limitation. quite prone to destructivness like huskies are. move things out of reach where possible.
  14. down to how much you want to pay really. Suitable size from about £60 new. Or make one. Dead easy and cost you about £30 tops
  15. sounds like a flea allergy. Our black tom is prone to it too.
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