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  1. VW Camper for wedding hire. PM for further information, prices, etc.
  2. If you want rock music, check out Thor - one of the best local bands around! And a good laugh too http://thor-rock.com/
  3. I have a 9-seater VW Camper if that's of any use? PM me if interested. Thanks Rachel x
  4. Tried to catch a little terrier type dog this morning (4/11/13) wandering around the grounds of the Northern General Hospital, but poor little thing was petrified and wouldn't come near me. He/she was black/grey with a red collar and a chain type lead dragging on the floor, so looks like poor mite has escaped maybe on a walk. He/she headed out through the woods towards Barnsley Road, but I couldn't keep up. I'll not settle today knowing it's freezing outside and it's a very busy road. I'll inform the dog warden and share on Facebook, etc. Hope the little baby makes it home safe
  5. Woodhouse Spice highly recommended - and you can order through JustEat.co.uk
  6. The Midland in Killamarsh S21 every Thursday evening - a great bunch of lads, all gear provided, a great atmosphere, free food and late bar! What more could you want?!
  7. What was it called before it was called the Eclipse? I remember it when I was little, but I'm sure it wasn't always called that. ---------- Post added 29-06-2013 at 15:51 ---------- TOWNSHIP! lol
  8. The Midland in Killamarsh is still going strong. New faces every week! If you're a single artist, a full band or a musician or singer who likes to jam along with others, then come along and show us what you got! As always - free food, late bar and a great welcoming atmosphere. All gear provided.
  9. Still going strong with new faces every week! If you're a single artist, a full band or a musician or singer who likes to just jam with others, this really is the place to be on a Thursday night!
  10. I went to a car boot one day last year and it was absolutely scorching! As I walked through the car park, I spotted a car with a blanket thrown over the back window and the front windows down slightly. I went straight over to the car and found a gorgeous black lab sitting on the front seat, quite sedate. I put my hand into see how hot it was in there and it was horrendously hot. I didn't hesitate in squeezing my arm through the window, opening the door and getting the poor dog out. In the meantime, my other half went to fetch water. We covered him in cool water and tried to get him to drink some. I rang the RSPCA but couldn't get through. I was just about to ring the police when the owner came sauntering towards us. He just wandered up and went 'oh is he alright?' all blasé... I couldn't help myself - all my anger came out and I made him feel like a Borrower in front of loads of people. He really didn't know what to say or do. I told him that if I ever saw the dog in that situation again, I would make sure he never had the chance to do it again. He apologised profusely and made his way out. People can be so dumb.
  11. Ah don't be put off willowwisp2 - come and try the Midland this week - you won't be disappointed
  12. I keep seeing dogs which need rehoming on a Facebook page 'S26 for sale and swaps'... ... hate to see it but the people on there seem quite sensible and aren't just giving them away.
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