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  1. Hi, sorry I forgot to update this. The cat is male and not chipped or neutered. The vet said he is healthy and he had a little grease spot on his neck indicating that someone had put some spot on flea treatment. We concluded that he probably has a home but other people have since been asking about him so I'm not sure now. I'm quite worried about him I wish I could take him in but my cat isn't good with other cats so we can't do it.
  2. S20 is a quite a ways, but I suppose she could have got in a van or something. I'm not sure how to put a pic on, total technophobe sorry! Could anyone advise?
  3. There is a lovely little black and white cat that has been hanging around houses on Lees Hall road / Woodland Road (near to Newfield school). I believe the cat is female, small but not a kitten, extremely vocal and keeps running in heading straight to my own cat's bowl, so seems very hungry. She seems reasonably healthy looking though. Does anyone know who she might belong to, I've put her pic on a few lost/found cat Facebook groups but although quite a few have seen her around, nobody seems to know if she has a home. I put a paper collar on her to say she may be lost but she turned up the next day and it was gone, possibly just fell off. She's been around since approx end of May,about 3 weeks or so. I've checked with some new neighbours and she isn't theirs. Anyway, I'm a bit concerned about her as she keeps turning up and meowing frantically at my door, I might take her to Peak Vets to see if she's microchipped but not sure what to do if she isn't!
  4. Not been stopped in the street but they came to my door last year some time and I remember thinking they were dressed a bit inappropriately (lets just say) for people working to sell you something. Unless they will selling drugs on the side, in that case they were dressed how you would expect...
  5. I think burglaries seem to going up in the area, not HeavyGate Rd as such but in other areas of Crookes, I recently got one of those police cards that said 'there has been a burglary in your area' and I checked the website that has local crime stats and sure enough there seems to be a bit of a rise.
  6. Every so often someone always says something like 'nobody has any manners these days' or my personal favourite 'nobody has any values anymore'. Well that's because they never did, the only difference between that golden age that never existed and now is the growth of cramped and airless shopping centres that drive everyone crazy. There is a reason why people call it 'meadowhell'.
  7. They collected the bins in S10 today and they did the blue bins yesterday as they couldn't collect them on Weds due to deep snow in the area. They are working to rule but I don't blame them at all, the council have been treating them like **** for years. Our bins will not now be emptied for over two weeks because of the strikes but we will have to make do as this is only a short inconvenience to us while it's the life of the bin men.
  8. You could contact your local multi agency support team (MAST) at the council, call the switch board and ask them to direct your call they may be able to help if there is a child involved.
  9. He is back home now, moseyed in about 1am like nothing had happened. He was a bit dehydrated though so he must have got lost. Thanks to those people wo offered well wishes and those who checked their gardens etc for him.
  10. I didn't know there was a lost pets sectioned to be honest, I think more people will see it here anyway.
  11. Yes spooferman I can imagine there are a lot of things you don't understand.
  12. Please could you keep an eye out if you live near Romsdal Road / Newent Lane in Crookes as our cat has gone for a wander. He's not been missing long and we're optimistic that he will return soon, but if you see him please give me a shout on here and we can find him sooner and I can stop worrying He was last seen on Newent Lane / Marston Road area at about 10:30 last night. He is a full grown male cat, all black with quite smooth fur, he doesn't wear a collar and he has quite big green eyes. He is friendly but can tend to get excited around new people and he can nip sometimes. He's extremely curious so could you please check any nooks and cranies in your garden, he may have also wandered into your house as he is prone to that on occassion. Thanks for looking folks.
  13. I was going to start my own thread but I found this one so might as well use it. Someone is burning something in the Cobden view road area of Crookes. It smells very toxic and as it's a hot day, our windows were open along with all the neighbours I can see and the smell is flooding people's houses. My eyes & nose are also stinging from breathing it in. I can't see which house it is that has the fire, but in the hope that someone living nearer to this person or the person's family might read this. I just wanted to ask, do you live in a bubble or something? Must something be deemed as against the law before you show any common decency? Because you are acting like you were brought up by wolves. Have a word with yourself, you selfish oaf.
  14. Is it the Greenhill area, near Reney Ave? If so I may know who the culprit is.
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