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  1. Mod Note For any quotes, please raise an advertisement in the section entitled "jobs". thanks
  2. Thanks all. Will spray (again... and again!). Didn't know fleas were so bloody resilient. Chuffin ell!
  3. Please help. My two cats have been having flea problems since December last year (2013). At first I used Frontline Combo - 3 applications each. After that failed - last week I took them both to Vet for injections. Cost £50 each. I have vacced and washed everything (they - the cats - go everywhere in house including bed). I am STILL finding live fleas on them. Just caught one just now - I put it down the toliet and it was swimming around! What on Earth can I do? Am I missing something? My elder cat is going mad with it - her belly is all bare and she is freaking out. Anyone? Thanks in advance Sam
  4. I accept that I may have asked an old question. It really did come from a good place. Sam
  5. Well this is what I love. Having many talks about this. Everyone tomorrow join in please. Sam X
  6. Thank you megalithic. Is na den Barnsley? All in the name of research. S
  7. Good evening all. My question... which dunt matter in the overall scheme of owt. BUT....How do us Sheffield folk spell 'right'? Is it 'rayt', reight' or 'rait'. Or any other way? Or is it just the way we say it and we spell it 'right'. Opines please. S
  8. Hello All I am looking to do some renovations to the house - including knocking down a wall between offshot kitchen and dining room. This will lead to a new floor. I have also noticed that there are some cracks on first floor landing. Also - a major job is stripping, boarding and plastering a first floor room. Where do I start? Is the first thing to get a surveyor/structural engineer round? If so - anoyone got any recommendations? And - any general advice - I want to get on with it but as I said - what do I do first? Much appreciated
  9. SPROUTS! Love them! ---------- Post added 07-12-2013 at 21:42 ---------- Sprouts! Love em!
  10. Thanks to all for advice. I am now up and running and wi-fi protected! And applying for jobs as an IT engineer! Sam
  11. Hi Paul Blade It's Virgin Media Sitecom WL 153 Hope there's some Edward Snowdens on here! Hopefully .... Sam
  12. Hi Marx Thanks for your reply but no, I didn't set it... it was in the instructions which are now lost! Sam
  13. Hi davyboy. Would this alter the fact that I can't remember the network key? Or could I reset from there? Thanks a lot Sam
  14. Hi Ghozer Thanks for quick response! Is that the MAC ID? Tried that ... also plugged in the internet cable straight to lap top - no luck. Also thought of resetting router but even though it says reset on it - there's no button. Life used to be much simpler! Sam
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