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  1. I can comfortably say I outdrive most of the blokes
  2. Did you expect anything else from the perfectionists of Sheffield Forum who never speed and to whom speeding is worse than child abuse?
  3. Hi Depending on the requirements yes. I work full time but could do some book keeping in addition depending on what you needed. Regards Rachel
  4. It does and I didn't and I believe I ate humble pie. I'm not having seconds
  5. ..and you must be very bored for picking up on posts from days ago that other people have lost interest in.
  6. It does happen and every time anyone mentions it, they get challenged to provide specific incidents. A friend of a friend has just gone to prison for fighting back when he was attacked my an asian and coming out on top.
  7. Probably driven down one of the momentous pot holes on Loxley road.
  8. I agree. Maybe if the bad surface is a problem the council should invest some time and money into improving our roads. I for one, do not want more humps and speed cameras.
  9. I was when I read the sherbert dib dab thing
  10. If you read it properly brain dead, you'd see I was taught the word horses. Get a grip muppet
  11. I'm entitled to my opinion, although I've had trouble reading most of it as it's a load of senseless rubbish.
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