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  1. We had two kittens when I was a kid, and we tried the water pistol method. What we ended up with was two cats who loved getting squirted, and a kitchen that, thanks to very enthusiastic squirting from me and my brother, looked like a water main had burst. My mum ended up banning water pistols from the house.......
  2. I want a Spaniel/Weimeraner cross, just so I can take my Spanner for a walk...... We've had Labradors, but our finest breed of dog was the mongrel we had when I was a kid. My dad assured people he was a pedigree. He swore blind that the breed was a Cross-Haired B*gger Hound.......
  3. If she wants to find a cheaper service than £50 then I'll wave a magic wand at the cat for a fiver. It'll do nothing so it will achieve the same effect as shaving the cat, but it will be £45 cheaper. Suggest to your friend that either they get the cat into a cattery, find a friend to look after it, or get the allergic relative some anti-histamines, like the ones taken for hay fever or other allergies.
  4. Yorkshire puddings with red onion and red wine gravy. You can even make them the day before and just re-heat in the oven.
  5. Are you looking for just paintings and drawings, or would you be interested in photography too?
  6. I like these, the first one is very "arty" in the best sense of the word.
  7. Thanks for your advice and help folks. I'd love to be able to take a kit or even kits right now, but for the next few weekends our time in is very limited. It's my wife's 40th birthday in eight days, and we're away the weekend after for the first time in years, so we don't want to take on new kits when we can't devote as much time as possible to them, and our friends who've looked after our much-missed rabbit in the past are away with us so we can't ask them for help. It'll probably be just before Christmas when we get our new addition as between us we're off for nearly a fortnight, and we'll be checking the rescues and shelters. As an aside friends of ours are looking at adopting a kit or kits. I'll let them know.
  8. We are thinking of adopting a kitten soon, and we're just running though the checklist of things we'll need to have in mind, but hopefully if there's anything we've forgotten we'll get a reminder from other posters here. We've waited a few years until our daughter was old enough to understand the responsibilities of cat ownership, and now she is eight we reckon that she's old enough to help to look after a cat, and also old enough to not constantly wind the cat up, as young kids have a tendency to do simply because they're young. Also now that my wife is now working shifts the house is empty for only a few hours a day rather than the nine or ten hours it used to be. There's the full list of kit - cat box, litter tray, poop scooper, toys, bowls, scratching post, bed and bedding. We are also unsure about whether to let a cat out - we live on Woodseats Road, which can get very busy, but in the ten years we've been here I've only heard of one cat fatality. Our next-door neighbours have a cat that is totally a house cat, but cat's we've had in the past in both our families have been very much outdoor ones, so that's another thought before we finally decide to adopt. We will need to consider what happened to my wife's cat, which did a runner around six months after we moved in here. I'd hate to have another cat run off, as it was heartbreaking enough for my wife's old cat to run off, and although he wasn't dead it was as if he had died. My wife found it very upsetting that he wouldn't come back home, and we saw him around our house for a year or two after we moved in. (He looked well, but despite asking all around the neighbourhood we never found where he'd gone to, even though he had regular changes of collar, and we were never able to catch him.) He obviously liked Woodseats, just not our house..... So do we keep a cat in as a house cat, or do we take the risk and let one roam? We've also carefully considered the costs of cat ownership, from food to vet's fees. Insurance for a cat comes in at anywhere from around four quid, so we've considered all the financial implications. The final thing, should we take the plunge, is do we adopt from a shelter or buy? We're not interested in a pedigree cat, so we reckon that a rescue kitten would be the best bet. And if we do go ahead, do we get one or two?
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