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  1. Anyone know? Preferably south Sheffield. I want it for use as a low-carb potato alternative... Also known as Mooli apparently. ---------- Post added 16-03-2013 at 12:56 ---------- Just been informed Tesco have them. Mods, please delete this topic if you want.
  2. I was on my way into work the other day and I noticed the "Interceptors" unmarked grey Focus 2 cars in front of me. In between me and the Interceptor was a woman driving along blatantly using her mobile phone in her right hand. This lasted about 3 minutes. Once she'd finished on her mobile call she started applying lipstick. I was waiting for the lights to come on and for her to be stopped. I waited...and waited.... Nothing. Obviously when the camera crew aren't around they can't be bothered pulling people for such offenses. All show, no go.
  3. I've never visited Auschwitz but did visit the site of the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp some years ago. I found the experience extremely upsetting. The photos in the site museum alone were enough to bring me and my ex-girlfriend to tears. Standing next to burial mounds where many thousands of people were slaughtered was worse. I remember vividly visiting a small grassy cemetery. This tiny field is the tomb for fifty thousand Russians. Insane. I imagine that for most of us it would hard not to be affected by this site, or any of the other sites of former Concentration Camps. When I visited Belsen, I was young, naiive and believed that this sort of thing could never happen again. But that was before the conflicts in the former Yugoslavia, Sri-Lanka, Somalia, etc. Ironically and sadly even the Israeli state is only one step away from such behaviour these days.
  4. Sounds like you nearly ran yourself off the road really. The truck was in no way obliged to change lane to make way for you. It's up to you to adjust your speed and enter the main carriageway when it is safe to do so. If you report him to his company or the police I'm sure they will tell you the same thing.
  5. Maybe install a wireless alarm system? Easy to set up and work pretty well. They're not cheap but then neither is losing all your kit and/or increased insurance premiums.
  6. That's really not true. People who drive all the time are generally much safer drivers than commuters/sunday drivers.
  7. for me it's about 1/2 hour to 45 mins, living in Norton and ordering from the Woodseats Domino's. You should get it fast on a Thurs night at this time
  8. Same as phoning for the order (omg - first post in 4 years! only just found this place again)
  9. Talk to the guys at the Wicker Camp - many of them go out to Thailand every year.
  10. Does anyone actually really believe in astrology? Sad.
  11. People from ethnic minorities are five times more likely to be stoped and searched than others. Perhaps you actually believe that there are five times as many crimes committed by people from ethnic minorities, making this a fair and just policy, but I think you'll find that's not actually the case. Anyway, interesting link here about stop and search, showing points of view from both sides of the equation http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/566413.stm
  12. Don't even go there - as others have said, you'll be sussed straight away and they'll just take the ****. They'll have far more respect for you if you talk normally but have something interesting to say that they can relate to.
  13. They must be getting on a bit now? I've got a lot of respect for the part they played in the development of electronic music, but it sounds pretty dated now imho.
  14. Good - at last the police will maybe stop abusing their stop and search powers, which they've been doing for years.
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