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  1. I agree all restaurants round centertainment are utter utter crap. I went to old orleans last time and it was terrible, burnt bits of meat with soggy chips. AVOID THEM ALL
  2. Any idea what its called?? and if its good
  3. Is it true that the pasta bar has relocated to mashouse building?? if so whats the phone number
  4. Has anyone tried this very nice little pub/restaurant in Wentworth? Ive been a couple of times over xmas and the food is very good, much better than your avaerge bar meal and good sized portions too. Try the homemade steak and ale pie or roast dinner both excellent Advisable to book though
  5. Last few times ive been the food has been terrible, they need to sort it out
  6. I decided to try Blu Fin, and the lunch was excellent, HIGHLY RECOMMEND
  7. Where can you all rcommend for a special lunchtime menu. Is Marco @ Milanos or Blu Fin Open??
  8. Has anyone been to the ivory recently. Ive had several excellent meals late last year but a bad one last time. Just wanting a update as to recent visits and how popular it is of late
  9. Went to the restaurant on saturday, nice setting and surroundings. I would give the meal 8/10, menu needs attention in my opinion but overall pretty good. And reasonable price. I rate crystal bar better than this though, much classier and better selection of food, also like the ivory
  10. Hi, Has anyone been to the newley named Morans (or similar) restaurant that used to be named carridges/supper club? I have booked for saturday night but want some info first
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