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  1. Hi, can anyone recommend somewhere I can buy fleece jackets and weed fabric? I normally get fleece jackets on ebay and have been buying weed fabric from poundland but they seem to be out of stock. Thanks in advance
  2. Hi, I've finally got myself a compost bin and wondered if anyone had adapted theirs to capture the liquid. I would like to know if it's possible to get a container that fits nicely beneath the bin that i can fix a tap to or is it not necessary if i have compost? Also should I sit the compost bin on a plastic board or similar or is it ok to sit on the bare earth?
  3. Hi, My grandson is an apprentice joiner and in his first year alternating between site work and college. My question is this; all apprentices are initially equipped with a number of tools and these can be taken home at the end of each day or left in a locker on site. So what happens when some of his tools are stolen when on site, who is responsible for replacing them? Thanks in sdvd÷÷dè
  4. Morning everyone, OK my daughter found some keys on the field/path between Wordsworth Ave and Rokeby Rd yesterday . They'll be taken to Ecclesfield police station unless someone contacts me to claim them today. Picture attached when I work out how to! Keys now reunited with owner
  5. Hi. There's a lovely shop in Ecclesfield called Pete's Frames, it's at the bottom of Yew Lane.
  6. Thankyou I've managed to get slight relief from some tea tree cream
  7. I'll try and post a pic so that you can see what I'm trying to describe. I was cutting the hedge on Sunday and ended up with large red raised areas that itch slightly. I have these on the top of my left thigh and on the top of my bottom or lower back. Anyone know what could have caused this please?
  8. They were such a close couple so it's awful to see them this way. Their daughter is having to sort a lot out at the same time as working and it's not good for her either. I've looked on a few websites including macmillan but as I said his wife gets annoyed for some reason. She wants him in care so she can visit. She constantly says she can't cope but he's really not that bad. He can walk and talk and often makes meals or drinks when really she should. Oh there's something else, she regularly stays in bed until after lunch. Do you think this is denial?
  9. Hi, as the title suggests I'm looking for help for the wife of a cancer sufferer (brain) . He's had his chemo and radiotherapy treatment which has left him very unsteady on his legs which they say is due to bone weakness. He hasn't lost much hair yet but his memory and speech are the main problems for him. His wife seems unable to cope and it's causing a lot of concern. She left work to look after him but now keeps wanting to go out either drinking, dining or shopping. One day at home and she's climbing the walls. She used to be such a loving, caring wife but now all she wants is to push him into a care home. Any help with transportation or requests to visit them at home are very welcome but then she uses them as a means to escape. Visitors have sat waiting for her often very late return before leaving. Any other advice is not appreciated and people offering dietary advice or ideas for something to occupy his time have been snubbed or practically insulted. She refuses to have any carers but there's a real worry about his diet which is comprised of anything from a tin or a sandwich. Sometimes he looks defeated or teary and I'd welcome any advice or information on possible avenues of help.
  10. Hi. Does anyone know if I can use vicks vapour rub as a humidifier for a 10 month old? Some people are saying yes but others say you should never use vicks vapour rub on infants. Obviously it wouldn't be on his skin. He's really congested but struggling to clear it. Thanks in advance
  11. Pop into your local area office and get it checked out. It's definitely worth checking asap.
  12. Hi I'm looking to insulate a garden shed and would appreciate your advice. I've found bubble roll and polystyrene boards in diy stores but has anyone got any ideas re: cost and effectiveness or even other materials ? Thanks in advance.
  13. Hi PT, the actual board had the slits in, it wasn't done on a piece of material. The picture itself was worked straight onto this board (it wasn't hard wood, don't know what it was really). Once the picture was finished you simply covered with clear polythene then attached the frame. All very light weight.
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