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  1. The very ones cloudforest, Thankyou.
  2. I served with the regiment 1953 to 1955 in Sudan and Egypt. Before moving from Sudan to Egypt I was sent on a detachment with the signal platoon to a place called Gebeit in the red sea hills. The thing that impressed me was that all the regiments that served in Sudan built their cap badges on the sides of the hill using different colored rocks and other materials. It's asking a lot but does anyone else remember.
  3. I worked for Head Wrightsons Shefield and helped to commission the coal preparation plant at Silverwood. Early seventies.
  4. Thanks Gary, I will be visiting Sheffield in September and hope to make it to the meeting. Gerry
  5. Is there a SCTS Old Boys Association? If so, where and when do they meet?
  6. I was there in the 40's. The teachers I remember were Miss Humphries (headmistress), Mr. Sims, Miss Yates and Miss Bacon.
  7. I seem to recall seeing Big Bill Broonzy at the Victoria Hall on Chapel Walk. Must have been late 40's early 50's
  8. Glad you liked the picture Texas.
  9. Hi Texas, after 55 years, these are the names I remember. Pete Middleton, Barry Thompson, Pete Ashton, Barry Whitworth, Ray Hawley, Alan Lambert, Barry Silcock, Walt Postlethwaite, Bill Ollerenshaw and Paul Cutts. These names are not in any particular order and some of the faces are familiar but I can't remember their names. Are you on the photograph Texas?
  10. http://i141.photobucket.com/albums/r...r/File0014.jpg
  11. Hi blackhill, I remember Mr. Brown but I don't remember who was manageress. It could have been a Mrs Smith. I worked as maintenance painter, working on the different laundries and dry cleaning shops. I worked with Ernie Smith (joiner) and Tony Hunt (painter).
  12. I believe this was taken at Hornsea Mere, circa 1946/47
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