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  1. Keys found on Parkwood Springs 2/3 days ago. Are they yours
  2. Got on a new bus the other day and noticed a small circular plastic disc behind the seat in front. There was one on every double seat, they also had two small slots in them. Does anybody know what they are.?
  3. Just a message for all responsible dog walkers who walk their dogs on Parkwood Springs. Yesterday we had an encounter with a coloured guy who had three Bull Mastiff dogs, none of which were on a lead. They just appeared out of nowhere barking like crazy as if they were going to attack, It left us very distressed and scared knowing what could have happened. I urge people to be vigilant and give them a wide birth. All three were black or dark in colour and the owner might be driving a white van with two rotating air vents on the roof. If anybody knows this guy please ask him to keep his dogs on leads, as ime sure he is going to scare many more people.
  4. This is a message to all responsible dog owners who walk there dogs on Parkwood Springs. Are you aware of the man and woman who bring there two dogs on the fields one is a Rottweiler the other is a white staffy both are usually off the lead and both have viciously attacked other dogs. I believe she lives near Cookswood Road but I don't know the exact address. I have seen the woman several times on and around the fields and she simply lets the two dogs do as they please (always off the lead). How long before one of them attacks a small child or an adult. She is total irresponsible and dosent seem to care whos dog hers attacks. Any information regarding her address would be most appreciated as I intend to pass it on to the police. Thank You.
  5. Hello Ghozer, I am going on holiday by myself next week and my two adult kids want some photos. I wouldn't normally use a selfie stick by the way. Its a nondescript wired selfie stick but looks sturdy enough. On the instructions it says......Android users download Camera 360 which ive done but still no luck. Is there anything else I could try . Thank You Steve
  6. I have just purchased a wired selfie stick but unfortunately I am not sure how to connect it to my LG Nexus 4. Android 5.1.1. Not sure if its compatible or not. Please can you help.
  7. Can anyone resolve this problem I have with my two tv catch-up boxes. I have one in the lounge and one in the kitchen. Although I have disconnected the aerials from both tv sets I can still receive live tv broadcasts on BBC1 via the BBC iPlayer. How can this be so ? Also am I liable for prosecution by virtue of watching live tv.
  8. As from today the New Musical Express Newspaper is free but does anyone know where you get it from. ?
  9. Just read your comment about clairvoyants and couldn't stop laughing....Thanks for that.:???????
  10. Hello, just read your post from many years ago. I too went to All Saints and then on to Burngreave Boys. I had a couple of good mates when I attended Burngreave Boys , one was called Brian Skeemer (excuse the spelling) and the other one was called Paul Haslam who I think lived on Grimesthorpe Road. His dad (your dad ?) was a bus driver ,I think .If my memory serves me right the guy I knew went to Hind House School after the second year at Burngreave. I didn't see him at all after that. My name is Steve Walmsley age 63. If its not you ,then I've totally cocked it up. All The Best. Steve Walmsley.
  11. I also saw the helicopte.,The heliport is quite near where I live .If ime not mistaken I would say it was a Chinook (excuse the spelling).
  12. Dear Mr Bensonhedges ,I knew it was you from the start.....you knew that didn't ya. Lol
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